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Lightworker:Observer Agent-sent in the 70's to monitor and evaluate the possibility that what are earth termed Dark Cabal(EBE's) were controlling the populace. While it has always been Galactic protocol to monitor and evaluate planetary systems that were classified as possibilities for acceptance into the Federation all races are suppose to remain hidden and uninvolved with the planets advancement. The protocol was broken and evidence of outside influence has been documented. It is not in the design to hurt, hate, kill, etc. these are all learned traits that are being forced upon the earthling race.

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Dec 21, 2012 to Dec 22, 2012


Nov 2, 2020
Quinn Sysmith replied to Earthanimal's discussion Earth-healing website online to REDUCE THE IMPACT OF EARTHQUAKES! Send us YOUR energy please!
"Could this have something to do with Earth quakes and Earth changes? The Illuminati card game predicts the use of weather control and (earth quacks) to reduce population and control the masses. Just saying it's something to consider, better to err…"
Dec 3, 2010
Quinn Sysmith replied to Reikara's discussion The One who was meant to help us refuses to [War/ETs]
""there was never a good war, or a bad peace" - B. Franklin
What I got from your discussion about your dream- the only way to win at war, is not to play. (that's not to say, lay down and take it, but there are ways to accomplish goals without the use…"
Nov 10, 2010
Quinn Sysmith replied to Quinn Sysmith's discussion The Human Strike
"I'm not sure about your question...you should do what you feel like is right, what benefits you with the expression of Love to others, Light to others, and Peace to others. If you would like to do the human strike 3 times per week, please feel free…"
Oct 13, 2010

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ET Hugger commented on Ben-Arion's blog post Serious Copyright infringement from an Author (important)
"@Ben-Arion, can you give us more clarity about this: “You may not post, modify, distribute, or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information belonging to others without obtaining the prior written…"
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"A beautiful church in Caen, France..
Note the unusual position of the organist's seat and location, half way up the side of an interior wall...Marvelously unusual...Most organs are sat at ground level..😄

Organist is David Cassan, playing Bach,…"
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"Yes, completely correct data on the Galactic Federation of Light....Thanks for posting this, SAN 不滅 ....I am also a Sirian starseed contactee, like Sheldan and am qualified to make one minor observational modification...The Lyrans wear ceremonial…"
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"Greetings Reverend. I hope there is still something to be saved when Trump is back in power."
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