Canton, MI


July 28

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Play men's Ice Hockey, and Coach Youth Ice Hockey. Enjoy Snow Skiing, Sailing, Canoeing, Camping.

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  • Dear Sam,In Life There is Time When we face many hardships but it will we over soon,before the end of this year we are graduating and becomes Galactic citizens We are going to meet our family from the stars and our family from hollow And Inner earth,From Agartha. Go And Check This Website of my friend that was born In Agartha And His Message   www.hollowearthnetwork.com    Have a Blessing day8113969655?profile=original

  • I know that we have discussed a get-together of sorts & it just hasn't materialized yet in the way that you & I have imagined. I thought you might like to see this webpage. Since there is no "lodge" of the kind they speak of, perhaps it's time to create one in Southeastern Michigan. 


    Your thoughts?

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  • Hello Sam,

    Thank you for the invitation to join the Lightworker group. Where and when do you meet?


  • 8113560478?profile=originalHello, Sam!  Thank you for being my friend♪
    And thank you for your kind words...I'm fine in Tokyo(。◕‿◕)❤☀

    Please check it out this event on my Facebook group...

    Announcement for World Collective Prayer Project Event!
    8 April 2011, 22:00 – 22:30 / GMT +8 / Japanese Time
    144,000 people collectively pray together for transformation of the nuclear vibration to the true love vibration❤Please, join us!! Message and Q&A from Isis(The channeling conducted by Rae Chandran on 24 March 2011 at KomOmbo, Egypt.)

    Let's keep on focusing on positive thoughts❤
    Enjoy a beautiful day filled with L♡VE☮.

  • Hello Sam,

    Thank you for your friendship and your kind words!

    I'm safe right now and hope I can do something to help people here around.

    Take care!

    Peace and love, always,



  • Thank you for your friendship Sam! Also thank you for your kind and loving message. Yes, it is very sad to see what has happened here and see all of the people who were effected have to suffer through this. I and my family are safe so far and I try to stay positive so that I am not letting the fear set in to lower my vibration. It is a little scary every time there is a big after shock though. I know Mother Earth has to do her cleansing before the acsension so I try to keep that in mind when I feel a little worried or scared. I know so many people are sending Love and Light to this nation now, so I know it is helping the healing process. Thank You!
  • Thank you very much your kind message for Japan. Fortunately, I and my family are safe and fine. As you know, however, we still face serious damage by this earthquake and nulcear plant explosion. I pray love and light for people who have been affected. I deeply appriciate your message. Please pray for Japan. Best wishes   Tomomi
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Sam Stavreski posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
Sam Stavreski replied to sagitarius13's discussion Yadkin April 6th ( Help has finally arrived) this is awesome no B.S.
"Thank you Sister Seren,
I couldn't have said better myself........you took the words right out of my mouth!!!!!!!!!
Peace.......Love........and Light"
Apr 6, 2012
Sam Stavreski replied to Ara's discussion TRUTH OR FALSE
"Sister Ara,
I believe this article is disinformation and a very poor attempt to create fear by TPTW (the powers that were). 
Our Star Famlies, the GFL (Galatic Federation of Light) will not allow any invasion by any negative beings.......we are…"
Apr 3, 2012
Sam Stavreski left a comment for Jose Ignacio Contreras
"I have been going through a very difficult time in my life and seeing you comment puts a smile in my heart, but I just realized that I never thanked you. 
So.....a little late but, I would like to say thank you to my brother of the light…"
Jan 12, 2012

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"The Scum in the US Congress have been getting us ready for the invasion- this could be a false flag
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Las Vegas Police Capture Light Falling From Sky On Dashcam Before Family Claims ’10-Foot Tall Creatures’ Seen In Backyardby Kelen McBreen June 8th 2023, 6:21 pmThe Scum in the US Congress have been getting us ready for the invasion-if this is not…
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How deep have you dived?JJK: The days and weeks just fly by! It’s been over 2 months today since you returned to the light. Here on earth everything goes its way, everything takes its course. How far are you from your last life today and how deeply…
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Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We have witnessed a return within many of you to your original blueprint. We have noticed that many of you who are awake have taken this journey quite consciously,…
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"I would always advise nations to leave the W.H.O. if possible....In co-operation with the odious EU, they have jointly created, what they call, an EU-WHO digital partnership, and extending it out to all members of the W.H.O., in the form of a Global…"
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RichRaelian posted a photo in Tibetan Raelians!
I hope they meditate in front of a Yin Yang symbol shown in the photo to your left of your screen.
8 hours ago
  • Drekx Omega Being subjects of the CCP in Beijing, I'm certain the hapless and rather unfortunate Tibetans will have enough to worry about...Becoming a Raelian seems to be one of the most dangerous things they can become...Remember what happened to Falun…
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