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Frankfort, KY


March 12

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Pisces A- Negative Blood type-Astrology,Parapsychology,Paranormal Phenomenon,Angels-Demons,Spirituality,Orbs,RH Negative Blood Studies,Religions-(universal),Meditation. Favorites:Candles,Incense,Runes,Tarot Cards,All Divination Tools...pendelums,spirit boards,scrying mirrors,Crytals..etc. IsoChronic Tones/Brainwave frequency manipulation,OOBEs,Astral Travel,Spirit Guides. Study of the Mayans,2012,Ancient Astronauts,Reptilian/Blue Blood-bloodlines..many more interests in such catagories.

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RLDayDreamz commented on Daphne's blog post Love Within Us
"Love you, baby"
Jan 1, 2011
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"Thank you for the request..nice to meet you  :)
Dec 19, 2010
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Dec 17, 2010
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Dec 14, 2010

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Pet Rock replied to James McConnell's discussion Saint Germain, One Who Serves and Shoshanna -  THE ONLY CONTROL THAT THEY (THE DARK FORCES) HAVE EXISTS ONLY WITHIN THIS 3RD DIMENDIONAL ILLUSION Via James McConnell
"The evil demonic 'cabal' directly effects 4th plane worlds- both sides B and A and for some insane reason( I believe the 3d amnesia 'stage' is for spiritual growth) world events and direction are decided in 3d
I think the 3rd plane of consciousness…"
54 minutes ago
Pet Rock replied to Steve Hutchinson's discussion Revelations, Resurrection, & The Greatest Awakening Of All Time By Marie Mohler
"I think the 3rd plane of consciousness or 3d is gradually fading into 4th plane consciousness-4th plane is where spirits return for an afterlife if they don't stay in the gated heavens or other spirit realms-3d is controlled so as create amnesia ,…"
1 hour ago
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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
Daily Update Good day, I hope this weekend is treating you well. Today I have 3 videos for you. Click on the links or images below to access each directly.  Today's Videos The Red Pill Or Blue Pill , What Will You Choose?    Q & A With Simon Parkes…
7 hours ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"If you say 2+infinity=infinity, you cannot say 2=infinity-infinity. Yet such is how the math physicists do the calculations!

They say the zero point energy in vacuume is infinite! But ask how we measure such, they say we actually measure the…"
8 hours ago
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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
I had not known of the recent muon g-factor measurement. But your link did not contain anything. There is an error.

If you follow more on this, you will find that the supposed experiment does not challenge quantum theory (actually the…"
10 hours ago
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