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  • Wow that is great Rachel to be awake so young is such a blessing at this time as it may feel hard to be different from others you have the power  grace and heart to open up to others your age and help others and yes its a feeling and its so cool to know which ones are the ones that are on the same frequency as yourself blessings on your journey and

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  • Are there many like you at school just wondering??8109772470?profile=original
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Orchard Park, NY


April 20

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I am a 17 year old Arcturian starseed interested in helping humanity in any way possible. I want to help spread love, light and good teachings to everyone, awakened or not. I want to help those who are not awakened onto the right path, but in the end they must work for themselves. I love technology and am fascinated with texting and instant messaging being the most advanced forms of communication on Earth currently. We all need to work together to spread peace, love, light, joy and all forms of blessings to every being in the universe. Love is the most important thing a person can have :)

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Ghandi, Dali Llama, Bhudda, Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael, and my lovely guide.

Rachel A replied to Rachel A's discussion Hello Everyone!
"Shekina, that's interesting. I get the feeling that has something to do with the Sirian star system. 
ET's don't have kids the human way, it's more of a mind link kind of thing where a new consciousness is developed from the male and female minds…"
Jun 21, 2011
Rachel A left a comment for Starseed
"There are none like me in my school, at least not that I've met. I can feel some of them there, they just haven't talked to me yet.
OMG that rhymed."
Jun 20, 2011
Rachel A left a comment for Drome
"Thanks for the welcome :) Look forward to chatting with you more!"
Jun 20, 2011
Rachel A posted a discussion
As you have probably gathered, I am very new to this site. I am not, however, new to the concepts it represents. I am well on my way regarding my mission. I have just awakened one of the most stubborn 3D people I have ever met, and I am very…
Jun 20, 2011

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"Are some competing on a most words wins basis? Sorry. A little humor.... Hope you are not offended RL"
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We understand the tunnels and DUMBS in America that lead to Canada are under siege now by the joint military. These tunnels and Deep Underground Military Bases were created by the psychopaths ruling the world to traffic children, contraband, arms,…
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Tragic stories continue to come documenting the horrific loss of life and crippling effects of the COVID-19 shots, which many medical doctors and scientists are now calling "bioweapons." Most of these are simply statistics reported to VAERS, where…
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There is a moral standard, a set of rules, that each society uses to govern the lives of those living within it. Over time, the rules may change, to accommodate the advancement of the…
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The formal removal from power of Israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a geopolitical game-changer.  Netanyahu’s departure means the messianic Zionist fanatics who want to kill 90% of humanity and rule the survivors from a greater Israel have…
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"How can a physicist fail to understand that observation necessarily involves interaction between objects?? Furthermore, it is even worse in microscopic objects as we cannot observe them directly. An electron has to hit a screen and then emit light…"
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