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I Love Kali

8108709253?profile=originalOne of my favorite deities.... often misinterpreted by westerners as evil. Her destroying/killing is a metaphor. She is the one who devours the ego and the lower states of existence. We need her in the states!
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All You Need Is (to give) Love

All You Need Is (to give) Love

This is a collection of wisdom I've received this year that I would like to share:

Title:All You Need Is (to give)Love

While you are greatly loved, there are many things that you may feel completely helpless about in these stressful times that affect everyone on the planet. It would be wise to examine all your intentions as you go about your day. Know yourself well! Also sending healing energy through meditative/creative visualizations towards all life forms can help in ways that we might not be aware of. But, lending energy this way will help shift your awareness on how to help ensure an abundance of well being for future generations. Be grateful for the opportunity to serve in your world.
Forgiveness is one of the highest forms of love that we can offer. 15 minutes every day sit and allow yourself to be filled with the energy of forgiveness and gratefulness. Just breath the energy in and out. Whomever comes to mind, send them warmth through prayer," All that we've been through, I forgive you. May you be healed and whole on your path. I am grateful to serve you!"
Spend time every day visualizing all forms of life(plants, animals, humans, planet earth) experiencing freedom from suffering of all kinds(mental, physical, emotional, spiritual). See them all in their inherent beauty; the energy that they came here with(a flow of goodness and wisdom). As you greet every person throughout your day, look at them in the eyes and recognize them for the beautiful, creative potential that each has and offer them a smile.
In these times of great transformation, it is vital to maintain your focus on all things beneficial for the health of earth and your own mind. Allow yourself time every day to visualize the earth's physical body as your own, taking slow deep breaths in softness/kindness. Trust your divine nature. This reality is always available to you. You are beautiful.
It is also important to not give up on anyone in your life or the earth for that matter. The earth supports everything you do and would not give up on you. Have trust in your abilities to make a difference in the world around you. Practice things that help you feel empowered. Be cautious about what allow yourself see on T.V., the music you listen to, and what you hear from the local news(seek out other sources of news also). Notice which things are helping your benevolent intentions and hold fast the things that take you towards compassion and loving kindness.
To help maintain balance, emptiness focus is very helpful. When we desire things from the world we lose sight of the bigger picture and our judgment can become cloudy. When we realize that we are complete and we need nothing, a blissful nature has amazing potential to rise to the surface. Here's an affirmation that has been helping me immensely," I dwell in desirelessness." I write it out slowly and feel the words. It's a great transformational tool and centers my awareness.
Know that through you, all miraculous things are possible. You have infinite creative potential. So often we may feel the answer lies with someone else. The answer lies in you. You came into creation as a whole, complete being of divine light. It is through incomplete experiencing(where the lesson wasn't learned) that we may feel disempowered. The same scenario in different experiences will continue to run the pattern until the lesson is learned. You are not incomplete; you just had incomplete experiences, that's all. Everything that we admire in someone else, we also have ourselves. For far too long, collective mind has told us that we aren't enough. You are enough. It is the reason that you are here. I hope you find the wondrous potential in this and every moment as your creativity unfolds!
Great Love,

*recent teleconference this past week with Kathlyn Kingdon/Djwhal Khul(
*Paramahamsa Nithyananda(
*Keisha Crowther(
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