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  • Just recorded a new video about climate change, why it is good n positive! Post it 2morrow on my channel 🌟💛
  • Hey Albertha! Has been a long time my friend! Msg received 🙂 whee is pemba? 💛
  • Hi roaring one😊,
    Are you really in Pemba? Must be wonderful there
    (I googled it)
    All the best wishes forever🌼🌻🐱
  • Happy Birthday Roaring!!!
  • you are welcome,
    i thought with your very intelligent mind you might appreciate the complexity of the writings.
  • Hi Roaring!!
    Hope you are ok ... :))
    i was wondering have you ever read this:
    I think you'll enjoy the way its written, if you read it just like any other book, without any attachment to it.
    Read The Urantia Book online
    The Urantia Book This text conforms to Urantia Standard Reference Text Committee 2008 Recommendations This text displays the Standard Referencing Sys…
  • I agree with much of what you are saying. It's important that we stay honest with ourselves when it comes to our understanding of things. We may think we know the "truth", but we just know a little, but with this small amount of knowledge we can slowly learn to understand the bigger picture. 

  • There are UFO researchers who do scientific research that is not based on belief but on observation and thorough analyses. If their observations are correct, that is a different story. But if you are interested in reading about the findings of some of these researchers you could check out the link I posted or you can keep on following your own truth, which is perhaps the best option :)

  • Hi Roaring, when you are interested in (hopefully) reliable information about UFOs and ETs, read the following discussion and check out some of the researchers:

    The list presented by Bill Ryan is a good start. I'm not familiar with all of the names, but Richard Dolan is an extremely intelligent guy, he is fun to read and to listen to. 

    Hugs, ET :) 

    The Project Avalon Community Forum
    Project Avalon Community Forum
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December 22

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Roaring Lovely replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Inauguration Cancelled, Trump Remains in Office, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, MSNBC to Lose Licenses
"Please read the 20th amendment of US constitution and then remember that presidents swear to uphold the constitution, not vigilantism. They knew it, if president swore to defend the country against enemies, especially the foreign ones, then that…"
12 hours ago
Roaring Lovely replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Inauguration Cancelled, Trump Remains in Office, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, MSNBC to Lose Licenses
"Who do you think he has authority to cancel and event stipulated by the constitution? This is not a planned family or church meeting to be cancelled or postponed!"
13 hours ago
Roaring Lovely replied to Agarther's discussion Here We Go || Wayne Miller | Operation Disclosure
"This is religion, Indigenous Alien. You can ask what is it good about suicide bombings, sacrificing children, genocide, killing children, slavery, killing those who worship other gods, burning people forever in hell etc etc. What is it good about…"
15 hours ago
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Take note of this:

"WASHINGTON — The military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff sent an unusual message to the entire American armed forces on Tuesday reminding them that their job was…"

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Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Hell Raiser George Soros Controls Corrupt Black Lives Matter!..Throw Them Out Of Your Countries To Where They Belong
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Rapper Lord Jamar: ‘George Soros Controls Black Lives Matter! It’s NOT Our Movement’! Great Video Confirming That There Is A Political Agenda Behind All These…
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ANCIENT AWAKENINGS Sunday Call  1/17/2021    (KaRa, OWS, Shoshanna)James & JoAnna McConnell  ALL IS IN READINESS TO BEGIN THE OPERATION OF COMPRESSION BREAKTHROUGH KaRa (Pleiadian Emissary)  and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnellShoshanna…
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ANCIENT AWAKENINGS Sunday Call  1/10/2021    (St. Germain, OWS, Shoshanna)James & JoAnna McConnell  THE STORM IS UPON US St. Germain and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnellShoshanna (Joanna’s Higher Self) These messages were given during our…
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√ℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። commented on Hellen's video
"LOL you need a magnifying glass to see the video itself, if it got any smaller it will vanish off the page.what is this??.."
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