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it is the nucleus - http://www.timelessspaces.tk


In a godless society I would name it God , the All-and-Everything, the Complete.

In a by religion-shaped environment, I probably would name it the Nothing, or the vaste Emptiness.

- Either way, I would name it.
And it would take the shape of the opposite. -

It is the searching for the antipole,
it is the Nucleus of all Beginning.


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Merge with yourself,

through merging the contradictions:

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Exodus for modern people.

leave the pharaoh behind: exodus for modern people

It is easy to get lost in translation. It is easy to get lost in differences. BUT it is even much easier to net get lost at all. As we have seen 2011 pass before our very eyes, as well as experiencing it in a deeper inside-level, we know something is happening.

We – as human beings - have seen and understood the connections betweend the numerous Exodus-stories presented in many different spiritual or religious traditions, we have understood it is a choice human beings can make to be truly free. And we do see the world has never been more aware of it’s mass manipulation and it’s responsibility to save ourselves by taking our responsibilities in a much more wider and broader sense than national or capitalist thinking.

Therefore we want to put these knowledges together. One next to the other. Christian next to Islamic thinking. Hindu next to voodoo. Aboriginal next to Native American. Today’s western next to the old ways of the ancestors.

Our journey out of Time – as we feel it is going to be – will try to take as much souls on board as possible. As actors we will consider the consciousnesses we live in – in a global sense – and will try to work toward each other.  Our goal is to have a polished, flowing sequence, growing from one culture to the other, from one zeit-geist to the next, bringing it all together in a timeless Now. On many places in this world, carefully synchronized.

We will select rituals, songs, mantra’s, chants, shamanic stories and will put them all together. All these Exodus-stories, combined in a concentrated space, must – we believe – give us not only a larger view of the reality, it might actually show us – as a collective – a way to a new promised land, to a new way of existing, to a new constellation our bodies and minds would find.

Perhaps – just like then, we might actually take a step in evolution.
Perhaps that is why all cultural traditions are actually bringing us together.

We will not start from preconditioned believes, but from very concrete tangible, material views. We will start from the essence of the body movements and the essence of the sounds. Building from there, we will re-enact rituals and sound-scapes that will find each other in a very magnetical way.

Some think there is no more time…
Together we will walk a journey Out Of Time.
You are cordially invited on this trip with Timeless Spaces.


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