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July 22

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  • Cheers Brother~

  • Hi James this is Wade thanks for the request my new friend....
  • dear brother,thankyou for your friendship,and just looking at your profile pic,you can see immense Empathy,and love for all,and a beautiful swirling coloured spiral around you,(he told me to say that to you,just relaying his message) have a very blessed day,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)8113903859?profile=original
  • Hello James, its an honor to have you as a friend.   I look forward to sharing much love and light .... 

    :)  smiles

  • 8113820700?profile=original


    greetings star brother, you are from a very high dimension! royalty and power!



  • Thx for the request. God bless :)
  • Dear James, i really don't know friend,

    it is not important i think, we are all One...


  • Dear Ruach,

    Your friend request came at a time when I sooo need a friend to talk to.  I pay attention to synchronicities!  I do not have many awakened souls to talk to.  I would like some privacy, so I can be reached at bjb4444@cox.net.  Let me know if you would rather not and I will understand completely, then we can just chat here.

    Much Love,


  • Dearest Ruach,

    Thank you for your friend request....it seems that we have a lot in common!  My goal is absolutely the same as yours...in fact, I want to change my profile now (lol).  I am currently taking on a task to teach about reincarnation and karma to those who do not know.  And help teach about Jesus' real teachings which includes reincarnation before it was taken out of the Bible.  Belief in reincarnation and Karma will change the world!  I want to ascend and guide as many people as I can!  I am currently writing a book entitled "Universal Love Vibration, My Rollarcoaster Journey of Awakening".   Anyway, I'm very pleased to meet you!  Universal Love, Light, Peace, and Joy!

    All My Love,


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RUACH (James) left a comment for Bobby Whiteshell
"Hi Bobby, I'm James..I'm interested in talking with you. I viewed one of your video's and find you and your work healing and transforming. Namaste.."
Nov 8, 2011
RUACH (James) left a comment for Starweaver
"Hello Starweaver..Thank you, I look forward to the same."
Oct 3, 2011
RUACH (James) left a comment for Barbara J Briggs
"Hello Barbara,
Thank u for your message..I would luv to chat privately! I will email you soon..Blessings Ruach."
Sep 22, 2011
RUACH (James) left a comment for Samadhi88
"Thank you...God Bless.."
Sep 21, 2011

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"Yep, rule of thumb is......Whatever the official recommendations from the government are, ALWAYS THINK AND DO THE OPPOSITE...And you'll be OK...lol
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