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December 23



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recently (as in the past year) i have been feeling different.....i lived in atlanta and was sheltered so to speak by my grandparents so naturally i would become more rebellious in adolescence..... so for some reasons i wont disclose i got kicked out and had toi move to ohio where i was born.....and i have been feeling i was here for a reason ever since.......since i have been here i saw my first UFO it was a magnificent light that zoomed across the sky only visible for a few seconds.....and since that night i find myself fasicinated at the sky and wanting to know the truth and whats really out there....i believe all my sightings occur for the purpose of opening my eyes and aiding others in this process...i believe i am a light worker and i am here for the purpose of aiding all humans my beautiful race of people....we need to wake up and love eachother because i have learned that love and connection btween all of us is the key........

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My grandfather is my best teacher he really helped me open my eyes even tho it took all these years i still have a chance and im turnin my life around....

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  • hello soul brother, im happy for you, and you have start to wake up. we are all one and from the same force. peace and love,heli
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"i believe"
Mar 12, 2009

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