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Philosophy, Spirituality, People, Centering in the NOW, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Alchemy, The Earth, Animals, Plants, Physical Material as God consciousness aka alive and part of mother Earth... 3rd dimensional hobbies- Snowboarding, Lacrosse, Snowmobiling, 4 wheeling, Paintballing, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Rafting, Horse Back Riding, Foosball, Gaming, Traveling, Just being outside & appreciating all mother earth has to offer etc...

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1st and foremost... Divine Consciousness, Collective Consciousness & Individual Consciousness aka Higher Self!!! My Father and every individual I have ever experienced! *Loosely categorized seeing as how its all Spiritual in essence... Gotta love my left brain! Spiritual/Enlightenment Scientists: Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, Masaru Emoto, Rob Williams, David Wilcock, Richard Bartlet, Jim Self, Dan Winter, Len Horowitz, Bob Beck, David Icke, John Major Jenkins, Graham Hancock, Ian Lungold Spiritual Teachers/Authors:Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dali Lama, Muhammad, Buddha, Jesus, Ascended Masters etc... Physicists & Astronomers:Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku,Fred Alan Wolf, Carl Sagan Artists/Comedians: Alex Grey,George Carlin, Joe Rogan, Bill Hicks Philosopher/Scientists: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Nostradamus,Wallace D Wattles, Edgar Cayce, Nikola Tesla, Manly P Hall, Benjamin Stewart, Felipe Sparx, Pyschedelics:Timothy Leary, Rick Strassman, Daniel Pinchbeck, Ralph Metzner, Albert Hoffman, Terrence McKenna Extraterrestrial Life/Spirits: Dolores Cannon, JZ Knight aka Ramtha, David Greer, Alex Collier, Richard Hoagland, Danion Brinkley

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  • In the Power of Now, Eckhart explains how we have an Inner-purpose and Outer-purpose. That the inner purpose is to awaken and concerns "Being." Which is inherent in everyone but not all realize it. It's the present state of your consciousness. The outer purpose involves your goals, aspirations, plans etc and completing them. Which can change many times throughout a person's life. Most people succeed with the outer and not the inner. If too much time is dedicated to the Outer-purpose. It can distract you from the inner journey. If you've acknowledged/realized your inner-purpose. It can assist with fulfilling your outer-purpose. The journey within is obviously connected to the journey without. It seems that you are aware of the inner-purpose. So the question is, has it helped you identified your outer purpose? and what you should be focusing on in the present moment, the Now?

    Btw, you don't have to respond to these comments immediately. It wasn't my intention to type so much. There's a limit on how many words you can fit in one comment that's why I had to reply several times. Respond whenever you feel like it. Or if you choose not to comment back, that's okay as well. I still need to fix my computer.
  • Yes, the teachings of Eckhart Tolle certainly contains profound wisdom. To answer your question. It would be difficult for any society to function if everyone waited for things to enter the "Now". Focusing entirely on the past/future and disregarding the Now, usually creates more problems. The purpose of the Now is to live fully in the present and not wait for the future to arrive. Nor expend energy dwelling in the past. It may initially appear impossible to always be in the Now. But with practice and perseverance it's attainable.

    The ego loves to remind us of the past to create negative feelings/emotions such as resentment, guilt, regret etc. It thrives with predicting the future to cause stress, worry, tension etc and distracting us from the Now. The past, present and future occur simultaneously and are not separate as we've been conditioned to believe. Waiting for the future, is not being in the Now. What happened in the past has become the Now. What happens in the Now is the future. When we live in the Now, awareness of our consciousness is evident. We become our consciousness. To be in the Now is to be your True self.
  • This factors into the consciousness of life and Mother Earth because she's a living conscious being. She breathes and is alive. Experiences pain and suffering as we do. Which is sometimes expressed through abnormal weather patterns and natural disasters. It's necessary for her to purge and cleanse the planet to remove/transmute these negative energies. On the other hand, Mother earth sustains and supports all lifeforms that exists and provides healing/nourishment/love etc. We live on her, within her and are connected to her energy. The state of her health has an impact on our health.

    Mother Earth isn't immune from the laws of Karma(e.g Planetary Karma). Her consciousness and the consciousness of humanity are linked and constantly interact with eachother. As you know, our thoughts can affect the consciousness of water, the environment and reality itself. Therefore it makes perfect sense that we're able to influence the consciousness of the planet/Mother Earth. What affects her affects us and vice versa. She's on a similar journey of growth. Having to maintain an intricate balance between her own evolution and the development of ours. Of course, we should take responsibility and positive actions if we desire a mutually beneficial relationship with her.
  • Hi Scorpio. It's alright, no need to apologize. :-) I've been having problems with my internet/computer. Keep getting disconnected and the pc turning off on it's own. So I haven't used it much since last weekend. I know exacty what you mean by, how it's hard to say or think anything at all. Sometimes I prefer to not do much thinking either. The mind is completely blank. No thoughts, emotions or anything. I like that feeling, it's as if time remains still and nothing matters.
    I agree we are one with nature. Most have been "programmed" since birth to think we're seperate. Depending on how we're raised, what we've been exposed to and current level of awareness. The degree of seperation can be determined. The ego further disconnects us from the truth. Trapping us in a spiral of illusion. If a person is on a spiritual path, it's acceptable to have desires that contributes positively to the Soul(higher-self). If a desire feeds the ego(lower-self), it's probably best to avoid it. Although, I should mention you don't have to give up all forms of desires. As long as it doesn't affect yourself and others negatively. For example, it's not wrong to have a desire for happiness, abundance, prosperity, good health etc. Which we're all deserving of and I'm sure our Souls/higher-selves would want for us...
  • To answer your question. The reality I want to create is one where I can continuously manifest positive outcomes for the benefit of others & myself. To acknowledge the connectedness of all-that-is. To see myself as one with all creation. To view challenges and obstacles as lessons to be learnt rather than a form of punishment. To believe/know/feel with my entire being, that the designer & architect of my world is me. To trust the Universe/God/Source etc will always have my best interests in mind. Hopefully, by perceiving life in this manner. It will ensure that I'm aligned to the path that's most Spiritually rewarding and for my highest-good.
  • Yes, the dualistic nature of life is truly enigmatic at times. But amidst that confusion is the catalyst that propels us to unravel the mysteries we encounter. To discover, understand and evolve. It's apparent why we are here , alive now. During this significant moment in Earth's history. To experience the diversity, wholeness and totality of everything the physical world has to offer, positive and negative. The duality which also exists in all of us. It's an opportunity for growth on all levels(physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually). I agree with your interpretation of the meaning of "life". As you know, the condition/health of your inner-world is projected into your outer-world.

    Therefore, if we can balance and integrate these two states of perception "within." Life will flow more effortlessly "without." Which leads me to the insightful question you asked. We certainly have the choice and power to create the reality we desire. We are only limited by our perceptions. The Superconscious/Soul/Higher-self(or whichever term you prefer) is infinite and unlimited. Which I believe is the key to knowing what ultimate freedom feels like. To transcend the limitations of the physical realm and experience more consistently the positive side of Duality.It's possible to ascend from the "wheel of rebirth" and dualistic nature of life. That is, the end of reincarnation. If Ascension is the path you choose and your Soul is ready for it.
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  • Hi, I love your photos, and the words you write resonate with me
  • That is indeed a big question. Life can be perceived and experienced within an infinite number of realities. It can either be simple or undeniably complex. Depending on your thoughts/beliefs/actions. Which I'm sure you're aware of because you seem to be knowledgeable and understand how everything is essentially vibration/light/energy etc.
    My spiritual journey so far, is comparable to a rollercoaster. Ascending & descending, being pulled by gravitational forces from all directions. Constantly shifting between a myriad of emotions. Some days it feels like endless joy & peace. Where I'm At-One with the Universe. Other times I'm wondering, why did I sign up for this? lol

    Recently though I'm experiencing more consistently higher vibrations/frequencies/energy. Which have become easier to maintain. Thanks to all the clearing/healing work performed on a Soul-level. I have similar thoughts/feelings as you, to the reasons for our physical existence and what is required to attain enlightenment. Yes "remembering" the Soul is certainly important and recommended. Which every Spiritual aspirant should strive to accomplish. It will assist greatly with the awakening and merger of your True self.

    During the "resting period" before a Soul reincarnates into the physical realm. A review of the next lifetime takes place to determine and plan lessons to be learnt. Goals & missons to achieve. Soul attributes/qualities to develop and Lower-self attributes/qualities to overcome etc. Therefore it makes complete sense that fully realizing and remembering who you are as a Soul will lead you on the right path to enlightenment.
  • Hey ScorpioNate
    Thanks for the invite and friendship. Really interesting/nice profile you have.
    I like what you wrote about Music and agree with your thoughts. :)
  • Thanks for being my friend
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