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December 1

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  • Nice to see you, Commander!
  • hey im not sure how far chandler is to vegas id have to ask my cousin that lives in vegas cuz she drove here b4 I love sedona! :) the vortex there is cool you can real feel the healing energy on your chakras

  • Thanks for your friendship Peter.
    I like your "personal image" picture. The spiked hair, cool glasses and halo crack me up.
    I'm curious to know the story of how you were guided to join this group.
    Love and Blessings.

  • In April? what have you heard about that?
    I agree with you, let's wait.
  • Hello, Peter,
    Thanks for the add! Have an amazing day :)
  • Thanks for liking my pics,no i did not do them,get it from the internet!
  • Hi Peter, Thanks for the friend invitation! Good to meet you here. It is indeed an exciting time. Devi

  • Peter, yes I have some knowledge about VRIL-GESELLSCHAFT (The VRIL Society) or as they were called prior to that - BRUDER DES LICHTS (Brothers of the Light).

    If you are interested in learning more please send me a message with your email address and I will email you a pdf-book called "SECRET SOCIETIES AND THEIR POWER IN THE 20TH CENTURY", by Jan van Helsing where you will be able to find out about the VRIL Society and other secret societies connected with the VRIL Society such as the new Templar order DIE HERREN VOM SCHWARZEN STEIN (DHvSS, The Lords of the Black Stone), the Teutonic Order, the SCHWARZE RITTER (Black Knights) of the Thule and SS elite SCHWARZE SONNE (Black Sun).
  • Namaste Peter thanks for the Ad as a friend,
    I am so glad you requested me as one of you’re friends here on Ashtar Command, thanks for the friends request!!!

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    May your days be blessed with all you desire becoming manifest….

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    Sonia Novick
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Peter Oversoul left a comment for Sunspiritsmiles
"I really like Bashar and his bluntness. Do you know he has many clips recorded for viewing on youtube? enjoy watching them.
Aloha, Peter"
Dec 6, 2010
Peter Oversoul left a comment for Teri
"Thanks for the picture Teri, very inspiring."
May 12, 2010
Peter Oversoul commented on Sunspiritsmiles's photo
"Very nice. We saw something like that when driving back to Las Vegas yesterday, but I did not get a photo of it."
May 11, 2010
Peter Oversoul left a comment for Allison Clark
"Nice photo Allison. How far is Chandler from Vegas? Do you get out to Sedona much?"
May 11, 2010

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