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Innate Comprehension / 15 June 2011

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Innate Comprehension
(channeled title)

About two months ago there was a shield placed specifically between SeRenShitha and I. It was static and just seemed to be a specific frequency that made it harder for me to contact her; it was not placed by her or any of the light beings I have interacted with. The attempted block has now changed quite a bit and is like a thick molten tar-like substance that is a continual and active blocking attempt. It reminds me of witchcraft for several reasons. The tar barrier is annoying and makes contact more difficult but it is certainly not keeping me from connecting; I have dealt with things like this many times. I have not yet decided to investigate and stop the source of the blocking but I will forcefully stop it if it continues. This is not a challenge and I don’t wish to get into anything like that. The channeled information from SeRenShitha and others will continue to be made available regardless of attempted blocks.


I am SeRenShitha of Sirius Star Cluster. I am a Representative of the Galactic Federation of Light among other groups whom wish Ascention and peaceful willing of energies throughout the multiverse, in all levels. The purpose of your 4th Dimension is well understood and known by those above and will continue in specific Chosen Places and Circumstances but the time for Earth Gaia to provide this service is coming to an end. We are here now to help with your Ascention properties: unsatisfied Karma, 5th Dimensional interconnection, peaceful transition, family re-connection, and many other purposes. My message today is about some of those benefits.

Earth planet from its beginning of the most recent era – roughly 3500 years ago – has been a homeland of lies and power struggles. From the beginning of religions to the myriad forms of slavery known since the Sumerians, the Assyrian Empire, to Egypt to Israel, the whole has been about keeping You ignorant to the true nature of the Universe (within the larger Multiverse most of you cannot comprehend at this point).

This “lie” has been needed – can you guess why? Because if you knew the true Gajun, the true nature that reality as you comprehend it, as you perceive it, is not “real”, you would stop the system. Do not be angry, you chose to come and be part of this system as you had an intimate and entirely true perspective – albeit without experience; nonetheless you chose to come.

This perception you, most of you, hold – that you are individuals and separate – is needed in order for the 4th Dimensional work to be done. And indeed it is truly of wondrous value in the whole of things.

How can you simply step away now? Will it involve “ending your life”? Will war and cataclysm be a necessity? Will Earth Gaia continue to support Life as she has, and will humans be alive on Her? All very valid questions.

We are very aware of what you are going through; we have seen it before within the constraints of many planetary systems. We know your understanding of the read word, the spoken word, the musical intonations. I have a story – read it aloud.

I was with my best friend, we laughed and strolled happily. Into the movie theatre and the movie started. I drank tea and ate popcorn and popped fully into the film with the first drama! Moving in my seat, lurching back at the car scene, leaning forward to the kiss. I felt it with every fibre, I breathed fast, I panted and held my breath, … I sighed. When the screen went black and the silent emergency door was opened I saw the sunlit trees and dirt outside – it jarred me happily back into my reality. My friend and I laughed together as we both felt the sameness of the event. The movie was over… we could always rent it again, but for now, it was ‘walk outside, smell the air, see the landscape and the textures of the buildings, the lines on the roads… all of life was for me to know.’

Your life is a movie.

Do you shed a tear for the actors when the movie you see is done? Do they “die” when the credits roll? You get my point.

I am SeRenShitha.
As time passes you will see death, you will see birth, you will see what you perceive as mental insanity, you may very well be labeled as insane because you care, you wonder, you talk to that which others cannot see. Birth is never an easy scenario and it will not be for you either. What will you do if you see a ship in the air and so do your children, but your husband does not? What will you do if the person next to you gains the power of flight or the ability of projecting weapons from her hands? The Shift will be like running into and outside a movie theatre, trying to keep track of both… only to realize you were going between two theatres. Walk down the hallway, find the exit, and fly into the sky.

I am SeRenShitha. I understand that envisioning something which has never been seen, never been imagined, and not before labeled as real is difficult. Imagine as I said – imagine the theatre exit, imagine waking from a dream, Plato’s Cave… these speak of reality. When you can imagine your body as merely a character, an actor in a play, it’s time to shed the character, break from the eggshell you’ve been living in.

In 5th Dimension Reality, Gajun, you will feel Love with every moment. You will be tied to everyone as though you are a babe suckling a mother’s breast. This power will override every decision, every purposeful action, and you will always be in full satisfaction. If you could feel this in human form you would likely die instantly from the pure over indulgent feeling of heart-open. It will be a short year or two at most before these choices come to you. Hold Love in your mind, daily, at every breath if you can. When your time to Ascend comes, step from that movie theatre in confidence and embrace Gajun knowing your family is waiting. Know that every being makes their choice and every choice is as passionate, as heartfelt, and “right” as yours is.

On your planet you cannot know another’s mind; you are innately separate. Recall this thought when your time to Ascend is on you. Your decision is for YOU to make. Do not think someone else can make it for you, do not think you can decide for someone else. In your choice to be individual on earth… be individual in this decision, moreso than ANY other decision in your entire existence. When the time comes, you will know your mind.
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A New Reality on Earth by Sandy Stevenson



A New Reality on Earth  



There is a new situation on Earth. A new directive has been declared by the Elohim. It allows for one level of reality to be dissolved to bring the state of play on Earth to a fairer level. For some time now the negative forces on Earth have been using some unfair tactics to proceed with their plan. This has now been stopped owing to continued requests of the Light Force on Earth for Divine order to occur.  

The particular reality level being dissolved contains very dense energy and holds the broader spectrum of many situations we are seeing on Earth at this time such as disaster weather scenarios, the misuse of technologies such as genetic engineering; chemicals and food;  radiation and wave lengths; the HAARP project; medical technology; governmental powers, etc. Although these concepts also exist in other bands of reality, they are much milder within those bands.  

We could look at parallel realities of Earth as a staircase going up into the heavens. One specific level of that staircase has been disintegrated. At the same time, the other timeline realities moved downwards to fill the void, just like a pack of cards. So, now one less parallel universe is in existence.  

This means that dense negative projects will begin to disappear as they have no energy impetus behind them. However, a few projects have already been integrated into the 3D. We need to do something to get these ‘already underway projects’ removed out of the 3D realm.  There is a decree ahead that can handle this, providing sufficient numbers of Lightworkers do it.  

Initially, there was a level playing field on Earth. It consisted of two forces (Light and Dark) with similar technologies and each had opposing goals concerning the future of Earth and humanity. The Light forces were assisting Earth on her evolutionary path, particularly with her ascension to the 5th dimension along with her life forms. The dark forces have done all they could to prevent this occurring, mainly spreading fear in order to maintain control.  

With continued misuse of off-planet advanced technology by negative forces and repeated violations of Universal Law, the playing field on Earth was no longer level or fair. The advanced negative technology being used, such as negative wave lengths destroying the structure and life upon Earth, have come from outside sources and are therefore not permitted by Universal Law. Humanity has consequently been put in a position ill equipped to understand or deal with these technologies.  

With the increased use of one advanced technology which creates synthetic heavy weather patterns, denser energy has begun to permeate the Earth plane. People assumed these were natural disasters, but many of the recent scenarios have been caused by negative forces using technology to trigger them. Of course, there are natural disasters as well and these may continue as needed by the Earth Mother. As humanity, including Lightworkers, have observed the disasters and heard and read of negative predictions, more energy has been given to the reality of disasters occurring, moving it closer to the fore as a possible reality for Earth. Similar predictions have surfaced in past years, but have been firmly rejected by the majority of the Light Force, who maintained their certainty that we could cleans the Earth’s dense energy with Light.   

The remaining possible parallel realities for Earth are of a much lighter nature and involve continuing to cleanse the dense energies of Earth with the use of Light frequencies. She needs to cleanse any energy that is of a denser vibration that can be taken into the 5th dimension. The same applies to us and all of humanity.  

The Earth is ascending now. Nothing that can stop her ascension. But the manner in which that occurs can change.  If we wish this planet to stay intact and continue cleansing with Light we need to look to our own thoughts. Thoughts hold great power and Lightworkers thoughts have even more power as many hold a Right to speak for their own soul groups. Have a look at your own thoughts. See if you have agreed that the Earth is going to experience great flooding or earthquakes, etc. Do you know that if we all saw the Earth in a whole and perfect state gently moving in beautiful Light into her new position in the 5th dimension without any disasters occurring, that is exactly what would happen. The Law of Attraction says  ‘what we send out, we get back.’ What exists is what we agree exists.  

We are also ascending into the 5th dimension. We need to keep in mind, as Lightworkers, that our focus now is vital. We need to remain positive in all things, loving everything and everyone, not judging and clearing our own debris and belief patterns, in order to increase our own light vibration sufficiently to ascend.  

The New directive is truly wonderful. It helps the Light Force a great deal and it sets the negative forces way back in their plans. But now we need to handle our own thoughts to ensure that the reality we prefer for Earth becomes the one we are living. This is imperative.  

The real reason some Lightworkers have taken on the idea of Earth disasters:-   

As you know, when we came here, the Starseeds were required to take on every pattern, every fear, every illness, etc. that existed on Earth, in order to create the blueprint to allow humanity to be able to release those same fears, illnesses, etc. Prior to Earth, no blueprint existed in the universe for a planet this dense.  

When Atlantis sank, the Light Force imprinted a blueprint into the Earth plan that covered that disaster scenario. That allowed humanity to release fears arising from thoughts of earth sinking and people drowning. However, that blueprint didn’t cover the sort of scenario we are seeing now. Now, people are collectively afraid of all different things within the same thought pattern – i.e., earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, fires, radiation, drowning, maimed, floods, tornados, starving, nowhere to live, being swallowed up into the ground, hit by debris, etc. So, a new blueprint, or to be exact an extension of the first one (created after Atlantis); needed to be created to help humanity release these fears patterns. It requires a specific mathematical number of Lightworkers to take on the thought pattern, work through it and then release it.  

Some Lightworkers have released their thought of disasters overtaking the Earth. More Lightworkers need to do so. Many are in the process of releasing it and some are stuck in that process. We all need to release it to allow the blueprint to come fully in.  

Remember, people’s predictions of the future are merely opportunities to see what we are creating so we can change our mind and place our energy into something we do prefer. The reality for our own life, or the life of the planet, changes all the time depending on where the greatest thought energy is being placed. People who predict the future have to also let go of fixed ideas and constantly update. There are also deliberate negative predictions around. 

What to do:  

We need to do several decrees to cover what is needed. A decree is your Right as a Lightworker on Earth to request Divine Consciousness (All That Is) to act for you. Under Universal Law, in most instances concerning Earth matters, the Higher realms are not permitted to interfere. They require permission from the inhabitants on Earth so they can act. This is one of the main reasons we incarnated here and became inhabitants. Many Lightworkers also act on behalf of their soul family upon Earth, which gives great power to the wishes and thoughts of Lightworkers.  

The decrees are needed to: 1. To bring the Earth into her Highest order. 2. To change negative projects instigated by negative forces. 3. To ensure we are free of anything negative personally.  

Please take this step seriously. If you are not in the right space, it may not reach where it needs to go. We need to become still and peaceful, aligned to highest Light, and step into our highest point of evolution. That means step fully into our mastery and merge with our I Am Presence of our Highest evolution.



“I demand that I am now fully aligned with my I Am Presence of my Highest evolution.”


DECREE NUMBER ONE (to be said three times):  

“By Divine Decree, in the Name of God and under the Law of Grace, I ask the Highest Realms of Light to act now on my behalf for Highest Divine Order to take place concerning the cleansing and full Ascension of Earth.”  

Having said the above decree through three times, then please say the following line once – 

“So Be It. So Mote It Be. It is Done.”


DECREE NUMBER TWO (to be said three times):  

“By Divine Decree, In the Name of God, Under the Law of Grace, I request the Highest Realms of Light to transmute and remove any negative infra structures, programmes, energy fields, wave length signals and other paraphernalia that has been placed within or around the Earth structure or her subtle bodies, on any level or dimension, with the intention of causing negative disruption, destruction or chaos in the structure of Earth or her peoples. The authorization for this request is based on the recent ruling by the Elohim that these acts are deemed to be taking unfair advantage of Humanity and life forms on Earth. 

I ask the Highest Light Forces of God to bring all such activities into alignment with the new Elohim ruling, thus providing the full spectrum of the Elohim directive to allow Earth its Highest Divine outcome.”  

Having said the above decree through three times, then please say the following line once –

“So Be It. So Mote It Be. It is Done.”


DECREE NUMBER THREE (to be said three times)  

“By Divine Decree, In the Name of God, under the Law of Grace, I request the Highest Realms of Light to remove and transmute in the most comfortable way possible, any negative thoughts, infrastructures, programmes, energy fields, fixed ideas, entities or other paraphernalia within my physical or subtle bodies, on any level or dimension, that is not in Divine Order and in my true and Highest good.  

I ask the Highest Light Forces of God to bring me into the reality that has the Highest outcome for Earth, if it be for my true and Highest good.”  

Having said the above decree through three times, then please say the following line once –

“So Be It. So Mote It Be. It is Done.”


With the introduction of the new Directive, the state of play has changed. With the Grace of God, may we now bring this beloved planet and all life gently  to a new place of harmony and love in the 5th dimension.  

All is well and in Divine order.  


© Sandy Stevenson


Definitions ahead:

Elohim:   A highly evolved group of Ascended Light Beings who assist Earth.

Directive: A decree issued by a higher authority for Earth  

HAARP: An official government project called High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project. See  

Reality: What we are experiencing in our life is the reality we have created for ourselves. All the things we believe to be true create the world that we, as an individual, see being played out. We assume everyone else sees what we see. But this is not so. But having created our world, we will attract into it people of like mind. This gives validity to our creation.   

Parallel universes:  Different realities created by thought energy. Applies to our individual lives and the life of the Earth.  The one given the most energy is the one we live. One video that offers some idea of this is BBC video Part I  

The Law of Attraction. A Universal Law whereby our thoughts act like a boomerang and return to us in a solid manifested form.





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