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  • Hi Ranthom,

    Thanks for the invite. Have you been on this site long? I have recently been listening to Sheldan Nidle on youtube and attended one of his webinars yesterday. Very interesting stuff. All very hopeful. Do you know of him and what do you think? Will NESARA be here soon????I wonder. Keep in touch. Will write again soon.Ardent

  • tingles , very well  yin yang infinite.Asking for unconditional love for those in need from the love of our galactic families to help those loving souls i ask here for all to accept this gift of protection, by my compassionate loving heart to all. i have met the creator, be brave its in us all feel the compassion this journey is not over yet and we can rely to each other listen to the spark that is flaming inside us all 

  • Hi thanks for inviting me as your friend. This world scares me so I retreated, and study humanities ideas about religion. To me it doesn't matter as long as there is truth, love follows.
  • Hi Ranthom , thanks for inviting me 'friend'.

    I was ( a bit) surprised to read in your 'about yourself'  the same feelings as I've had as a teenager. I was for hours sitting at my window, looking up at the stars and desperately asking 'them' to come and get me back...I must say I'm still a bit angry they did'nt ! :)).

    As my mother had voices in her head (bad astral communication) and was treated with havy medicaton, I did'n dear to tell anyone about my feelings untill I frequented courses of psycho-energetics.

    These days reading a lot on the Ashtarcommand network these feelings get stronger again and I must admit it brings me rather down and desperate , instead of hopefull and full of light.... . I 'll try to look through the patterns from my childhood why this is still hurting somehow...I realise I struggle most with  the feeling of being bad and been  left behind in this body as a punnishment.

    Although I always looked at the Orion stars , a channel told me I'm from the Sirius constellation.I was not pleased with it in the beginning, but after some exercises during a course where we did a group-regression, I had to admit it was truth, only I visited Pleiadians and then Orion before incarnating on earth...

    Love and peace to all of you.

  • /bow humbly, i thank thy of the message, a image is worth 1000 words, it was required for me to see , as these ears can not hear, and i sense wisdom and emotions and feelings will reflect up on thy message that has been showed for me to see .i live about frequencies, harmonics, and melody.this was for me to mention for them to read . Blessed Be Brother of Light 

  • Hi Ranthom, I have a couple of recordings from Tom Kenyon in mij iTunes collection, like Pituitary Dimensional Attumenment, attunement of the Pineal and others which seem quite usefull for the present ascension. 

    A question: do you know if lady GaGa is recording at the concert pitch of 432 Hz? I think she is really quite spiritually involved and for at least some of her songs it seems they are recorded at 432Hz. 

    Another question: I want to batch-convert my iTunes songs from 440 Hz to 432 Hz. Do you know of a program which can be used for that? (preferably for Mac), Cheers, Mackie

  • Hello Ranthom, Thanks for adding me as your friend!

  • Well hello dear Friend !  i am blessed by your presence! And thank you for adding me , 

    I share my love and light to who ever need love of life as i am the compassionate one, and i love to share . To Unity ! as we are all One big  big Family !

  • Blessings dear Ranthom!  Thank you for saying hello and connecting.  I appreciate your kind welcome!  Love, peace and blessings, LaTonya

  •  Lots of love, haven,t heard from you for some time Yvonne

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Chicago, IL


November 29

About Yourself

I am a musician and former personal fitness trainer.For about 40 years now I've had the strong feeling that I wasn't human,and I remember as a teen I would often look to the sky and pray that the ET's would come get me.I have refused all of these years to beleive that I was mad(quite the contrary),I was convinced that everyone else was quite mad.For obvious reasons I never married or had any children,it wouldn't have worked out for me for it has been only resently that I have found there are others like me and I am not alone.Thankyou internet!!And thank you Ben !!!

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

In my 59 years here this go round I have had many teachers.Physically I have always been a loner,but I've NEVER felt lonliness.

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