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February 22

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I chose to incarnate on this occasion to be of absolute service to humanity. I have often been referred to as a Catalyst, or a Spiritual Broadcast Station, spreading love and joy wherever I go. I am not afraid to go deep within Spirit to assist you in answering your own questions, as we are all One. My intention is to be available with your Angelic Team and Spirit Guides to bring you to a place of wholeness and enlightenment. Your Guides and Teachers may not always give you the answer that you are looking for, but you will know that it is of Divine Truth, and coming from an Authentic Safe Place. Together, you and I, with your Angelic Team work towards wholeness and living a life of harmony and balance. In Walking the Path with you, I have the ability to receive Akashic records as well as bringing additional incarnations to light that might be of assistance to you. We will assist you in finding a form of spiritual empowerment that works for you. Together, as Alchemists, we can turn Divine Light into Pure Gold in your life to Enhance and Align all of your Decisions and Actions for the Highest Good. Many Blessings Bestowed Upon You Dear One~

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All the Ascended Host, and Archangels, Jeshua, etc. Everyone and Everything

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  • Beautiful bio



    8114454872?profile=originaldesert Sun rays to you 

  • Thank you, Please send me more info on what it is all about, I have saved a Meditation in Drafts by Tom Kenyon, is yours the same.?
  • Sailing as friends upon the path of enlightenment

  • Sending my Love and Light from my Soul to Yours !
  • I Love Mt Shasta! Was fortunate enough to travel to your town twice around 2002 and 2003.
    barron from New Zealand
  • Hello Saralise, how exiting for you for going to Glastonbury for the Goddess Conference, please tell me all about it when you return. Yes i do use the Facebook I am under the name Asmara Dewi. So are you on Facebook too ?
    Love, Light and blessing to you dear Saralise.
  • Hello beautiful Light being,,,thank you for your friendship add...so nice to meet you dear.
    Sending my Light and love your way.

  • Happy Birthday!
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Apr 11, 2010

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