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  • Hi hun, I found you on my list , love and *HUGS*

  • Haha yeah next time we will have a real conversation! Thanks for the friendship.


  • lol clip ;)
  • You better not be my nut ^^ hahah
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    work in progress ...scan turns out a lil pore...
  • Drunk messages??? 3 (the ones i had already had...)+1 ....what are you supposed to write in these things???


    i gotta feelin...that tonites gonna b a guud nite...i gotta feelin...that tomorrow mornin ull have a good laugh :P see ya after the next mugsie...
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    thanks for the cookie bro;)
  • Dear Peregrine, I send you my Blessings to you and wish you an Inspirational Experience each and Everyday...
    Love Comments & Graphics
    ~Magickal Graphics~
    Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun xx
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Port Douglas

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I am interested in peace and universal understanding of the ONE that we are. I am interested in Life and the way we have come to be I am....interested.

Peregrine left a comment for Blutrance
"Thank you Blutrance, for your friendship. haha our conversationship was brief yesterday. as it turns out i had been disconnected aswell :P funny how those things work.

Another time...definatly

Sep 27, 2010
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Apr 2, 2010
Peregrine posted a blog post
Well, it started as a high school reunion and we went to like a camping ground with various activities and one of them was hunting...ive always been curious about hunting so i went to take a look. what i found was not hunting at all but more of a…
Mar 18, 2010
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Mar 18, 2010

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Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Bach - English Suite no. 2 in A minor BWV 807 - Harpsichordist Bertrand Cuiller of the Netherlands Bach Society"
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"I stick to traditions..Also I use the terms; white and black, in the same strain of meaning, as did the ancient Egyptians....

Black = life and material existence.
White = death (freedom) and spiritual existence (beyond illusion.)

3 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Great to hear this, Pet Rock and I'll be looking out for your next short story, about Atlantis...
Speaking of psychic attacks, we Light workers and White Magicians, need to be proficient at protecting ourselves...Did I mention that my daughter was…"
3 hours ago
David Claros Paredes posted a blog post
                                                                                                                                         CHAPTER 45                                                                                                     …
5 hours ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"But the sun's rotation is the truely puzzling one. The equator rotates faster than the poles! Now ask: how can this be? Can't the friction equalize the rotations throughout the sun? There must a constant energy/ force that is spinning the equator…"
6 hours ago
Alan left a comment on Comment Wall
"Yes, Marker Dragon, Moon is now liberated, and Denmark, Sweden, and Norway declared, 'No more' 'Mask's or Jab's', and everything is to return back to normal."
7 hours ago
Alan posted a status
Yes, Marker Dragon, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway have declared 'No more 'masks' or 'jabs', everything is to return back to normal.
7 hours ago
Pet Rock left a comment on Comment Wall
"And it's called Moon Base- operated by Americans and our Allies! I call it Moon Base Alpha after one of the 60s Supermarination programs like Thunderbirds Are Go"
8 hours ago