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I AM... ONE with the Universe

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  • Archangel Michael and your Legion of Angels... We ask each day for your Divine Guidance and assistance in alignment to the Highest Frequency Levels

    Universal Love Peace and Harmony
  • Thank you for your request of friendship. I'm happy to meet you. May we all grow together in love, light, peace and friendship.
    LoveLight, Marilyn

  • LIFE

    There are seven densities of experience.

    First density is the density of awareness, in which the planet moves out of the timeless state into physical manifestation. Its inhabitants are earth, wind, water, and fire.

    Second density is the density of growth, in which what we call biological life emerges and evolves into greater and greater complexity.

    Third density is the density of choice, in which certain of the biological entities are invested with spirits and choose which way they will further their evolution toward the Creator.

    Fourth density is the density of love. Those who have successfully chosen come together with others of like mind in order to pursue that choice, either towards loving self or loving others.

    Fifth density is the density of wisdom. Those who have studied the love of self or of others now learn to be wise in their service.

    Sixth density is the density of unity. In it love and wisdom are blended together. The two paths reunite as those on the service-to-self path, realizing that they cannot successfully master the lessons of unity without opening their hearts to others, switch their polarity to positive.

    Seventh density is the gateway density, the last step before we become again that which we have always been, the One Infinite Creator.

    Eighth density is also the beginning of the first density of the next Creation.

    Between seventh and eight densities, I believe, the creation re-merges in a period of timeless, formless unity with the Creator.

    From ... The Law of ONE
  • Hi Paul,
    I'm glad to be your friend, thank you!
    A lot of diamond light for you.
    Have a nice day,

  • with Love and Light

  • Illumination

    Illuminate the Paths which are in Darkness
    Light your Within so you can Shine Without
    In Truth & Love & Peace
    Take Time In The Moment Where Breath Stands Still
    And, Absorb the Wonder of ONE
    Float Harmoniously in Dreams WE Wish to Fulfill
    For, I AM... Waiting in the Light which has Shone

    Let There BE more LIGHT

  • Alae and Namasté dear Paul!
    thank you for your lovely comments! *smile*
    i already wanted to leave a msg here for you but got distracted ... so now this seems to be the fitting moment to do so! :)
    i wont be home for some days now ..but as soon as i return i hope to read from you again!

    untill then i send you heavenly blessings, light and love....
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"BE ~ ONE ~ @ 8"
Jan 11, 2010
Paul Westmerland left a comment on Ashtar Command Meditation Temple
"From Ripple to Wave ~ Our Power is the LIGHT for the Path to Peace and Harmony ~ Love and Truth ~ Paul"
Nov 11, 2009

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To imagine her as one.
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I mean Leonard Nimoy aka Spock in the original series.
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