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Ending Relationships

This information is here to help only and not give advice, please always get more information from other topics. Relationships can be hard and hard to understand if you don't know when it is time to move on or really work out the problems that are arising.  When you start changing for the better than more than likely your partner won't,  when you decide I want to better my life and your partner is not than just be aware that it  can cause problems. 

Signs when to notice from your partner

If you are not making a lot of contact, or your partner is always complaining, never tells you he loves you or sticks up for you, they only care about what their doing and not putting time into you, you may have a feeling that he is talking bad about you to their family and friends. One sign is that they hate it when you are happy and getting better in life, also they like to play mind games.

Ask Yourself If You Are Really Happy

Relationship takes work from both partners and if you don't feel it's  they really care than there is a high chance to move on, are you doing the same old routines or are you both being active and making it work, couples who do the same thing over get more stress and are not really finding life with joy. To make love with your partner is very important, both should feel empowered in their sexual life and do everything they can to make that work. Some will say that they are to old if it's older couples and I think it's Just a mind thing they need to change because their are a lot of older couples who know how to spice it up and get creative, that being said your relationship can work with out spending lot's of money.

How To Move On

It is always better to walk away from the relationship with out getting involved with another partner, remember that their is karma and so try not to make it worse by putting more problems, when I moved on to the next partner I felt good because I had left that chapter completely behind and didn't have to worry about my current partner being caught up in that. If you talk to your loved one and notice that they do not want to end it and you notice them getting very angry than I advice only if you feel threatened by your partner to just let it go and think of a plan to move on and don't say anything. People with kids could be harder but it will be necessary in order for you to be happy, or if its an abusive relationship.

Abusive Partners

The most important lesson is when you learn to love yourself, don't ever allow anyone to abuse you in any way, there is all types of abuse and it's very important to know that you don't allow friends, family, coworkers, strangers or your partner to abuse you. Do not in any way smile or be kind to someone who is treating you bad, so what do you do if you have to be around them and I will say that once you learn of this knowledge you will always have a guard up for yourself. Do not play the yelling or mind game, just speak to them in a manner and have a very high alert that this is not good for you and it will cause health problems if not token care of because your body is not getting what it needs. on 

I learned not  trust anyone until they pass my test of approval, just because God said to be nice and love everyone doesn't mean he wants you to get abused or not be with someone that really makes you happy. How is that saying until death do us apart, Oh man you here so many people on dating sites that are saying their relationship is not making them happy and they want something on the side. Be on the watch out always, yes their are couples who have mastered on their relationship and that is great but be aware that nobody or anything is forever. Some people get heart broken really bad and don't know how to let go but they need to realize that it has to work for the both and not just you, that would be selfish. Always be excited about who are going to meet next and what you would like to experience. If you look back at your relationship than look at the good times always and most important learn and grow because that is what life is about.

Just taking from heart and letting people know what are some options for them, knowledge is a great thing. Love is to empower you always.

Always Rose ....

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