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  • Hello , now I'm a bit better, I'm 3 times a week at the Gervasutta hospital in udine to do special gymnastics with 3 students from Portugal and 3 students from Sweden of the ERASMUS project study at the university and practice at the Gervasutta, there are in me still many errors of posture go wrong and the leg does not go straight but FALCIA .... It 'DIFFICULT ... I improve very slowly and even the memory is not perfect I easily forget .... go be hard and I go ahead, best wishes of GOOD EASY hello jose

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    8115146058?profile=original Align with the Divine Within

    Authentic Living Thoughts from Socrates and Leo Gura
    The energy alignment and timing are spot on for each of us to focus upon opening up to what is genuine and authentic within an...
  • Thank you your friendship and wonderful insights look forward to sharing with gratitude.

  • Let go of that which is not of you or authentic; let you inner~guidance lead the way

    Authentic You; like a diamond with many facets

  • WELCOME TO MY CONSCIOUSNESS & thanking you for ALLOWING ME IN YOUR'S >>>I also thank you for giving me the gift of UR friendship...LOVE, LIGHT, BLISS BLESSINGS, TRANSCENDENCE, HEALING, PEACE, ONENESS AND GRACE.


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    "When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others." ~ Peace Pilgrim

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August 18

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The real meaning of the ancient Blessings
Nov 2, 2020
Pleiadian Starseed commented on Ben-Arion's blog post Ascension Symptoms and Finding Balance
"Thank you so much Ben, I  really needed this post:) Blessing"
May 23, 2014
Pleiadian Starseed commented on Avatar's blog post How Many of These 51 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms Do You Have?
"Hello my dear friend Avatar, I have experienced and still experience about 46/47 of these symptoms.
Thanks so much for your posts, they are always very interesting and helpful. Blessing :)"
May 20, 2014
Pleiadian Starseed commented on Avatar's blog post When You Feel Like Giving Up
"Thank you my dear freind Avatar, I really love your post, thank you, thank you, thank you"
May 12, 2014

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"I Love how Creator in His/Her simple and short messages gives us the best advice at the perfect moment...Today I went to AT&T because I could not get through my phone service...An update was going on whilst I slept and I had no choice but go and get…"
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"Quantum guy points to you at a screen. You see a dot, not any different from a spec of durst. He tells you 'that is an electron'. But he immediately tells you that is not how the electron looks like, because of a 2 hour movie he is going to show…"
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"What a stunning collection! What a beautiful universe! Here's one of my favourites, the Rosette Nebula:"
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"Neither do I. The FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) factory churns out one thing after another, one 'side' or another, to keep people in their heads, when the Earth and the Light Realms are calling us to centre in love and inner peace...listen…"
3 hours ago
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 I wish to bring a message of hope. Soon things are to change dramatically. We know you have heard this word far too often and you are understandably weary of this particular word, nonetheless, it is true. There are great changes about to manifest…
3 hours ago
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"Hearing the call SiStar 💛 A friend/star sister and I were connecting with the Golden Light today, and also with the earth elementals, they were really coming forward today, more than I've ever seen/felt before...and this feels all in synch with the…"
3 hours ago
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You can listen to the podcast here. 1 hr with QThis is an uplifting documentary illustrating just how many people reached their precipice and took action to rectify the Covid crisis and take the criminals to task—despite being arrested, fired, or…
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