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You have to do the groundwork yourself, soyou can get a good connection to your guides.This is what I found out. Almost everyone of youhave implants inside your bodies that makes youthink bad thoughts and make you bodies hurt. I justfound a VERY EASY way to disconnect yourselffrom the power these implants have on you.Ok, so this is it. Everyone loves Super Mario Bros right? Check this link out:http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/mario-bros-dimensions-andPut on some good music, and just keep on looking at the second beautiful picture in this blogpost, where Mario is flying away from the bad-guys. Those creatures are the beings that haveinvaded your inner-space, and the best way to get them out is to play Super Mario Bros in yourmind:Take their eyes out so they wont find you.Trap them inside a violet flame so they cant hurt your etheric body.Make them really small, and visualize that they look like these sweet little creatures you see in the picture.Do this and all you fears will go away, because they cant hurt you.I believe you are all protected somehow. Everyone on this planet isreally truly special, we just have to realize it and believe in itso we can finally relaxe someGood luck everyone!
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