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He wanted me to share this

I sat on my bed, looking into the eyes of Jesus whose likeness hung on my wardrobe door.  I was alone, the house was quiet and I felt the weight of my troubles weighing me down.  As I looked into his eyes I gave myself over into his hands, which was scary for me not knowing what he had planned for me, but I did it anyway, and as I stared at the picture it slowly started to change, showing me a different face, and then another different face.  I blinked and the face went back to the one I normally see, and as I continued to stair, it again changed, and as I watched the Lord showed me his many faces and I was amazed. 

That very afternoon a man came to my door, a Jehovah’s Witness, and he said to me, “did you know that God has a name?”, and I said “yes, it’s Jehovah”.  And from then on I have called him my Lord Jehovah, for I don’t just have a picture of Jesus on my wardrobe door, I have the many faces of God, the many faces of my Lord Jahovah, and I am blessed. Amen.

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My Awakening


 I may upset people by posting this blog, and I apologise in advance to any that take offence, but this is my true accounting and my true belief, and I feel compelled to tell others so they may see the path that I have taken. 


All through my teenage years I talked to God, I felt a closeness and a oneness with him for most of my life, even though after my adolescence I did not attend church, and the few times that I did attend after that time, I found I was disappointed and disillusioned.  I felt my faith was much stronger than the prattle I was hearing from the pulpit.


As I grew older I found myself looking into religion more seriously, and after many years I came to the conclusion that although I did believe in God, or a higher power or being, I did not believe in religion, or more to the point, I did not agree with the way that man had manipulated religion for his own ends.


It has been said that the bible was written in code, much like Nostradamus wrote his predictions in code in the form of poetry, and with man having no understanding of this code, it has been easy for pretenders to manipulate our perception of the meaning of the The Word to their own ends.


I have always been interested in science fiction and aliens.  I still remember when I found my first science fiction book in the library, I was only in primary school at the time and I was absolutely fascinated by the story.  It was hard going for me at that age to read the book, and it took me quite a while, but I will never forget it, it was a beginning.


I believe that man is arrogant in the extreme to think we are the only species in the universe.  Over the years I have spoken with, or prayed to, God, Angles and Aliens.


A couple of years ago I became aware of the Zeitgeist Movement (, this is a movement that denounces the monetary system, it is a movement that says that were it not for money there would be enough food and resources to feed, clothe and house the world, there would be no poverty and therefore no crime associated with money, greed or poverty.  People would live in self sustaining cities.  I know it sounds like a dream, and it sounds unreal, but it’s not, it is possible, just because we can’t see our way forward now does not mean we will not ultimately reach our destination.


 At the same time the Movement promotes science and technology and demonstrates how money has held back our progress.


I have believed for years, as have many of you no doubt, that we should not still be using fossil fuels. I have riled at the world feeling stuck fast, being held captor by big business and big brother.  A select few privileged people with big money and big power forcing us to their will.


The average person has come up with many inventions that have been squashed by big business.  Cars that run on water, generators that run using the push and pull affect of magnets, batteries that will last a lifetime, to name but a few.  These are not farfetched ideas, they are a reality that has been keep from the common public so that big business can keep the wheel turning, so that profits can be made and the oil industry can keep running the world by holding it hostage with our dependency on fuel.


Nothing is made to last anymore, because if it lasted then we wouldn’t have to buy new ones now would we.  Okay, so as you can see this dose upset me greatly, and I could go on and on about it, but I do encourage you that if you feel the same, visit the Zeitgeist site, I have given you the link to the New Zealand site, but there are links on that site to all over the world.  Take a glimpse at the future.


Moving on.  Along with being a member of the Zeitgeist Movement, I am also a fan of the Ancient Alien series.  If you haven’t seen this series it is a must, look it up on YouTube.


After watching an episode of season 2 of Ancient Aliens, which was about the Nazi party during World War II and their search for the Aryan master race, a bit of internet searching later and I came across the YouTube videos of the Ashtar Command.


One video in particular struck me, it was in Italian with English subtitles and at the end of the clip it said the message was from the Commander Ashtar Sheran, and then it said The Archangel Michael.  I gasped, I felt the cogs click into place, I was emotionally stunned and tears fell down my face.  Suddenly I understood, suddenly I was enlightened.


Lots more internet searching later and I was still reeling from my revelation.  All those years of looking for the missing link, of trying to figure it out, and it had been steering me in the face all the time, as it has been for everyone else, but I just did not see it, there was always something stopping me from making the connection.  It’s like looking at one of those 3D pictures, it takes a bit to see the picture, but once you see it you can’t understand why you couldn’t see it before and why others can’t see it either.


This is how I see things now.  The stories in the Bible are still an accounting, but reading with new eyes they take on new meaning.


I do believe that God mad man in his own image, I believe we are hybrids half native earthling and half alien.  I have never subscribed to the theory of evolution, it has always been a theory, it has never been proven, and yet we teach this in our schools.  There has always been that missing link that jumps from caveman to man building pyramids.


I believe the ancient Egyptians called alien visitors Gods; there is overwhelming evidence that aliens have visited us for centres. 


God sent his only begotten son, a man born of a virgin. In ancient times this is impossible, but it is not so hard to believe now days.  So if Jesus was born of a woman who was already the descendent of generations of breading from the original hybrids, brought together with the seed of an alien, then what abilities would Jesus have had, and what help would he have had from above to make some of those miracles happen?


After mentioning the Zeitgeist Movement and there drive for a world without the need for money, one bible story dose come to mind, that of the only act of physical force Jesus was reported to use, that was the act of Jesus physically attacking the money lenders in the temple. 


I think that the Ashtar have been trying for years to point us in the right direction, and it is my sincere hope that they can see that most of the people in this world would love to see that change for the better.  I hope they can see that we are in despair of the forced servitude we are bent to in order to get money to live our lives.  Most of the money we do get for our labours goes back to the government, the money lenders, the oil barons and the grocery store, we are slaves to a way of life most of us would gladly do without.  There is a better way, but how to get there, I’m sure we are about to find out very soon.


I have heard of three different alien races, the Ashtar, the Reptilian race, which is reported to live either underground or in the centre of the earth, depending on if you subscribe to the hollow earth theory or not, and the Greys.  No doubt there are more but those are the ones I have heard of.


It is an interesting notion though to think about the angles and the war in the heavens, and that Lucifer is reported to be down under while the angles are above us.  Now there’s food for thought.



I still feel close to God, and he has seen fit to let me know his origins and mine.


Peace and Light, Amen.

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