April 18

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Since four years I am studying the Galactic Federation. It has become clear to me that I have a mission in this area. At this time I am working as reintegration coach in which I assist people to find and manifest their mission. Also I find myself involved in the biggest reintegration project of all times: The Reintegration of our Earth in the Galactic Federation of Planets.

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Neale Donald Walsh, Steve Rother, Crimson Circle

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  • HOI,
    IK heb een bericht achtergelaten op je nieuwetijdscoach adres, dus daar kun je lezen hoe het gaat en zo. Het is inderdaad de 12de okt dat ze komen
  • Hallo Richard,
    de engelen komen niet gelijk vanavond bij jou pas over 5 dagen, dusss.......
    warme groet Carla
  • Hoi Richard,
    Ook hier neergedaald.... Wel toevallig ik ben zelden zo laat nog bezig met dit soort dingen..
    Zondag was heel bijzonder, blij dat ik geweest ben.
    Op dit moment heb ik engelen op bezoek die ik weer mag doorsturen, sta jij daar voor open.Komen dan 5 dagen in je huis het nodige doen. Ik moet ze morgenavond weer doorsturen en dan komen bij jou 5 dagen later weer aan. Je moet wel thuis zijn die avond om ze te ontvangen..
    Hug Carla
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  AncientAwakeningsI’ve come to be with you at this time, in this auspicious time, in this momentous time that you are approaching now. Not so much just for the eclipse that is about to happen, solar eclipse, but because of the shift, the change…
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"M.S. told me a long time ago. On this planet there is Light and there is Less Light. All of these ones are us. Both sides. Why do we have the Less Light? So that we can learn the lessons. We are going to be graduating as we do this. Thank you for…"
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"I agree. I thought it was a nothing berger. Chemtrails (I was taking pictures of them in 2004) were all over the place. Galactics are saying that they are coming soon. Are the chemtrails there so we can't see their ships?? Question. Can I post on…"
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"So, what was the speech made by Farage, that the Euro elites wanted to cancel..??
See his National Conservatism speech, he eventually made, following the court ruling....It's lengthy, but worth your time, especially if you live in the EU...👏🏻…"
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"✌🏻NATCON wins against lefty cancel culture, in Brussels....👏🏻Bravo, to all concerned...

"The REVOLUTION against cancel culture has STARTED - ‘This is a turning point!’ says Nigel Farage"

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