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I have been on this plane many times and I continue to ever evolve in mind body and spirit. I am of the light, you are of the light, we all are of the light and we are all on the same journey to shift to a higher consciousness together.I will help those who come to me for advice and i will do the same we are to live in LOVE and love to live. Only when we learn to love ourselves can we learn to love others. And seek out knowledge not just from books but from within ourselves and then , only then are we able to evolve to a higher state of mind. love and light to all Namaste "You create your own universe as you go along" -Winston Churchill-

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Ghandi,the Tao,Buddha, Yeshua, the Pleaidians ,Greg Bradan ,Michael Tsarion and Dr Martin Luther King JR

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  • hey,whats,up!spacebar,is,broken.anyways,u,play,halo?if,u,do,my,screen,name,is,Sh33pKILL3R.
  • Alae! and good morning dearest brother in spirit Ereinion!
    arent we all most blessed to live in these days! no wonder we chose to be here at the time of ascencion! :)
    i send you a greeting of love and a warm embrace!

    love and namasté
    ~AUREA~ amarie
  • the cool thing about that pic was I was actually taking it of the way the clouds looked through my car sunroof. then i drove a little ways and snapped another and whoever was with me apparently followed for a while:) thanks for the comment. peace and blessings.
  • Thank you for your friendship. I look forward to getting to know you better on this dynamic site. You seem to really have a way of making wonderful sense to me, and I appreciated what you wrote earlier that I commented on. Everything in life is synchronous and I needed to read what you wrote to get me back on track. I was having one of my questioning days, as often I do, and voila, I read just the right thing at the right time to help me. Life is such a glorious game isn't it.

    Have a wonderful weekend full of amazement

    Do Not fear
  • Hello my friend....

  • peace love n light new friend

  • Thank you for blessing me with your request of friendship. Love and Light to you always!
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Seraph~o~ Ereinion posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
Seraph~o~ Ereinion replied to Thomas Bischoff's discussion Mega UFO event, millions see 'mother-ships' in China
"thats awesome news to hear and yes something is about to take place, also How dumb do the goverments thinks we are ?
laser light show bizarre weather pattern yeah ok tell that to someone who just came from under a rock or fell off the pepper truck…"
Aug 27, 2009
Seraph~o~ Ereinion replied to Oen Libertatum's discussion It's time to begin noticing the real truth, who else is noticing these things? ~*
"Greeting Starseeds
Yes I agree that there has been very little to no contacts or channelings from AC and i think it is due to the major egos of the contactees themselves I have listenened to August Stahrs channelings and and I find them to be very…"
May 17, 2009
Seraph~o~ Ereinion replied to Oen Libertatum's discussion It's time to begin noticing the real truth, who else is noticing these things? ~*
"we are to stay the course and never weaver from our mission time is growing short as the vibrational energies rise
let go of the fear you hold so dear,Shine your light let the owrd of the heveans be your sword od strength in thiese trying times,many…"
Apr 22, 2009

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