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  • Heyyyyyyyyyy ScorpioNATE ;) hope ur doing well.

    Hmm Who knows what will happens 2012?
    One thing i can say is that all changes so fast cant belive it.
    People who never belives in spiritually things, begin to show interest for this thing....

    my thoughts manifest themselves in an incredible speed:)
    no matter what will happens 2012 we need a change!

    We have to stop killing animals and so on... we must change and unfortunately it happened that way ;)
  • Thank you for accepting me as your friend!

    Love and light!
  • If you have any books that you would suggest let me know! thanks~ Cate
  • I'm glad to hear that! That made my day: ) A book that I love is Reiki and the Seven Chakras by Richard Ellis. There are so many books that get to technical but this book really incorporates mind body and spirit. I really like to focus on my intuition when healing, it is the best guidance we can recieve. Visit Its a great site. The book will give you a great understanding of reiki energy and exploring the seven chakras. Many practioners like to incorporate sound, color therapy, and crystal healing. I love that their is so much to learn and discover. I would love to hear more about healing with sound.
  • I have to compliment you on how eloquently you put into words how one becomes rendored speechless when truely passionate or moved by something...I will definatly im you so we can chat more about Reiki and Energy...
  • Reiki is essential in help healing the mind and spirit. It's a fun journey under taking Reiki.By healing yourself first so that you can truely help heal others. I could expand on this much more but it would take me a long time to write it! : ) Reiki opened me up to understanding the science behind energy the quantum world...I have
    a great book you might want to check out...Masaru Emoto: Messages from Water. It helps support the evidence of thought=creation power of intention, and how earth responds to all things related to love. I hope that makes sense and I didn't ramble....
    Мир Рэйки | Удивительное всегда рядом
  • I love the yoda quote...
  • Thank YOU for Your Friendship :) !!! I Love Eckhart's books and Don Miguel Ruiz too!
    May Peace Love and Harmony Prevail and Looking forward sharing with You Much ;)

  • I love that book...
  • and thank you for the friendship acceptance!!!!: )
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Avon, CO


November 12

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Philosophy, Spirituality, People, Centering in the NOW, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Alchemy, The Earth, Animals, Plants, Physical Material as God consciousness aka alive and part of mother Earth... 3rd dimensional hobbies- Snowboarding, Lacrosse, Snowmobiling, 4 wheeling, Paintballing, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Rafting, Horse Back Riding, Foosball, Gaming, Traveling, Just being outside & appreciating all mother earth has to offer etc...

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

1st and foremost... Divine Consciousness, Collective Consciousness & Individual Consciousness aka Higher Self!!! My Father and every individual I have ever experienced! *Loosely categorized seeing as how its all Spiritual in essence... Gotta love my left brain! Spiritual/Enlightenment Scientists: Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, Masaru Emoto, Rob Williams, David Wilcock, Richard Bartlet, Jim Self, Dan Winter, Len Horowitz, Bob Beck, David Icke, John Major Jenkins, Graham Hancock, Ian Lungold Spiritual Teachers/Authors:Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dali Lama, Muhammad, Buddha, Jesus, Ascended Masters etc... Physicists & Astronomers:Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku,Fred Alan Wolf, Carl Sagan Artists/Comedians: Alex Grey,George Carlin, Joe Rogan, Bill Hicks Philosopher/Scientists: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Nostradamus,Wallace D Wattles, Edgar Cayce, Nikola Tesla, Manly P Hall, Benjamin Stewart, Felipe Sparx, Pyschedelics:Timothy Leary, Rick Strassman, Daniel Pinchbeck, Ralph Metzner, Albert Hoffman, Terrence McKenna Extraterrestrial Life/Spirits: Dolores Cannon, JZ Knight aka Ramtha, David Greer, Alex Collier, Richard Hoagland, Danion Brinkley

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"Yeah id have to say that snowboarding is my biggest passion however Id give it up to play with dolphins or whales."
Apr 15, 2010
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Colorado trail ride
Mar 9, 2010
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Colorado Sunset
Mar 1, 2010
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"Thank you for your words & friendship! What an incredible journey we have embarked on isnt it?"
Mar 1, 2010

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"good to know there is a "network" of starseeds who are active with the GFL on the ground, it has maybe really already happened in the higher dimensions and has only to materialize here at our level ;) have a great weekend my friend"
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