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My fellow dear souls, my family,

In my service to all of you, I would like to tell you what I saw in the Higher Dimensions. This dimension is etheric and made of energy. It's a meeting place where I meet Higher Selves of strangers who come in love and in light. Together, we build this place with the Highest of Love in service and in cooperation.

That world, that reality is under construction. In the previous months, what I saw is old buildings (old energies) being torn down to make way for new buildings (new energies). This place is also where we meet light-beings from other realms. Together, we construct this realm with our energy from our hearts.

I'm writing this down because I hope people would come to an epiphany and realize what are they consciously doing both awake and asleep. This is why it's very important to hold yourselves in light and love and then consciously anchor it.

If you, yourself wanted to reach the Higher Realms, it's really simple.

When you're awake, you simply raise your vibrations with love and compassion for humanity and Earth. Eat foods that gives you joy and comfort. Do things that make you feel good about yourself and your incarnation here. Don't degrade your physical body, it's a temple. Don't degrade your mind, it's a program to Higher Consciousness. Don't degrade how your heart feels, because hidden in your Heart Chakra is the key to the Universe and it's memory, the Akashic Records.

It's also helpful to study and understand how the basic chakra system works. Enveloped the appropriate light around your chakras when you meditate. Red light for base, orange for Solar plexus, green for heart, and etc. Focus upon your very breath when you meditate, since Mother Earth's energy is in the very oxygen you breath and her energy is always healing energy. This is one of the basic self training to Self Mastery.

When you go to sleep, every night, pray upon the Lord's Prayer. Although another religion took it for themselves, you must realize the Lord's Prayer is a gift to humanity and a tool to steady your chakra system. Afterward, pray to one archangel and/or to one ascended master of your choice. If you're not comfortable, then a prayer to the Universe would do. Your prayers will be heard and in a few days, weeks, months, you will notice synchronities and things that maybe of no coincidence.

Understand, when you sleep, you have the power to astral project or soul travel to other realms when you sleep and meditate. I practice meditation and focusing visualizing light on my chakras every day and night that I was able to travel to other realms, but also see visions of the planet's future.

However, be forewarned. You must also learn to ground and shield yourself and pray for protection. In my astral travels, I very often get psychic attacked by dark entities, dark consciousness who assaulted me and I have to fight back or run away. The dark energies are usually the human collective unconsciousness of anger, fear, jealousy...and one of my duties is to keep them down to a minimum and clean them out with my Light, so more light energies can come through to be seeded onto the Earth.

Although, I wish I can utilized crystals to aid me to clairvoyantly see better, my path is to learn financial and material hardship before I can reach my maximum potential. Of course, you and I know better that money and materials is going to be worthless in the 5th dimension. If you have crystals, the crystals will aid you.

If you choose to practice my advice, you may be able to increase your bodies ability to handle light, psychic awareness, higher intuition of the heart consciousness, see visions, travel to others realms, experience different realities, and so much more. Please, don't give up because life gets you down, and anchor your light with determination and faith. I do, because I believe in humanity, both the good and bad.

You must understand every human on Earth is a divine drop of the Creator's source. Even the Earth herself is the Creator's finest creation in the universe, among many planets. This is the only single truth that is true to me, and that's how I can live without judgement of others and myself. I am Divine and I know so are you. I know that deep beneath your skin, blood, tissues, bones, and nerves you are a very, very dear soul.

I am very exhausted building and bridging the New World, the bridge to the 5th dimension, and if you realize what I'm doing for everyone, please be your own masters and see what I see, so we can speed up the process and end the old dense reality. So anytime I see messages of self-doubt and skepticism, steam comes out of my ears, and I'll get very impatient.

We're almost there. It's almost June and sooner than you know it, we'll be at the end of 2010. 2011, there will be a massive compression of even higher energies that will crash and smother the old reality into smithereens.

I spoke this from my Highest Heart and experience. No, I'm not a channel and most channeled messages annoyed me to be honest. I will not pretend to play Goddess, I AM a Goddess of the cosmos and I AM the Child of the Light.

I'm not going to give up my light. I will shine on. I hope you believe in the very same.

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The active lightworker

Here I am. I feel like talking about it, so here am I, stressing out, because I try to satisfy the demands that is asked of me. I gladly do it because my presence and existence here is a divine mission of learning selfless-service through my Highest Heart.

Day to day living on Earth is an endurance test for the three bodies: Body, mind, and soul. My body and mind worked very hard to meet up what is demanded of me. Usually by the end of the week, Friday, I passed out and I need to recover to recharge my spiritual "batteries". There are days when I am so exhausted that it would take a while to get up and get going to deal with the demands of the day. If I have not been spirituality awaken in the past and aligned with the Mother Earth and the cosmic energy that is active during this transition of ascension, then handling the density of the 3rd dimension would be a lot easier, but that reality is no more.

My real reality is my Higher Self. When I go to sleep, in the dreamtime, my soul traveled out of my body and join with the higher consciousness. What I did is to energetically help raise the energy vibrations of Planet Earth. I know her Future and she has already chosen Ascension. I know what I'm doing to assure that Future for everyone and because of this knowledge, I stayed calm and centered through the storm. I ignored most channeled readings because I know I can get my answers and information from the Higher Source. I will not go with any ETs or aliens and go to another planet. Those who resist temptation will receive the crown of life and wisdom. I stay here on Earth where I belong. You must not be tempted by unmixed blessings. If you find a path that seems too good to be true, it probably is - and it may not enlighten you as much as the more difficult or less popular path.

What does it means to be an active lightworker? For me, it means to not be moved by fear and panic because all things on Earth are illusionary and temporary. Even the idea of Karma is illusionary for me. Earth is one big roleplaying game where we played our roles from birth to the death in a physical body. When death comes, our role and mission here is over and it becomes a fond memory, and by then, our title as lightworkers is relinquished and becomes a badge of honor.

Why Earth is special? Earth is one of those rare planets in this known Universe that goes through a rare dimensional shift by the time we reach 2012 and thereafter. Instead of physically dying, our body is undergoing a painful transmutation process to a light-body to handle the high energies to achieve that which we desire. For the ETs, it's a great central airport for the spacecrafts. For me, it's a living and breathing planet that holds the highest capacity of living life from around the galaxy, an intricate web of biology and energy. Our loved ones beyond the veil congratulates us for taking the risk to be incarnated into physical bodies, because we sacrifice our comfort zone for the sake of the planet herself and there is a chance that this dimensional shirt may not happen at all. Thankfully, the selfless service and sacrifice are well worth it, because I do sense and know we all transmuted the dark energies with light and the mission is becoming a success.

I hope this is food for thought for you and I welcome feedback and discussions.
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