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November 29

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I am a musician and former personal fitness trainer.For about 40 years now I've had the strong feeling that I wasn't human,and I remember as a teen I would often look to the sky and pray that the ET's would come get me.I have refused all of these years to beleive that I was mad(quite the contrary),I was convinced that everyone else was quite mad.For obvious reasons I never married or had any children,it wouldn't have worked out for me for it has been only resently that I have found there are others like me and I am not alone.Thankyou internet!!And thank you Ben !!!

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In my 59 years here this go round I have had many teachers.Physically I have always been a loner,but I've NEVER felt lonliness.

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  • I hope one day we will brake the illusion of separation from one another and be able to travel great distances using the power of will and righteous intentions. For what can be more righteous than to cross the world just to visit a friend and recognise that u have visited yourself. Few days ago i was on the edge of my willpower almost giving up even though the signs of prosper where there. At that moment, when i though my walk in the woods was a complete failure, I turned around and saw a dragonfly for the first time in my life. It was something new, unknown, and it dragged me into my whirpool of letting go my old beliefs even more than i though was possible. Brothers and sisters I can feel it just as u can, the little spark of change is growing in our hearts and minds, new tides are coming to sweep the garbage off our porches and then we will have a chance to be who we truly are, creatures of the light. Ride on my friends!

  • Thank you Ranthon, I love the pictures you sent and

    I send you many Blessings...Ada

  • thank you for your friendship :)


  • Hi Rantom,

    It's Capt. Eshashara,

    Thank you for the nice comment.

  • Hi Ranthom
    thank you for adding me as a friend it's always nice to have a new friend.
    I hope all is well with you.

  • Thank you Ranthom for your invite

  • Thank you Ranthom....what an honor indeed to be your friend...blessings, hugs, namaste

  • Nice to meet you Ranthom.  Love & blessings.

  • Hello Ranthom, Thank you for the friend request.  I accept and welcome you.  Peace, Tammer

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