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With the UFO's showing up all over the planet and mainstream media covering it...the energy was soooo huge on a personal level.  It was difficult to ground...nothing felt normal.  The Joy Ride scenario seemed to wake us all up to something bigger.  Don't stay in the negative ...hold onto the positives...and it made alot of people open their eyes. As with anything...pull the positives out of it.  WE have to go inside ourselves for the is there in the "BE STILL AND KNOW!"  I couldn't even figure out what it was that I was feeling.  They said...BE...and let it flow through you.  According the the Galactic Free Press...the energy of 02/12/12 was phenominal and HUGE.  Also according to Yahoo news...the Vatican is not immune to these energies...seems to be falling apart...check it out on 

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