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I AM 63 yrs. old and was summoned,by spoken voice, to the Southwest desert to get uneducated all because of a scripture that said "They will come with Clouds." After 9 yrs I ended up going to college because my spiritual quest wasn't happening. It was THEIR way to get me productive. However, in spite of it I was led to Commander Hatonn but it was Sananda that has appeared to me over the yrs. I have spent half my life in the Southwest seeking and that is my whole interest and not being a school teacher. I became a draftsman and have designed cities of tomorrow. I am affiliated with "The Venus Project" that is a whole philosophy of a resourse based economy, not what we are witnessing now. I love history because it gives us a heads up on what is coming because ignorant man repeats it bigger and better than ever. I was so hopeful about NESARA and have waited a decade for that so we, down here, can get this show on the road. What we have instead are Internment camps being built all over the country with fields of cauffins dotting the landscape. Is the Federation waiting until 6 1/2 Billion people are exterminated before they will act. We ask you to intervine! What ever happened to NESARA? Does anyone know???

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Jesus Sananda, Commander Hatonn, AA Michael, St.Germaine

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  • sorry for the inconsiderate lack of response, have had so many things explode around me that are on the go now, everything is moving fast, and faster, have been focusing on specific choices of time and effort, I need to get my head kinda clear to write about it a bit, cause its been awhile since I have put it into clear sense of words,

    (on that project I was mentioning)
  • Hey Ron,

    Thank you for the comment you placed in my cabin, I appreciate it!

    I shall watch the videos and overthink the message you wrote.

    You shall hear back from me - very soon.

  • I'd be interested in sharing a simple "idea"/plan/course of action that you may be able to help shed light on for me, as I have had lots of frustration with it, something to do with local community's, or rather a "new" form/method of it that can still take place, but I see too many pitfalls, some not able to regain from, if happened.
  • dear Ron,yes i have a blessed husband and grown up family,and grandchildren,and one beautiful great grand-son,also dear Ron,i shall add this also here,be very careful of this person i shall paste here,as he is evil,and dangerous,and was my friend,and thank goodness he is not now,

    Enki Anu Abzu's Page,  love,light,and many blessings eve.

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  • Hi Ron,

    It's hard to notice about those fish kills in California again. And I had already a feeling that the Japan Earthquake was not natural. It makes me mad, but I can maintain self-control and continue with radiating my Love to all around me.I have seen here and there requests for Fed. intervention, but do you see it happen?

    I have some new projects in the planning, one of them will be constructing zero-point energy devices. It's time to shake humanity awake. I'm so glad I stopped working as slave last month, ;)


    Take care,


  • Got it... :p

    I am from the Netherlands, and spend in those 28 years most part in a small village between farmers. But I am Nomad, so I lived in these 28 years at more places than I can count on 2 hands.


    Somewhere a month ago a wise person noted and identified coyote spirit in the messages and explanations I held. I went on investigation and recognized coyote spirit as my thusfar unknown 'spiritual datalink'. I am by far not the only coyote, but I know this spirit is already here since the beginning. Maybe one of the 'Oversouls'? Anyway, I have multiple remembers and all are fragmented. I live at the flow of daily life and remember each day a bit more than before.


  • Where are you from?

    My rememberings are fragmented, but this is what I know about my previous steps. I am from Andromeda Galaxy, and I am from the future and from a long time ago and not so long time ago past, I have rememberings from the upcoming big shift... for some reason I went back in time.


    Speaking of the 5D. Everyone wants to skip 4D and move into 5D. Even though the time has shifted we will not be in the 4th for very long. A good source for this would be Drumvulo Melchezidec on You Tube. His latest fro Sadona, Az. Being the Coyote, you will appreciate this. He only has us in the 4th for 2 yrs instead of hundreds, like we were suppose to be. What is the reasoning?

    The reason I can think of is; We have a magnificent chance here! *big smile*

    Most of the people you know right now, would you want them in the 5th the way they are right now?

    No not in the way they are now, but I am a pioneer and I know things can change rapidly, so this same is also possible in those people around me. I have confidence in the people around me and in myself, lately I see big positive changes in my surrounding.
  • Great information you provided to me, thank you for that.

    I shall send you an e-mail real soon, so we stay in touch forsure.

    I have one comment at the picture you showed me about our step into 4.0 >>> I am here to skip D4 and want to jump on the timeline to D5 at once with all of us who choose to do this as well. And I think and expect all of humanity will do as soon as "their coin reached their bottom".

    I am positive minded, with Love and Gratitude, Coyote.

  • Thank you for the warm friend acceptance Ron. About the Venus Project I know they made beautifull looking designs for how Gaia will look like soon from our own good thoughts, intentions and actions. :)

    If you like...; please tell me more about it, I feel good with this project and would like to know some more details. Who knows what I can contribute.


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