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  • Nice to meet you dear friend (-_-)


  • Thank you for your friendship. 

    Blessings of Love and Light 8113980075?profile=original

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    hope your having a beautiful day ;)

  • hello friend :)

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Glendale, CA


June 26

About Yourself

I am an Indigo starseed born in 1986. My life moto is expression and creation through filmmaking and music to increase the 3rd dimensional low vibrations to higher vibrations. New purpose of life: Meet Sirians, Lyrans, Pleiadian, Andromedan, Agarthan, Arcturian people. And be friends with them and work with them together. Help humanity to ascend to 5th dimension as smooth as possible. Travel the universe multi-dimensionally. Create phenomenal reality through imagination without using any tool or technology other than own heart and Christ-consciousness.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Archangel Michael, Ashtar Sheran, GFL members, Zorra from Hollow Earth, Adama from Mt. Shasta, Steve Beckow, David Icke, David Wilcock, Arcturian group, Wanderer of the Skies and etc.

Rustam Vakilov posted a blog post
PART 1 - WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY WE LIVE IN: If you want a catastrophe, keep having fear spoon-fed to you. If you want a phenomenal life of peace, beauty and harmony, live your every day with positive thoughts and love. This is the PART I of the…
Jan 9, 2012
Rustam Vakilov left a comment for Annette Sassou ~Asara~
"Thank you for your friendship as well Annette! And thank you for being able to channel Adama and bless us with his messages :)"
Dec 30, 2011
Rustam Vakilov commented on Karma's Helper's blog post The Pleiadian High Council - Disappointments, Looking Within and Giving Up Lower Attachments - Wes Annac - Dec.6, 2011
"So much wisdom in those sentences! Love it!"
Dec 7, 2011
Rustam Vakilov left a comment for Ranthom
"Thanks for the request... Very nice to meet u :)"
Oct 6, 2011

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"Physicists need to go back to spiritualism to go beyond observing the this 3d world-there are endless layers or planes where people live-it's amazing -from one to the next-subtle differences in clothing or the way things 'look'-it's probably…"
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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
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Steve Hutchinson posted a discussion
    You Are A White Fire Seed Atom Of All That Is ByRonna Herman & Archangel Michael Beloved masters, in the very beginning, each of you were one of the Holy Innocent Ones, a brilliant Spark of the Supreme Creator. When it came your turn to…
8 hours ago
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Check out the other 6 videos in Kaia Ra's series "7 Days With Mother Mary" with this link:
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Trump & The Great Reset - The Best Is Yet To Come    
9 hours ago