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Today in India people are celebrating the festival of light called “Deewali.” Let this be a reminder to all of us that one burning candle can en-light thousands of candles and in this process it loses nothing.


In this journey “Grace is the only way.” So whatsoever happened or will come in life is the grace. On this day let us remember it.

  1. To have this human body is the 1st  grace.
  2. A true wish to search and know the “Truth” (Not about the truth) is the 2nd grace.
  3. To find a complete Guru (Enlighted soul in the role of spiritual teacher) is the 3rd grace.
  4. To have unbreakable/unshakable faith on Guru is the 4th grace.
  5. Grace of Guru on you is 5th and final grace in this life. 

      Let this grace of God be on all of us.


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