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Lighting Up Your Life by Solar Logos Helios and Vesta

Channelled through Natalie Glasson-09-09-11

Luminous light vibrations shower onto your path and into your being, we wish to fill your reality with light so that you may feel the joy of holding light and using it in your daily reality. Light is essential to your entire existence on the Earth, you are composed of light, your body needs light to survive, even your happiness can depend on the volume of light that you hold. Light is actually the result of continuous connection with the Creator. When your life is filled with light it signifies that your life and being is immersed in the energy of the Creator and you are constantly focusing upon your divine and sacred connection with the universe and source of the Creator. Light can bring active energy to your being allowing you to jump with joy achieving more things in your reality. It is essential for your life to be filled with light now because it will allow for all stagnant energies to be dissolved, meaning that old energies are let go of. With the presence of greater light you are naturally protected and any form of darkness that enters into your reality or is created by you is dissolved instantly. With all the transitions that are occurring on the Earth and within your being you are using up much energy and therefore must replace it more often with the presence of light. Some people are feeling sluggish and lethargic at this time of ascension because of the numerous energy shifts but we wish to fill you with light so that you enhance and empower your being, with the ability to achieve and do all that you wish and feel guided to do at this sacred time.

It is also our mission to dissolve limitations, allowing you to be an expansive being of light; we will achieve this by dissolving many fears that are hindering you from radiating your light brightly and powerfully. We see you as a magnificent light bulb but you are using your dimmer switch when you should be allowing your light to exist at its natural state of radiance. We wish to work with you to allow your light to shine brightly, your energy vibration to increase and your trust in the power of your light to develop.

We are Helios and Vesta, we are the Solar Logos which means we over see the Earth and its evolvement from a solar level while encouraging and tutoring solar masters and those who work within our solar system. The Earth and its humanity are all connected to the solar level of the Creators universe but this doesnt mean that they are fully integrated or have mastered the teachings of the solar level. In the Earths history we see that many civilisations worshiped the sun, those beings were working to integrate with their solar level energies and manifestation of themselves. Their praise and honour of the sun was simply a result of the transitions that were occurring within. They were worshipping the sun because they knew that the sun held profound wisdom from the solar level and so it was their way of accepting the wisdom and integrating with the solar level light. You can also gain wisdom from the sun in order to aid your spiritual path through a simple intention of connection and acceptance. We use the sun as our symbol because it is so very bright, at the solar level it is our mission to increase your luminosity, assisting you in expressing your light as well as comprehending light.

We, Helios and Vesta exist as the masculine and feminine energy of our soul; you could say that we are twins, two aspects of the same soul. We exist in this way to demonstrate that the two powerful energies of the Creator are equal and can shift from being one to separate at will. Many of the solar level teachings concern exploring the masculine and feminine energies, understanding them and in which energy one should place their focus, we therefore exist as examples of the feminine and masculine vibrations of the Creators soul at a solar level. We wish to share with you that both aspects, feminine and masculine, are love and are loved, that both hold tremendous power and light. We almost hold a mirror up to each aspect of the Creator, the feminine and masculine, to bring unity, seeing each aspect as the same in essence. When one is becoming a solar master they must delve into their feminine and masculine aspects with incredible depth to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their truth. When we, Helios and Vesta, exist at higher vibrations of the Creators universe, studying or developing our own growth we are seen as one soul of magnificence luminosity.

The solar level holds the symbolic light colours of a copper gold colour this is to demonstrate the solar levels integration with the universal levels and beyond as well as the presence of the Christ consciousness. Luminosity is the main purpose of the solar level as well as aiding activations and energising or enhancing growth or experiences. After you have become a planetary master whether on the Earth or the inner planes it is a wonderful process to then connect more fully with the solar light and to allow your energies and light vibration to soar and expand beyond limitations. It gives the soul a great sense of freedom in which to grow naturally. When we teach students of the solar level we speak much about focus rather than practices because we know that when they simply use the power of their focus alone they can achieve much, enabling them to begin a wonderful journey of discovery.

The anchoring of light or acceptance of light is extremely important because it enables a tremendous healing process. If one is in a physical body then they can bring great vitality, activeness, and life to their physical body and its abilities. We so wish for you to understand that even on the Earth the teachings of the solar level are extremely important, if you can fill yourself with light, anchor so much light into your being then you would gradually free yourself from pain or illness, dissolve all negative things in your life, decrease all negative and unneeded habits that you hold and gain a positive, bubbly, focused and aware outlook on your reality and being. Essentially the more light you fill your being and reality with the more aware, connected and at one with the Creator you will become. We do encourage students to connect with the Creator in order to absorb light but we also believe that by absorbing light from guides or the solar level one actually finds the source of the Creator and the truth that the Creator holds naturally as the influence of the light is alignment, balance and awakening. Our teachings are extremely simpleafter the challenges of the Earth and the planetary level but this is natural as the more you integrate with the Creators light the simpler your focus becomes. We also believe that self exploration and Creator exploration can only truly be guided by the individuals soul so too much guidance can restrict the freedom that the soul needs in order to develop and shine as brightly as the sun. This may sound impossible but it can be achieved with ease.

The Solar level light holds an element of fiery determination which can offer courage and confidence as one focuses upon discovering many new truths. The element of fiery determination extends from a source of warming tender love which is held at the very source of the solar level of the Creators universe. You can ask to be connected to the solar core energy to experience this tremendous loving energy.

We are here as bright loving beacons of light to assist you in manifesting into the same, your unique and magnificent perfection.

We encourage you to energise your reality, spiritual path, being and soul by anchoring as much light as feel appropriate into your being throughout the day. Fill your life with light and you will notice the tremendous difference in your feelings, mood, actions, reactions and spiritual practices. Now is a time on the Earth when we must be so aware of our own energies and our spiritual journey. It is important that you maintain a high level of light within your being so that you have enough energy and power to achieve all that you need to, remaining balanced and aligned at all times. By calling upon the solar level light to anchor and flow throughout your being during meditation you will rapidly increase your light quotient and allow yourself to move closer to the soul of the Creator in numerous ways. Holding light will allow for your journey forward to be one of greater ease.

We are here to be of assistance,

Solar Logos Helios and Vesta

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Matthew's Message: September 9, 2011

Our beloved brothers and sisters, your courage, wisdom and spiritual strength from multiple lifetimes far exceed your conscious awareness, and in part this lack of recognition is the humility that is the essence of all lightworkers. 
You will retain that aspect of self even when you see yourselves as we always have seen you, and when you do, all of us will rejoice in the family reunion.

September 9, 2011 
With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Billions upon billions of sparklers aptly describes your world as we see it, with countless sparks of light radiating from lightworkers and spiritually awakening souls. This is a splendid way for you to think of your world and to visualize it too, so as to lift the lower vibrations of those who see it as topsy-turvy because they don’t understand the changes afoot.
The Illuminati do understand and they are not handling the changes at all well.  It is as if they are on a roller coaster that once had powerful highs with few mild dips and now the ride is bunched up wobbly lows. Because the makeup of dark hearts and minds is fear, they need fear to sustain themselves—it is their fuel and they know it is running low. Instead of dwelling on fearful feelings, many people are being stalwart, innovative and ingenious as they deal with difficult circumstances; they are bartering goods and services, sharing resources and residences, or receiving other types of assistance.  The caring of the helpers and the gratitude of the receivers is generating brilliant light.   
As for the Illuminati, compared to their former iron grasp on the global economy, they have but an iota of maneuvering capability left. All of their major terrorism attempts since “9/11” have failed. Members and their minions are defecting from the ranks. Although they still have the ability to manipulate weather and originate earthquakes, their intended massive death toll and devastation consistently is lessened by spaceship crews and their technology. The focus on peace keeps growing worldwide and weary troops have no more will to fight. Demands for alternative energy sources to oil and nuclear power are gaining strength much to the dismay of the Illuminati, who profit handsomely from those power sources. And worst of all for the dark ones, their eternal nemesis, light, keeps intensifying.  
To cling to the fragile remnants of their former control, they have to refuel themselves, and disseminating fear-filled information is one means left to them. Unfortunately for the unwary, in this the Illuminati are masterful. They still have enough media control to assure that on the tenth anniversary of “9/11,” you will be inundated with photos of planes hitting the towers and other pictures along with sorrowful stories, all strategically selected to spike emotions of anger and revenge to keep violence going, and, predictably, they are circulating reports of possible terrorist attacks on September 11.
You know the importance of discernment about all information in mainstream media, Internet reports and telepathic transmissions, and whenever the opportunity arises, please alert people to the purpose of widely publicized information based in negativity. The faster fear is quelled, the sooner the recalcitrant Illuminati will have no choice but to accept that the long era of their self-serving systems is over.  
Not only have their one-time firmly entrenched strongholds been dislodged, but they have been told that their end is inevitable. Individuals from highly advanced civilizations, who appear in their natural forms so there can be no mistake whatsoever of their identity and reason for being on the planet, have advised them of the consequences if they continue refusing to cooperate with the light forces. Still, no one in the light is underestimating the tenacity and ability of the Illuminati to create havoc for a while longer. Because greed and lust for power are so deeply inculcated in the darkest of the dark, they still are in denial that their efforts to hang on will be futile.  
Implementing new systems to serve all peoples is underway; however, much of this activity is still under wraps, and this is purposeful. Third density psyches have limited capacity to assimilate dramatic differences in one fell swoop, particularly in conjunction with the many truths that will be revealed: 
The turmoil in your world today is the struggle of duality, the light vs the darkness in souls. 
Many thousands of people from other civilizations, including reptilians, are living on the planet; most are in the light, others are not.
Creator Source is the Supreme Being of the cosmos, God is the Supreme Being of this universe; other gods or goddesses reign over the other universes.
The Beginning of eternal life is the total light-love energy of Creator and the goal of every soul throughout multiple lifetimes is to return to that pure essence.  
Each person is a god or goddess, inextricably and eternally connected with Creator, God and each other.   
Religions developed into mind control of the masses, and both heaven and hell are in Earth’s one spirit world.  
Every soul has homosexual lifetimes as advanced steps toward androgyny, the balance of feminine and masculine energies that souls need to continue evolving spiritually and intellectually.  
For millennia the Illuminati and their forebears have adversely impacted every aspect of life on Earth.    
Some of the most powerful individuals on the planet have been cloned by the Illuminati, sometimes against the person’s will; in the case of death or replacing the live person with the clone, the continuity of those influential positions is preserved.  
Linear time exists only on Earth; the reality is that past, present and future is a series of events happening simultaneously in the continuum.  
Earth is a highly evolved soul on a swift ascension course that is nearing fourth density and she will continue on to her destination in fifth. 
Can you imagine your reaction if suddenly you were confronted with all those truths and others—like the real perpetrators of “9/11”—along with adjusting to profound changes?  Even with measured release of evidence and initiation of new systems insofar as possible in the months to come, it will be an overwhelming challenge for the many who still are slumbering unaware, and your calming influence will be greatly needed in the months ahead.  Simply by staying steadfast in the light, your innate wisdom and spiritual strength will guide you in all assistance endeavors.
We know that many of you are experiencing periods of considerable unease mentally, emotionally or physically.  We hasten to assure you that in most cases, depending on soul contracts, those are natural reactions to the multitude of differing vibrations emanating from everything that is happening in your world. Actually, in the universe, where massive energy fluctuations are happening as the light battles the darkness.   
Because Earth is a microcosm of the universe and each of you is a microcosm of Earth, you are affected minutely by universal events because everything everywhere is related.  However, you are immeasurably more affected by the closer energies on the planet, where the high vibrations of the light are in conflict with the low vibrations emitted by dark individuals, their misuse of technology, and the anguish and physical suffering their activities cause. This conflict and your unsettled feelings will ease as the light continues to vanquish the darkness.  
Furthermore, you have the ability to help yourselves in the vibratory respect. It is understandable that the plight of many millions of people and animals is extremely distressing to sensitive, caring individuals, but please do not allow your emotions to be drawn into their traumas.  The low vibrations of distress about others’ anxiety, hopelessness and especially fear fracture the balance you need to keep your light steady, and that fracturing helps none of those many millions or you. 
Through the laws of physics that govern life in this world, low vibrations manifest more of themselves: They shoot out into the universal soup and bring back to you more of the very same kinds of vibrations. The same laws apply to the high vibrations of compassion and love, of course, and in far greater measure because the light in those emotions is so much more powerful than the negativity in low vibrations.  
Think of an electric fan, how much more effectively it functions when its setting is on high. Emotional vibrations work like that too, with the difference that a fan has to be turned on and emotions are instantaneous responses to thoughts.  Thoughts also emit vibrations, which is why changing a thought from negative to positive automatically uplifts your spirits—you started vibrating “on high.”     
That isn’t just an exercise idea that can help you feel more at ease, it is science.  Everything comes from—and is—energy, which is neutral, impartial and has no reasoning ability.  Without the capacity to differentiate “good” from “bad,” energy simply follows the instructions you give it via your thoughts and feelings, and that is where physics’ law of attraction, or like attracts like, comes in. Send forth the energy of love’s high vibrations and scientifically you reap the grand harvest from what you have sown. 
Although praying for self or an individual or for many people or for Earth herself is perhaps the most common way you express interest and caring, prayer is not correctly understood.  You think of it as some formal petition such as the Lord’s Prayer or a special request for something good to happen to self or others or verbal thanks, like blessings at mealtimes.  All of those are indeed aspects of prayer because your every thought, feeling, motive and action is prayer—your entire lifetime is prayer.  
Like everything else in existence, prayer is energy and it follows the directions you give it; however, it won’t necessarily produce the results you want. As intensely personal and precious as each soul’s life is to God, still each is governed by universal laws. 
Let us say you are praying for a loved one’s recovery, and because the illness is so severe, you are afraid she will die and urgently pray that she won’t. Two factors enter into this, and the more important is that a person’s soul contract always takes precedence.  Since you don’t know what she chose in her contract, the most beneficial prayer is for her highest good.  You don’t know anyone’s contract, not even your own, so always that prayer, which has no limitations, is the most beneficial. The other factor is, the urgency in your prayer fractures your energy. That lowers your vibratory level, and because your thoughts and feelings are directed to the person you love, you are sending her equally low vibrations, exactly the opposite of what you want. 
The vibrations of love and light are identical because they are the very same energy expressed differently, and only for simplicity in speaking do we usually say light or love.  As the pure essence of Creator Source, this energy is the most powerful force—the highest vibrations—in the cosmos, and by natural extension, in our universe. When you are thinking about someone you love, your thoughts are the “address” to which your love energy is sent, and not only does it reach that person, it keeps flowing out into the world and touches lives wherever love’s high vibrations are needed.  The universe automatically handles this in its continuous balancing act so the healing power of love is available to all receptive souls.
Love is the key to everything! Please keep this foremost in mind when the ones still hidden behind their dark deeds are identified. Do not dim your light by focusing on punishment for them, but rather think of them as what they are, weakest links in the chain of Oneness, and send them the healing energy they need to uplift themselves and strengthen the chain for all souls.  
Now let us put those universal laws into the context of the collective consciousness, where their power is incalculable.  Especially in these last stages of Earth’s ascension when the swiftness of change from the old to the new will be upsetting to many, you can raise their vibrations with steadfast thoughts about the world you want for your children and their children and thereby contribute mightily to the light that is ushering in Earth’s Golden Age.  
Various “start dates” of that Age have cropped up, each claiming to be the correct one. Earth’s ascension out of deep third density is a unique universal undertaking unprecedented in scope and speed, and there are certain stages along her course that are more propitious than others for energy surges.  The parameters of the celestial window between third and fourth densities have flexibility, and the planet’s entry into fourth doesn’t need to be tied to some specific date on your calendar.  
Also there are differing opinions about which density you’re in right now, and no wonder. By our numbering densities to indicate advancement, it does sound as if one part of space comes to an abrupt end and at that point another begins, and that isn’t so. There is no finite demarcation between densities—the flowing of energy cannot be sharply divided or compartmentalized.  As Earth ascends through the “last” wafting energy streamers of third density, which comingle with the “first” streamers of fourth, you won’t notice a dynamic difference from one day to the next.  There will be no ribbon-cutting ceremony, so to say.   
The confusion about density is compounded because the word has two definitions.  One is mass or the placement of a mass as distinguished from discarnate—without body or form—which is how you think of souls in spirit. You can’t see us even when we are standing beside you because our etheric bodies vibrate at frequencies that third density vision cannot detect, just as you cannot see blades of a fan on its highest setting. But indeed etheric bodies have a degree of mass that lessens in density as souls continue to evolve spiritually. 
And that brings us to the other meaning of density, which denotes the status of a soul’s spiritual evolution. Earth’s planetary mass started spiraling from its plane of manifestation in fifth density as negativity amassed in the collective consciousness of her ancient civilizations.  The planet’s descent continued in consonance with the inhabitants’ reduced evolutionary status as darkness increased in their thoughts, motives and deeds, and eventually the planet reached deep third density in mass and her population regressed to that density in spiritual status.   
However, throughout the millennia that Earth’s body and the collective consciousness of her peoples were mired in that low density, Gaia, Earth’s soul, remained in the much higher energy plane where her planetary body was created.  And some souls who incarnated on Earth during those millennia—God’s messengers and some visionary philosophers, scientists and artists—were highly evolved souls spiritually and intellectually.   
At this juncture in Earth’s ascension, her planetary body has reached high third density placement in its galaxy. While the bodies of many of her residents also are at that density mass-wise, bodies of persons who have embraced the light are being changed into fourth density at cellular level. 
In spiritual evolution, the residents range from second density to seventh, and a few havedevolved to first in this lifetime by the darkness of their free will choices and their persistence in consciously refusing the light constantly beamed to them. Almost all lightworkers who incarnated to complete third density karmic experiencing have done that successfully and they have attained fourth density spiritually. Most souls who left their homelands in advanced civilizations to assist Earth’s less evolved souls have retained their fifth, sixth or seventh density spiritual and intellectual evolvement status. 
Why is Earth going to stop at fifth density instead of continuing into higher planes?  When she reaches fifth, where her planetary body originated, it will be back in balance and contentedly orbit in that space. 
Now there is more to be said about vibrations.  The vibratory levels of sound affect mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies positively or negatively.  Noise jolts your entire energy system. Noise from a gunshot, car backfiring or thunder, for instance, has a short-lived impact; noise from an evening of raucous or dissonant music, for example, or a day of working with roaring machinery has exponentially longer lasting and more adverse effects.  
When that kind of noise is unavoidable, its effects can be somewhat ameliorated with as much solitude and serenity as the affected persons can manage. The soft, gentle tones of melodious music, the sound of flowing waters and the energetic emanations of trees are extremely restorative and helpful in regaining the light within balance.  
In addition to the sound of words, the words themselves have vibrations.  Loving words spoken sweetly by parents to their children are nurturing and assist them in achieving balance.  Conversely, not only does yelling harsh words to children—to anyone!—destroy their balance and the balance of the ones who yell, but when their thoughts of those instances come as memories, the low vibrations return too. Although with less intensity, written words also emit vibrations, so choose your words carefully to benefit those to whom you write and yourself, and select reading material that will lighten your heart and mind. 
It is your high vibrations that are connecting you with kindred spirits and causing reluctance to spending time with some individuals, whose vibrations are low.  When the latter kind of encounter can’t be avoided, keeping your thoughts positive will enable you to stay balanced, and the light within balance will help raise the vibrations all around.  
We hope our message answers your many questions, clarifies confusion and corrects misperceptions, but if we have overlooked something, please let us know and we shall address it in a later message.  Your understanding of what enables soul evolution is invaluable for evolution!
Our beloved brothers and sisters, your courage, wisdom and spiritual strength from multiple lifetimes far exceed your conscious awareness, and in part this lack of recognition is the humility that is the essence of all lightworkers. You will retain that aspect of self even when you see yourselves as we always have seen you, and when you do, all of us will rejoice in the family reunion.
Suzanne Ward
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ADRIAL ~ Now Is The Moment


Now Is The Moment

Channeler: Mark Kimmel

How many times do you have to be told that things will not continue as they are? How many times do we have to say that all will change? How often do we have to say that you will not just float through the transformation without being affected by it? Things will not continue as they are. All will change. You will not float though the shift without being affected. You will change. Others will change. All about you will change.

There will be a transition time — “Interim Time” — as Earth and all who choose will shift to higher frequencies. After Interim Time all will be vastly different on Earth. The only way to the new Earth is to change yourself. Learn to vibrate at a higher frequency, see all in Oneness, and think from your heart.

Now is the moment of your transformation.

The changes you see depicted in movies and videos are 3rd dimension, fear-based representations of the change that is coming to your planet and to you its human inhabitants. The greater changes will be those experienced by individuals as they cope with the energies of a higher vibration, of a lighter way of being. For love will come with a whoosh, overpowering all; only those who are prepared will accept it. Those who are not prepared will be overwhelmed and will turn to fear — just exactly what they should not do.

Seeing darkness as another manifestation of the Oneness of all is the correct way to see things. Do not run from the darkness. Do not turn you back on it out of freight. Do not dismiss it by saying, “I want nothing to do with this.” For these actions only serve to embolden the darkness. While it is true that the darkness is feeling overwhelmed and on its last leg, it still has the power to ensnare those who fear it, for it feeds on weakness.

In the coming days and weeks, events may draw your attention away from your heart centeredness. Among these are the collapse of monetary systems and governments. At the same time, certain outside energies will come to Earth causing physical events to transpire. These events will not be as catastrophic as depicted in your movies.

Let me elaborate further: The magnetic pole will shift as it has done before, as Earth traverses the plane of the galaxy. Already there is a diminishing of the Earth’s magnetic field. When it is minimal, the magnetic poles will reverse. Do not underestimate the effect, for it will be very upsetting to everyone’s emotions.

As for the physical pole shift, the skin of the Earth will shift, so that the physical pole of the Earth will appear to be in a different place, although Earth’s core continues its rotation, as fixed as a giant gyroscope. We can foresee a shift that will take the North Pole southward into Siberia. The skin of the Earth will then have rotated so that the equator crosses North America. Accompanying this will be a reorientation of landmasses.

As for Earth’s axis of rotation, your brothers and sisters from around the galaxy are in the process of straightening Earth’s axis of rotation so that Earth’s axis will be vertical. This means that Earth will present herself to the sun in a vertical rotation rather than the tilt as current experienced. There will no more seasons. The moon will be removed by your space sisters and brothers, as it is an artificial satellite placed there by the dark energy, and of no use to a 4th Dimension planet.

These changes to Earth will result in massive changes to the plant kingdom, as trees, bushes and grasses that are used to winter will be unable to adapt to living at the equator and visa versa. This in turn will impact animals, fish, birds, and insects. So immediately after the shift, all will be in chaos. Then things will begin to sort themselves out as all become accustomed to the new Earth and their new abilities in the 4th Dimension.

You may believe that this huge project requires significant time. The reality is that it will happen quickly. With her strengthened energy, Earth is more than capable of recreating herself within one revolution about the sun. However it will take many years to create a love-based human civilization.

It is the convergence of time — time speeding up as everything moves into a higher frequency — that befuddles examination of this transformation from a 3rd Dimension perspective. Let me see if I can explain it another way. As time continues to collapse on its way to that moment when everything shifts to the new paradigm, more of the stark reality of the dark and the light manifest themselves. It is this starkness coupled with the collapse of time that ultimately makes all facets of the shift come together.

There will be a collapse of the institutions of man, coupled with numerous Earth rearrangements, coupled with a cleansing of the planet, coupled with the arrival of your star brothers and sisters, against your personal transformation to higher densities of your choosing.

How an individual relates to this transformation is almost entirely dependent on their personal vibration. This is not much different than the situation today wherein an individual who is fearful will resonate with the fear of the 3rd dimension. At the same time those who are love-based do not resonate with the 3rd dimension, although they will be well aware of it. We do not include the Earth and all natural things in the 3rd Dimension, because they serve as the stage whereon the grand play, in which you are all engaged, is played out.

So it will be when Earth and all that is of this new backdrop is resonating at the higher vibration of the new paradigm. Those who resonate with Earth’s higher frequency will enjoy being her guests. Those of a lower vibration will be unable to tolerate earth’s higher vibration and will choose to leave. We are making provisions for all of those who are departing due to frequency imbalances.

Needless to say, those of a much higher frequency are able to live on earth today, even though she is vibrating at a frequency lower than theirs. The same will be true of those vibrating at the higher frequency of the new Earth. They will be free to come and go as they wish.

Let us look at some specifics. Today you have created a society that functions within the fear-filled confines of governments, monetary system, corporations, healthcare systems, religions, and education systems of the 3rd dimension. You adapt your lives to this is various ways, some successfully some not, some achieve wealth, some remain poor. This is largely a combination of soul choice, karma, and dedication to an earthly path. There is no right or wrong, only experiences to accumulate. Some achieve enough heart centeredness to live within the larger society, working within its structures, and yet are not a part of it. We would call these the lightworkers or wayshowers.

On the new earth, there will again be structures, but they will be love-based in that they will serve the needs of all. These new structures will come about due to the choices of the residents of the new Earth. They will create a government that is truly of the people. Some of these governments and structures will come more easily than others due to the individual backgrounds of the people involved. Following this will come the monetary structure, and structures for delivering the goods required to live, work, and play. Yours will not be primitive societies because the people involved will carry with them the knowledge of structures from their former lives in Earth’s lower densities, and now being heart centered they will simply arrange things differently. They will be aided by their brothers and sisters from other planets to create energy sources, transportation, and communication devices and systems.

Within all this will be a number of individuals who vibrate at the frequencies of the 5th, 6th, and higher dimensions. They will assist their earthly brothers and sisters to create new ways of seeing and behaving, and to further raise their vibrations. These are the Caretakers of the new Earth, along with those from other planets who similarly vibrate at higher frequencies. All will be oriented toward ascending to new vistas, new ways of being, to Oneness with all, and to eventually reuniting all with Source. The institute we are creating will assist these creations.

I am Adrial, a celestial of this universe. It is my wish that all will choose to ascend to the lighter vibrations of the new Earth. We aboard Athabantian eagerly wait the day when we may manifest ourselves to you, and work to create a new civilization.

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via Tyberonn 
10 September 2011

~ Archangel Metatron Channel via James Tyberonn 

Greetings ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I embrace you with love, unconditional love. 

And so this wonderful day we gather at the United Nations. We pause to fill the room with the Cosmic Light of Unconditional Love. And we tell you it is only Unconditional Love, that will unite nations of your beloved Earth. 

We encircle each and every one of you with a nurturing energy and with the field of self empowerment, for each of you are truly Masters on your path of Ascension. It is our purpose to offer you inspiration and clarity, but indeed it is once and always requisite that YOU, as a sacred and sovereign BEING, discern this and any such 'channeled' messages. 

And so it is 2011, the cusp of your heralded Ascension. And so we gently ask all of you to look at the world around you for just a moment. What do you see ? 

Your media outlooks are reporting war, famine, disasters and economic collapse. . And what is broadcast is what is seen in 3d. It is oft full of gloom and doom, is it not? 

But we tell you there is a new sun dawning, and it is indeed the sun of change. It brings the light of the magnificent New Earth. And Dear Ones, we do mean magnificent. 

And yes, we know that some of you are thinking, " The Angels are viewing the world in rose colored glasses. Their perspective is a Polly-Anna wash." 

There have always been the nay-sayers on the planet, those who predict gloom and doom and warnings of fear. And these serve a purpose in duality, and certainly a quick glance around the globe would seem to justify their stance. But we tell you it is old energy. And it is not the role of Spirit to ever tell you to give up hope, or to let go of your free will. Our message is to tell you of your Divinity, and to tell you as a matter of fact, as a point of truth that the planet and indeed humanity will Ascend....and are absolutely on tract for that to happen. Period. 


Now, we will speak this day at the United Nations in the same vernacular that we speak to all seekers, to all aware audiences. We recognize those of you within the Society for Enlightenment & Transformation as members of the 'Transformational Team'. We know you very well, and we honor you for the roles you are playing in this organization. 

The Beginning... Not the End 

So many are asking what really will happen in 2012. The doomsday profits are especially in high gear on this topic, are they not? Some of your speculators are on particularly fertile ground in this arena, generating fear followings around collisions of comets, asteroids, cataclysmic polar reversals and economic collapse. 

Dear Ones, we tell you again the Ascension will occur, and humanity have made it so. It is time to let go of old energy, of FEAR. And those of you in this room today must be leaders by example in this process. 

Masters, planetary changes will occur, but they are appropriate, and the global cataclysm that some seers have predicted will NOT happen. The planet will Ascend, and humanity will be in tow. In your higher consciousness, that level above fear, not only are you aware of this...you scripted it. And so we say, 'Well Done !" 

Now, be aware, there will indeed be the cleansing of the planet, the up shifting of frequency, but it will be on a regional level, and it is for the up-shift, for the higher good. We assure you that were it not for the regional quakes, shakes, winds and waves, devastating as they are, the larger one would inevitably have to take place. And that will not occur precisely because of the gradual shifting. It makes sense, does it not? 

Letting Go Of Old Energy 

Dear Ones, we tell you again the Ascension will occur, and humanity have made it so. It is time to let go of old energy, of FEAR 

The fear is deeply programmed, but it is a repeating recording. So many of your religions are rife with embedding of fear-control dogma, warnings and restrictions. They program you with erroneous concepts of 'original sin', poverty vows and focus on what not to do. Their fear based controls have underpinnings of punishment for violators, creating group thought forms to cage you in. This encourages fanaticism and zealotry. It spawns self-righteousness and threats of retribution: our way or else. Its old energy, its fear. Masters, you can never return to states of lesser awareness, life is expansion. 

With the New Earth comes the greater role in co-creation of the reality around you. But that is a responsibility that will enfold through love, not dread. 

While you are indeed accountable for your actions, that accountability is to SELF. You are a sovereign spark of the Divine. 

Greater Access to Creatorship 

So what will happen in 2012? The short answer is that greater access to your divine creativity will occur . The Earth will amplify into 12 dimensions, and by having access to those crystalline fields, you employ greater ability to responsibly create. 

As you enter the Ascension, the Crystalline Grid replaces the magnetic grid that has dominated Earth's ebb & flow for eons. As a result 3rd dimensional polarity is optimally constricted within a more stabilized energy-matrix. 

What does that mean Metatron, you ask ? It means that the arc-swing of duality will gradually lessen. And it is a gradually process, it will happen on time-release. 

And we tell you that it has already begun. That is precisely why the old energy hold-outs are kicking hard. They are drawn out of the shadow, into the crucible for all to see. As the light grows brighter, the bugs will be attracted to it. But events can do longer be skewed to hide the truth. Look at what is happening in North Africa. Positive change is happening, and much more is to come. That we assure you. 

United Nations 

And so we say to all of you gathered here, that the S.E.A.T. carries an important role, perhaps more important that even those of you here realize. 

For you are the voice of those that cannot speak, and you have ears of those that will listen. And many within the delegation will listen to you. So do not be discouraged, for we recognize your importance, even if others do not. 

We tell you that aat any given time half the world is in light and half the world is in night, it is a world of polarity. We say to you that far more than half of humanity are in consciousness shadow, yet to awaken to the light of wisdom. We tell you that enlightenment occurs one heart at a time. 

Therefore the light bearers among you must never lose faith, must ever shine brightly, for even a small photon wave makes a transitional illumination. So it is, so it must be with you here today. 

1st World Nations 

Now, there are some that will say that the prominent nations of what you term the 1st world, the financially dominant and powerful, are more like corporations than countries. Corporations based on profits whose residents are treated more as employees than citizens, especially within the United States. 

That the gap between the ' haves & have-nots' is growing increasingly wider. There are some that would say that the overall masses of the United States are controlled and manipulated by media, intoxicated by quantity and enslaved by debt. That sovereignty of the individual has been lost. Yet a light still shines, and it is growing brighter. A new generation across the planet are coming into power, and they will quicken the change. 

We tell you the time is nearing in which people will awaken to the knowledge that it is not their encumbering debt that ties them to their beliefs, rather their beliefs that shackle them to the burden of debt. 

The global economic system will change, but it will not free-fall & crash irreparably in planetary chaos. . To do so in utter chaos would not serve what is to come. Rather it will be forced into change, drastic change, and positive elements will come forward to enable a better way. 

The New Earth, the New Humans cannot and will not create its better future by simply discarding its past. The change will come by learning from the past and adjusting in the present, one step at a time. The new Humans in the generations that is coming into power in the next decade will choose a new pattern as a work in progress, and that economic shift will occur. 

The Power of Love 

Masters, we have said before and we say again, that when the love of power is replaced by the power of love, humanity will make a quantum leap, but know that love without strength is incomplete. Love without strength is not integral LOVE. 

The changes the next 15 generations of humanity will make will create the flowering of the Ascension. 

Change is occurring all around you, and it is not hard to see. Look at what has happened and is happening even now in North Africa and the Middle East. And look at how this shift began. It took strength, it took will, it takes courage.. . This is what we mean when we say integral LOVE requires strength, and that strength was an accomplish of great will and courage. 

The Strength of Love 

One courageous young man in Algeria decided enough was enough, and he wasn't going to take the injustice of tyrannical corruption anymore. He extinguished his life with a flame and that fire burnt into the face of tyranny. ...and it is still burning. A purifying crucible. Look at what the actions of one pure soul created, it spawned a revolution that is still turning wheels and changing the world. 

The energy of the planet is changing, and the 'old guard' of political power over love simply cannot stand in the new paradigm. Nations that rule by brute force are falling, one tyrant, one corrupt government at a time. 

And so we say to all governing bodies that unless change is brought from the top, it will be summoned from the bottom, and mightily so. 

A New Accounting 

Governments must be of the people and by the people. Governments must care for the least of their populace, and not be templates of power play for greed and cunning. Heart and love is the new energy, this is the new way, this is the new accounting. 

Governments cannot set on thrones, and watch carelessly as their citizens struggle to survive. Nations of the first world are required to lift the third. But not by military means, not by corporate manipulation. Through sharing. Through understanding that a human life cannot be measured in gold or derogated into ineffectuality by lack of it. 

And what of the economy. Look at what has happened in the past 5 years. Dear Ones, spirit is not short of cash. There is a means for all to have abundance. There is requisite for each soul to have the opportunity of life . 

And truth cannot be hidden, the shadow is being removed. Manipulation is manipulation, and corruption is corruption even if it is for the short term hidden in shadowed legalities and sham. The current economic system will morph into a different one in time . 

The Middle Path 

The middle road between that termed capitalism and that termed socialism will in time be realized, and in time prove the more tenable way. Life is about gain, but gain is not always about monetary profit. 

Yet learning to create is part of your puzzle on the Earth plane in duality, and you have and will in time experience every path along the road to the solution of sharing the planetary resources. 

War & Conflict 

As 2012 approaches, mankind is weary of war, but not enough are yet empowered to force their leaders to stop it. 

In days past wars were formed in royal courts and political temples. In current times wars are created in executive military-corporate board rooms. 

The victims are but a brief mention in the evening news alongside stock reports. Rarely do countries decide in free majority will to go to war but they blindly accept their leaders who declare them. If you were to open the curtains of your hidden history, you would know that most of your planets conflicts of war do not occur in happenstance, rather were are strategically chosen. There are no enemies to defend against, rather strategies designed to fill bank accounts and increase power reach. 

War is an aspect of polarity that will only end as the earth and humanity rise above it. Hating war will never end war. Loving peace will end war by creating peace. 

Dear Ones, so much is changing, can you not see that a great shift is taking place. Could this be what is called the Ascension? 

And so what is this 2012 Ascension ? What will happen in 2012? 

The Planetary Ascension 

Dear Ones, for most of the planet, Dec 21st will come and go, and the world will say nothing has changed. 

If you are hearing these words in hopes that the final phrases of this discussion will weave a conclusion to your liking, you will not be disappointed. 

But we tell you while the template of expansion occurs in 2012, the mass enlightenment of mankind will not follow for several centuries. 2012 simply gives you more tools to work with. 

We of the Angelic realm are not here to solve your problems, rather to encourage you on your path to solution. 

And although mankind will not reach a critical mass of enlightenment on the EarthPlane for several more centuries, it is important to remain present and positive , because it will occur, one day at a time, one heart at a time. 

Each of you has an opportunity to be impeccable every day. The scenario in which you recognize your own failings, your own conflict with integrity, is the day you encompass Mastery, and indeed it is a journey. Likewise the day you stand in your truth with willingness to recognize another person's truth, you encompass integrity. This truth then applies to nations as well, it applies in macro and micro. 

Spirit speaks of LOVE. Spirit does not attack. Every current religion on your Earth has its truths and distortions. Discernment is the key. It is requisite of you to decide what is true and what is not, based on heart and NOT FEAR. No true sacred expression limits its truth, its beauty to one grouping. 

Dear Ones choose to live free, choose to release worry and fear, and create your well-being. Respect and Nurture one another, and embrace LOVE. It is the science and frequency of God. It is the way that the Nation of Humanity will UNITE. 

I am Metatron and I share with you these TRUTHS. You are Beloved. 

And so it is.

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Conversations with SaLuSa

Conversations with SaLuSa

“Open Up Your Heart”

September 5, 2011

Laura: Good afternoon SaLuSa. Here is our first question:
“A question that worries me a lot is, do I have to physically die on Earth to ask for illumination and preparation for Ascension, or can I do this in this terrestrial life with discipline? Invoking my Guardian Angels and the Light Beings? But how can I achieve this if I can’t even achieve for a minute a second of peace and I have not been able to silence it not even for a moment? Could you help me please with this, could you gift me instructions on what I have to do to improve my mental, spiritual and physical state? How can I help my loved ones and those around me?.”

SaLuSa: As we have said previously Ascension does not require the death of your physical body at this time. It is one of the rare occasions where humans are allowed ascend directly with their physical bodies. Although there will be need for your physical bodies to be altered from what they are now however. The changes in your bodies will take place one step at the time, according to the Cosmos incoming energies. There are also a great number of ascended beings working to facilitate healing your bodies, upgrade DNA and reactive and develop your subtle higher bodies. Your bodies will move from carbon based bodies to crystalline bodies.

Although we have already started this work with some of you, the vast majorities of healing and regeneration will take place after Disclosure. We have planned a great deal all the necessary stages for this. You brothers and sisters from Inner Earth will also help a great deal with this matter. We will help you with the necessary transitions step by step. If you wish to start work on yourself now, we have dealt with all these type of questions in previous messages. I would encourage you to read all previous messages from this channel, as well as messages from Mike Quinsey.

You will find a great amount of details in the messages. I would recommend circulating the Light within your limbs and your spine. This would help the healing of the body, but also of the emotions and of your mind. In this manner your Higher Self will also be allowed working with your body directly. All that is required for this is you to bring your attention to your body and your emotions. Sensation of your body will help your Higher Self penetrate your body and proceed with healing and upgrading your DNA code.

Regarding finding peace within, this is a difficult thing for most of you, Dear Friends. The mind never stays still, it is always planning ahead or reviewing the past. It never can accept to just be still, in the now moment. You are all constantly picking up interference noise from each other and from other dimensions. At times, personalities from your past lives will also resurface, like the trace of a ghost. It will never end, Dear Ones, for as long as you are in duality. What is important however is to distance yourself from the inner talk, from the commentator.

This is a flow of words and images, such as your radio or your television. It is taking place in the front of your brain. A good way of distancing yourself from it is to anchor your Light in your back, focus on your feet rooted in Mother Earth and in your body in general. Connect with the part of your brain which is located in the lower back of your head. This part is connected to the higher energies and to your spine. It travels right down into Mother Earth through your spine. The more you practice doing this, the more you will find inner strength and inner peace, Dear One.

You have probably noticed that people age at various speeds. This has to do with their health and the purity of their body. The more your Higher Self can integrate your body, the slower the aging process. The Ascended Masters from your planet have learnt to Ascend on their own, just with the help from Higher Self. Some of them were also in various Mystery Schools where ancient knowledge has been preserved in order for your species to ascend according in their life time. Much of this knowledge was found in Tibet, in Egypt, in Atlantis, or in Sumer for instance. They have reached knowledge to immortality. Because of the mass Ascension will take place at the end of 2012, those of you who are willing and whose vibrations will allow for Ascension, will be carried by the higher energies, by the energy of your brothers and sister and by the energy of Mother Earth.
Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. Here is our next question: 

“Hey Laura! as a 17-year-old high School student, it can become quite a difficult challenge to balance this information with a close minded and freedom stripping system such as school. I understand the basics when SaLuSa says to release old energies and what not and that many from the past are now surfacing. My question is, how do we actually let go of these emotions, these blockages. And then what it the confirmation that such a thing took place? heheh, I have a HUGE problem with communicating with other humans.”

SaLuSa: Your current education system is indeed in much need of reform. The current system fails to take into account the essence of the young pupils and to adapt to their needs. The system expects the students to adapt to the system. We realize that the expectations are not always realistic, nor are they taking into account each pupil’s individual and specific capabilities, talents, knowledge and skills. The current system wishes to mould all youth into serving drones and deprive all of skills and higher intelligence. We look forward to presenting our cultures and education system to your leaders, as soon as change in government takes place.

What is needed in order to “let go” and release blockages is to be present in your life. All you need is to see where there is pain and to be a witness to it. You can ask for help from your Guides and Higher Self in order to release your pain even further. Seeing what is, is the first important step to your liberation. Be present in your life when you meditate, when you eat, when you walk, when you interact with others. You are all multi-dimensional beings, Dear Ones. Although you do not have consciousness of all the other dimensions you are living in. You become aware of other realms in dreams as well as in meditation. In your daily life, you fail to realize your connection to all that exists however.

As soon as you understand that all the events in your life happen for a reason, although you may not yet be aware of the reason, you will come to a better understanding of others and of yourself. We always encourage you to try to relate to others by finding what you have in common, rather than focusing on your differences. If you can open up your heart to those around you, and understand they too are subject to the same laws and realities as you are, you will begin to be feel more empathy for others. Try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, as you say is also a good exercise in order to communicate and understand others better.

Dear Friends, Compassion and Love for those around you is critical in the present times. In order to better understand others’ needs, it is necessary to understand your own needs first. Share your Love, patience and understanding with those who come to you for help and advice. However unsolicited for advice is not recommended. Try not to judge others, because they can only judge themselves eventually. Be present in your life, open up your heart, be truthful to yourself, but do not hurt others in their resolve. Respect each other differences and find a common ground where possible, Dear Friend. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and leave you with these words for now. My heart is with you all, Dear Ones. We are near you, and stand by for your call to us. We wish to support you and help you all find peace at all times.

Laura: Thank you, SaLuSa.

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Channeller: Laura Tyco


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Conscious Connection with Planetary Level by Lord Buddha 

Channelled through Natalie Glasson - 05-09-11 

It is a great honour to be in your presence today, I am Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos; this means that I am the overseer of the planetary level of the Creator's universe. I very much enjoy working as a Planetary Logos as I am able to understand and guide many souls in connecting with the planetary level and the tremendous wisdom that it holds accessed from the Creator's soul. I am also able to integrate with the numerous levels of the Creator's universe receiving relevant energy and wisdom for the present. The planetary level energies are the energies, wisdom and light of the Creator that exist as a slower vibration in order to connect with the Earth and humanity. The Earth has to vibrate at a slow speed so that souls may manifest as physical bodies and may experience physical and solid experiences where everything and all actions have a consequence. Of course, the vibration of the Earth will alter as transitions allow for greater integration with the Creator's universe at an energetic level. It is akin to having two paint colours on a page, the green colour is the Earth and the pink colour can be the universe of the Creator, the paints are starting to merge and will continue to do so until they are united and mixed as one colour. As the vibration of the Earth heightens so the vibration of the inner plane levels heighten but a integration also begins to occur, it is as if the levels of the Creator's universe are being folded back up to become one with the Creator. It is important to understand that all levels of the Creator's universe are increasing in speed but are also merging as one. All energies are already one as the levels that I portray to you are simply to help you define certain energies but with the shifts that are occurring people are becoming aware that limitations, boundaries or levels do not exist. This is a powerful awareness because it is actually an awareness of the Creator's universe which allows truth to spill forward. Awareness is tremendously powerful and essential in our transition process as it signifies an awakening to energies and insights that have always been there but have been hidden by you from your view. 

It is my purpose to ensure that all souls upon the Earth and energetically working upon the inner planes receive the growth patterns, wisdom and understanding with divine timing from and guided by the will of the Creator. Essentially I am one of many channels of the Creator's light. Every soul upon the Earth and inner planes is a channel of the Creator's light sharing diverse wisdom from the numerous and expansive aspects of the Creator's soul. You may connect with my soul at any time asking for me to download into your energy systems and DNA the necessary wisdom and light to enhance and develop your spiritual journey and path upon the Earth. 

There are seven levels that you can become aware of within the Creator's energy and universe. We name all the manifestations of the Creator, for example the planets, as the universe of the Creator to signify the expansiveness of the source of the Creator. The levels that we describe are more like focal points for you to concentrate upon rather than actual divisions. The first levels of the Creator's universe is the planetary level, then we have the solar level, galactic level, universal level, multi universal level, cosmic level, with the seventh level being the very centre or core of the Creator's light. Each level holds a vibration of light, a purpose, a colour and wisdom for all to remember. The levels also act as stepping stones to gaining a greater connection, understanding and unity with the Creator's light, they are aspects of the Creator for you to become aware of once more. The levels also act as a schooling system to allow a soul to become more aware of themselves as the Creator upon the Earth. 

The planetary level holds a white colour of light which acts as a symbol of the wisdom and teachings held in this vibration of light. This doesn't mean that the planetary level is only white; it of course holds the numerous colours of the Creator's light but is represented by a pure white colour. 

I wish to share with you the main basic teachings from the planetary rays of light which are appropriate for 2012. 

· Compassion for yourself, others, the Earth, your soul and the Creator 

· Oneness with and respect for yourself, others, the Earth, the inner planes, your soul and the Creator 

· Exploration and expression of your truth which is an energy and existence beyond the ego 

· Embracing love in all its forms, acts, reactions, influences and manifestations 

When you feel that you are achieving these you know that you are becoming fully integrated with the planetary light. These keys you can place into your future to aid a positive change and new cycle for yourself in 2012 and beyond. You can also read them out loud to yourself to remind yourself of your goals upon the Earth. 

It is important to realise that every person will gain different insights and teachings from the planetary light when they connect and this is why I wish to encourage you to connect as it will allow us to offer the most appropriate guidance so that you may be of service during this time of transition. The planetary light is now connected to the heart chakra of humanity and the root chakra this is to symbolise the expression of truth and the anchoring of truth upon the Earth. When you experience the light of the planetary level flowing through your being you may feel it with greater intensity in your heart and root chakras. It is very interesting that in the past the seven levels of the Creator's universe were connected to different chakras and chakra columns of your entire being, not just your physical being. The levels still remain connected to the numerous chakra columns that you exist as, but the focus of all levels is anchoring into the heart chakra. This is a very powerful transition as it means that humanity is now ready to move forward along their spiritual path, strong enough in energy and mind to accept new expansive wisdom and to personally influence their spiritual teachings and journey. To live through and from the heart chakra is a wonderful experience, once we achieve this and are able to stabilise this existence then we are able to live through other chakras understanding their purpose to be more than we currently comprehend or appreciate. As we see humanity moving into the comfort of the heart chakra, with the energies become constant we see that turmoil and chaos dissolves, the path way into an energetic world manifests. 

It is essential at this time of ascension and as humanity enters into a new cycle of energy that all connect with the planetary level of light frequently. All levels of the Creator's universe are connected; when you connect yourself into the interconnected energies of the inner planes you are allowing yourself to move with the inner planes, to accept the shifts that occur upon the inner planes allowing them to positively influence your spiritual development. All shifts upon the inner planes and the Earth extend from the Creator. The vibrations of the inner planes is heightening always, new wisdom is being revealed, you are always connected to the inner planes but if you have a conscious connection then you will truly be connected, experiencing the positive transitions. The inner planes are shifting to realign with the new energies of the Earth, the Earth is shifting to realign with the inner planes and the Earth and inner planes are shifting together, everything is happening simultaneously. Most important the souls upon the Earth must align with the shifts that are taking place otherwise they will remainin their old cycles and old energies even when a new cycle has begun upon the Earth. It is essential to realise that a new cycle can occur upon the Earth and nothing changes in the lives of humanity, this is because humanity has not accepted the new energy and remains in a bubble of their old energy. In order for a new cycle of energy or a new beginning of energy to occur humanity must be prepared to let go of the old, accepting the new shifts and vibrations that come forward. The energies around you have never been of great importance, it is the energies within you that are the treasure, moulding the reality you experience whether it is a physical or inner planes reality. 

If you imagine that you are blind, you are living in a house which your friends feel should be redecorated. It doesn't really bother you whether the house is a certain colour, has the latest furniture or a certain layout, but your friends go ahead and redecorate. You walk into the house and it seems exactly the same to you, but then your friends give you a pair of glasses which you wear, you are now able to see your surrounds clearly and can see the work that has been achieved. The house is your surroundings, the new cycle of energy the decoration achieved on the house, while the glasses are your connection with the inner planes, the planetary level and your soul, without these connections nothing would appear different to you. There is a need to remain connected with the planetary level so that you will receive or ignite all the energies that are needed to create a new cycle of energy for you in 2012. The planetary level energies connected to all other levels and aspects of the Creator's soul will allow you to flow into 2012 with ease, feeling comfortable with the energy changes. The planetary level light must be anchored into your being and the consciousness of the Earth in order to stabilise shifting energies which may cause turbulence in the year of 2012 energetically in the realities of humanity. 

By anchoring and understanding the teachings of the planetary level you are taking a step forward upon your ascension and preparing for 2012. 

Simply call upon me to align you and your reality with the planetary white light. Ask me to allow you to experience the energy and vibration of the white planetary light, receiving all the wisdom, energies, insights and new vibrations that you need. Then simply allow yourself to sit in peace and acceptance. 

In love, always, 

Lord Buddha
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The Hathors through Celia Fenn

The Hathors through Celia Fenn


Dearest Family, and we call you this because as you move into your ascension you come closer and closer to us. Only once before have we been this close to you, and that was when we worked with you in Egypt. Then, as now, our teachings were about beauty, love and power. We are the singers and dancers of the Cosmos, and we come to teach you how to channel and to use your sexual energies in ways that are beautiful and creative and more appropriate for you at this time in your evolution.

We want you to realise that you are powerful and creative beings, and that your sexual energy is a fundamental part of your creative energy. The recent Venus transit has brought to the fore issues of sexuality in your lives. It is time to release old patterns that are held in the Collective Consciousness and replace them with new patterns more suited to where you are now. And it is of this that we need to speak today.

The Imbalances in History
For many thousands of years your sexual energy has been out of balance as a culture. First, you lived in a female-dominated society, called a Matriarchy. Then, more recently, you shifted to a male-dominated society, called a Patriarchy. Both of these modes of cultural being were based on power - the power of one group over another, defined by gender. And so, in your genetic memory and in the Akashic records, are many stories of dominance and control, and unhealthy or imbalanced patterns of abuse and victimization.

In your most recent phase, Patriarchy, power was given to the male, to dominate over the female and children. This has given rise to cultures today where men have absolute control over the lives of women and children, as in the Middle East, to cultures in the developed world where the control is more subtle and less overt. Yet even in these societies, you have problems such as pornography and women and child abuse. In some cases, babies are raped and children tortured in a distorted play of sex and power.

In the Western world, these patterns of power over and the abuser/victim archetypes lie deep in the Collective Mind, and are unfortunately tied up with love and spirituality. But how can that be? You might ask- what has sexual abuse to do with spirituality, or even love?

Well, if you go back in time several hundred years, you will come to a time in the Christian world when male priests and clerics persecuted and tortured female "witches" who were quite often healers and teachers of the so-called Pagan or Wiccan religions. This persecution was carried out in the name of Christianity, and it was given spiritual validity. The torture and murder was undertaken to "save and purify" the souls of those deemed witches, by cleansing them in fire.

But, underlying this were levels of sexual sadism, as male celibate priests played out their repressed and distorted sexual urges on the women who were their "victims". Many years later, issues such as pornography and sexual abuse so rife in your societies, find their roots in this era. Many of you have Past Life memories of the intense physical sensations of sexual pain and distorted pleasure that accompanied these experiences, and still exist in active form in the Collective Memory Banks. And so, in the present, you as a culture continue to play out these dramas in order to resolve your soul's addictions to these intense levels of distorted sexual energy charge.

In the African and Arab and many Eastern cultures, often in Muslim dominated areas, this sexual sadism and abuse is also present in the cruel practice of female genital mutilation, also known as female "circumcision". In this custom, the ability to enjoy normal physical sexual pleasure is taken from the woman, normally at a very young age, about twelve. This form of domination and abuse is also practised in the name of virtue and spirituality. What a sad place your planet has become, and so ready for changes and shifts. So ready to begin the process of re-patterning your sexuality into more healthy and loving forms.

Please understand, we seek to criticize and judge no-one here. For, as you know, there are no "victims" in these self-created dramas, and ALL involved must be responsible for the energies and for bringing them back into balance. And that means all of you.

It is not only sexuality that has been affected, but love too. It is so difficult fo any couple to express their love through sexuality in a balanced way. There are so many images and stories in your culture that insist that one must dominate the other, and that sex is a "right" that one may demand of the other within a relationship. Even with love, it is often difficult for you to deal with these issues in your relationships and to be loving and balanced. We see so many of you struggling with these issues and the residues of your Past Life conditioning.

The First Step of Healing and Re-Patterning: Balancing the Inner Masculine and Feminine Energies
In a Patriarchal culture, it is not only men that shift out of balance. Everyone does. Today, many of the women among you have dominant male energies, and are needing to reconnect with the Inner Female energies. This has been the result of Feminism in your culture, which, "liberated" women and allowed them to develop their potential in ways never before experienced. But it has also lead to many of them becoming too masculine. Also, as a result of Feminism, many men in your western cultures have sought to reconnect with their Inner Feminine energies, ironically becoming too feminine and passive. And so we have a new "out of balance" situation, where women are often too masculine and men are too feminine.

So - the key to finding balance for every individual is to balance the Inner male and Female energies, in order to create a new template for the Collective Consciousness, one that will replace the older one.

Each of you needs to be connected to the inner Male energy. It is the energy of the Spiritual Warrior and Leader within you. This is the Solar energy. It is radiant, strong, confident, warm and assertive. It is the energy of "doing". It tells you when you need to assert yourself, it gives you confidence and helps you to get things done in the material world. It is outward flowing and active.

The Feminine energy is the Lunar energy. It is soft, receptive, gentle, loving and unconditional, but also very powerful. It is the energy of being. It is inward flowing and passive (as in peaceful). It allows you to be with yourself and with others in non-judgemental ways. It is the place where creative ideas are conceived and birthed and then passed to the masculine so that they may become real in the world.

In a balanced individual, there is a balanced flow between being and doing, active and passive, masculine and feminine. And this inner balance is reflected in the outer or external world in the creation of relationships between beings who are equally balanced in themselves and so can create and maintain relationships that are balanced and loving.

A balanced relationship being one where neither partner dominates the other, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and or sexually.

New Earth Relationships
New Earth relationships will be so different to the relationships you now have. They will be gentler and more playful and yet wise. There will be less intensity and drama, and more caring, nurturing and companionship. You will come to realise that the purpose of relationship, all relationship, is to "relate" - to share and to support and to nuture from your own sense of abundance and completeness.

You will look for relationships that are spiritual and heart-based, rather then physical and emotional. In the Old Earth relationship paradigm, relationships were based on physical atrraction and emotional bonding. In the New earth, your relationships will be based in the heart, in feelings, compassion, connection and mutual respect and support. We forsee many relationships growing between people of different age groups and different cultures, relationships that will be deep and meaningful, and yet would not have seemed possible before because of the narrow limitations of what you considered a relationship to be in your Old Earth energy framework.

These relationships will be light and joyous, and yet capable of real depth and intimacy because the people concerned will be more interested in the connections of the soul rather than the connections of the external and the physical realms.

There will be sharing and caring, and yet both partners will be independent and self-reliant within themselves. There can be no co-dependency in the New Earth. Balance is so important. These relationships will be balanced and loving, between two equally powerful and caring persons. There will be no dominance, no victims, no dramas and no abuse.

There will be commitment - commitment to the relationship and the mutual growth of each of the partners within the relationship. And this will be true for all relationships, not just love or romantic relationships. Friendships will become deeper and more meaningful experiences, as you understand that you have soul families, and that your friends often are close soul relations who are here to love and support you in your work on the planet. And when your relationships exist in this loving and balanced state, then your sexuality will also be loving and balanced. And, once again humans will learn to celebrate and enjoy their creative and sexual energies in ways that are life-enhancing and ecstatic. And we are here to work with you and love you and support you as you move into this loving and love-filled space.
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Loosening Structures & Igniting Codes 
a message from Saint Germain, Archangel Michael 

channeled by Meredith Murphy 

Sunday, 4 September, 2011 (posted 5 September, 2011) 

The Energies of September will orient you to greater tones of liberation. Pitches, if you will. Meaning that frequencies that reflect expansive freedom and capacity will be more readily available to more and more of you. As you have access to these vibrations which carry the quality of permission and allowing, you will find yourself increasingly drawn toward greater leniency toward your heart’s desires, more gentleness toward your body’s call and more availability to your inner being. 
These qualities within you exist in refined ways and are merely awaiting your focus to come into a more conscious and balanced state of existence within your awareness. For many of you, within your awareness are great battles within the self when it comes to allowing yourself to do what you deeply, truly wish and want--moment to moment and in terms of creating your dreams. 

There has been ample “brainwashing” if you will by the reiteration and amplification of cultural beliefs which are in effect repeating to you over and over that there are limits. All of this has been internalized by you throughout your lifetime and most people still retain elements of limitation in their thinking and feelings about their lives and with age, and the continued allowing of these thought-patterns to persist and be (thereby deepening the neural nets that carry you through the experience of these patterns), and therefore there will be enormous cleansing and dumping of these energetic frameworks during the month of September. 

This will be experienced quite intensely for those in whom these structures are most firmly entrenched—in fact, it will be difficult NOT to cling to these old patterns as you may discover they are SO deeply a part of how you know life (at least in your remembered awareness of it right now). 

In order to assist yourself in these days it will be critical that you employ gentleness and humor. Gentleness and humor, and humor extended even most beautifully into sillyness, are great dissolvers of emotional pain and highly supportive of energetic cleansing. Laughter itself, particularly sustained laughter or giggling, is one of the most powerful transformative configurations of focus and energy you have at your disposal to support your awakening. So watch movies and play with dogs and children, allow yourself to begin reading the comics again and look for the irony in each day. Paying attention and allowing yourself to be amused by life would be a powerful way to approach this important time of preparation, clearing and the coming alignment of the Equinox. For in this divine joy, you will find alignment quicker and with greater ease. 

What is happening on the planet? 

The old paradigm energies are being revealed in profound ways. This is about the veil being lifted in all kinds of ways as more and more of you see and understand in far more real ways, the effect of collective beliefs of fear, lack and disempowerment upon your culture, your civilization, your planet and the energy grids and structures through which life force flows and is transmitted. 

Those of you who embody light and coherence—a vibrational arrangement established through clarity and a peaceful heart—are gradually weakening the existing frameworks of distortion and the energetic pathways which exist as global and geographic-specific versions of earthly neural nets: configurations of energy pathways which distort information and light, circulate fear and amplify limiting energy thought-forms. Gaia herself is enormously involved in loosening these energetic pathways that are responsible for the limiting mindsets and highly patterned/habitual/not-free behavior and thinking of so many. These congested areas of energy function much like congested areas within the body; they impede well-being and life. 

Realize that in major geographic centers and areas where power struggles exist in the world that these energetic frameworks are like scar tissue; resistant to being broken up and highly resistant to ultimately being cleared. The level of healing required to re-instate the frequency of love and the coherence of harmony and balance, is substantial. 

Many of you are feeling the effect of the relentlessness of light upon these rigid structures. Light, and water—are both powerful transformers and astonishingly impactful in their pervasive persistence. {Smile} 

Each of you is perfectly situated at this time to play your part. Although there is still some movement taking place for those of you who have been called to a new location over the summer, most of you are settling in for the enormous alignments of this coming season of awakening and as such you are indeed in a period of rest, allowing and preparation, as others have written and spoken of. 

We wish to go further into particular aspects of this unique to our fields of understanding and in so doing, add our part to the picture of what is happening on Earth at this time. 

The corridors of light that exist between the master planes and the planet have increased. You now are surrounded by an increased number of beings with high frequency focus and commitment to the divine plan who have been able to come forth and participate as the vibration of the planet rose to such a degree that more transparency between these aspects of existence is now vibrationally compatible. 

Preparation within many of you, who retain knowledge from ancient wisdom cultures and star and angelic families, is underway. Many of you carry within you the literal energetic frameworks to re-instate knowledge from these communities in which you have created and cultivated certain technologies and ways of being. These are the books within the Living Library that have been prophesized in times past and the ignition of the codes that connect your conscious mental infrastructure to these energetic structures of knowledge within your DNA and Lightbody are beginning to fire. 

The ignition of these codes is taking place as the soul of Gaia receives greater qualities of life-force. The liberation of suffering—the historic traumas that have taken place upon the planet—from within the soul of Gaia is in process. This cleansing returns the energy freed from these patterns and structures to pure creative potential, and the increased coherence and balance within the system of Gaia’s Lightbody allows for greater life-source, manna to flow into the collective Earth experience. 

As Gaia’s soul expands in capacity, so too, does yours; for you are intrinsically linked the way the cells in various organs of your body are linked—you comprise a greater wholeness together. 

The liberation of Gaia from this confining energy patterns is creating waves of re-balancing and as she gains strength and life-force the acceleration of the cleansing is felt by those who are attuned to her process. As the frequency rises the heat rises within as she burns off energy and there is significant seismic activity and active volcanoes have become more active. 

Gaia, like humans, animals, plants, minerals and ultimately the God-Source, is indeed a benevolent soul. The intention of all this is to emancipate the entire wholeness you are as a larger collective planetary system, into a higher frequency band within the galaxy. This spiraling upward, part of a cosmic shift across the Omni-verse and affecting far more than simply the Earth plane of experience. 

Realize that your benevolence flows forth from Gaia and your attunement to the changes does as well. You are being led and guided from within the more expansive physical organism of which you are a part and the larger Lightbody in which you are part of the Soul of Gaia. Realize the enormity and the microcosm this implies. 

You are essential and function in particular and vital ways. Each of you is innately wise and soul-driven at the level of individual focus and also attuned and harmonized by your inner impulses to the greater collective.

You can tune into all of the momentum of each moment without ritual, without religion, without fuss and without esoteric knowledge: it is entirely natural. 

Choose what gives you relief. Peace. Joy. Eases things up. Feels good. 

Make YOUR aspect of this living organism function well! 

It is not complicated, so resist the desire to make it so. This creates confusion and a sense that power comes from complicated process and rituals; it does not. You are power embodied. It is simple truth and the impedance of this arises from within the framework you create for your energy. Consider this and you will find your way to anything you wish to know, create and experience. 

Light comes forth from the Source of All Being, the Infinite God Particle is within each of you and is amplified by your knowing of this. Your awareness of this magnetizes greater and greater capacity to you in the form of your choosing. All things are possible. Choose more often and create more frequently with the awareness that you are in constant command of resources that you cannot even comprehend…yet. {Smile} 

The coming month will prepare you for the continuing waves of the ultimate liberation, and the continual increase of light into your experience. 

These transformative energies are essential to your own healing and uplift-ment. They are amplifying, energizing, cleansing, clarifying and allowing the nourishment of your larger organism—the planetary organism of which all of you are a part. Participate with joy, knowing and confidence. 

Realize the information you personally need is found within you. Do not be taken in by fear or anxiety outside of yourself. Realize that fear or anxiety within yourself is a pattern of illusion to be released; watch calmly and with interest as this continually diminishes within you. It is your patient attentiveness which will remove these energetic experiences from your energy system. Very simple. 

You are powerful beyond measure and awakening to this. Many of you are glimpsing long saved up dreams that are beginning to show themselves again. Fortunate that you are not able to entirely banish them, isn’t it? For you are growing in your ability to allow yourself the freedom and confidence to choose what you deeply want. 

It is in your blissful joy, that you become a citizen of the New Earth. From this state of being you are capable of creating the culture and civilization you desire. You must find this state of being within yourself. It is the home that calls to your from within. It is your most cherished memory. You and all beings continue to be drawn toward a re-instatement of innocence, trust, openness--all reflections of LOVE. Your Joseph Campbell gave perfect guidance when he said, “Follow Your Bliss.” 

The awakening of the Omni-verse is happening within you… Infinite springs of manna are flowing into the planet from the Utopian worlds of peace, transmitted by the Masters of these planes, activating and being anchored by those of you who have lived within these cultures and carry within your DNA, this lineage. Experiences within Utopian cultures call you forth with innate wisdom for re-instating the time of peace. 

For all upon the planet: these vibrations of elation and bliss are increasingly available to you. 

Engage yourself and focus: Dream the Utopian World Dream. 

© 2009-2011, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful | Modern Paradise Publications 

http://www.expectwonderful.com –
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The Federation Speaks!


Preliminary Draft

On behalf of the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy, we greet you. We would like to assure you that we are of the Light, and that we come to you in the service of your Creator to assist and advise you so that you may better understand and react to the changes which will soon be upon you and your planet.

With your limited vision, and your relationship with self-centeredness and conflict, you may be tempted to suspect that we have come to harm or to conquer you. There are indeed forces in your universe that might have such intentions. But their powers have been largely neutralized at this time. I have already assured you and gladly assure you once again that we are of the Light, and that we are here for your benefit.

The time has now come for a general movement upwards, a sorting of those who are ready to move up, and those who are not. Your planet is to be cleansed physically as well as on the spiritual level, for she has suffered much harm in acting as your host. It is important that you have some idea of what lies immediately ahead and why it is to take place, so that you may prepare yourselves. This is our first task.

You have collectively made great advances in science and technology, but in so doing, you have often neglected another important source of information, namely your intuition. In your obsession with things physical, things which can be seen, felt, measured and tested, you have gained the impression that if you cannot see or feel it, it cannot therefore exist. Your eyes are closed to any possibilities outside your own area of recognition. But I must tell you, that there is more unseen than is seen, there is more uncomprehend than comprehended, there is more to your world and your universe than you could presently imagine.

The density of matter is important. Physical objects have different densities, people's physical frames have different densities, so also do worlds. We are of a lighter, finer density that you, as also are the manifestations which you call spirits or ghosts. Place some pebbles in a sieve, then pour water over them and see how the finer density of water allows it to pass around the denser pebbles. That is why ghosts can pass through walls. That is how our spacecraft can move about invisibly to your eyes, though we are able to make ourselves visible to your senses at will. That is why there is so much going on around you that is invisible to your eyes.

Planet Earth at present exists on the densest possible level as a reflection of the environment in which you live and conduct yourselves and the lessons you have chosen to learn. Each planet or universe or civilization has its constitution, similar in spirit and intent to the constitutions of your more evolved governments. The concept of constitution is to lay down the outer, absolute boundaries of approved behaviour beyond which neither individuals nor governments may pass. Planet Earth has been given the gift of Free Will, as have many others. But unlike others, your Free Will has been given without boundaries. Thus you have been able to go to extremes of violence and self gratification at the expense of others, extremes which in other civilizations would not be permitted. In this way you yourselves, and all of us who observe you and experience your world by co-relation, can learn of the effects which such actions can set in motion.

But this situation will shortly come to an end. For now is a time of sorting and of moving upwards. It is a time of revision, of assessment, of taking new paths. It includes your entire planet, and indeed a much wider circle of worlds beyond your own. Your planet is to be cleansed, and its people will move to new worlds according to their evolution and aspirations, in order to learn new lessons in new environments. This will give each individual the opportunity to review his or her life and attitudes, and to consider the kind of future to which he or she aspires.

Having given you just a brief idea of what is to happen very shortly around you, I must now tell you of the task we have been given by Earth's Spiritual Guides and Hierarchy, and how we propose to set about fulfilling our responsibilities.

It is our intent to use what in your language might be referred to as the "carrot and the stick".

The "stick" is not, as you might at first think, a weapon to be raised in aggression or anger or envy. This is not our way. Indeed the "constitution" of our lives and civilization does not permit any of these things. The "stick" we will use is a rod of protection, and it is strict, tolerating no exceptions. Already you will find that your weapons of war are losing their effectiveness; over time these physical weapons will disintegrate into dust, their aura of aggression and anger will be neutralized along with their physical form. You will also find that anything used as a weapon of aggression, even a stick or a fist raised in anger, will be stayed by an unseen hand. Ultimately, you will find that when any words are to be spoken in anger or aggression, the voice of the speaker will falter as if gently choking, so that such words may not be expressed. Finally, as the din of war is gradually stilled and the spirit of peace descends upon your planet, we hope to reinforce it with an all-enveloping blanket of love and goodwill. You must understand that although you may think that victory is an achievement providing its rewards, you should know that the continuance of war and competitive aggression which is a constant feature of your planet has taken its toll upon your emotions and your senses, creating a continuing tension. As this burden is progressively lifted you will find yourselves lightening, becoming more joyful, more able to see the beauty around you and the light in the souls of others.

Perhaps you, with your tradition of total Free Will, may feel that this is an unwarranted intrusion into your liberty. Although you may well agree in principle that the neutralization of all anger and aggression together with all weapons of war would be a wonderful thing, you may not feel altogether comfortable with its imposition by an alien and foreign force. Yet I must tell you that such rules are not unusual; indeed your planet is almost unique in permitting such activities, which are not within the constitutional bounds of other civilizations. Many of you may also feel that while an end to violence is a good thing in principle, it is necessary first of all to repay debts, to claim the "eye for the eye". But I must tell you that such vendettas, such acts of violence followed by counter-violence in the name of honour, these acts have been going on for centuries in your collective lives. Somewhere, at some time, the perpetuation of violence must stop. This is now the place and the time.

I must also explain that if we are to help you, as we have been instructed to do, we must first ask you to be still. We cannot help and advise those who are too busy killing one another to listen to our words. If you could see your planet from outer space as we do all the time, you would see a murky aura of accumulated hate and aggression, and your ears would be deafened by the constant clamour and din of war, the shooting and the bombs, the cries of the wounded and the dying, and the destruction of so much of the physical assets of your civilization which you have previously built with expenditure of great effort and planetary resources. If only the effort you have put into destruction and rebuilding could have been directed into preserving and enhancing, of building upon building, imagine how rich your civilization would now appear! But that is your destiny and it is not for us to question it, only to point out that if you are to listen, to be informed, to improve your conduct and make a right decision when needed to do so, then you must first be stilled.

Our "stick" will be the rod of protection, ensuring that acts of aggression are halted so that the clash of war may be stilled and the spirit of aggression, of violence and revenge may be quietened.

The "carrot" of persuasion will take the form of suggestions as to how you may conduct your lives more peaceably, more spiritually, with the "reward" that in so doing you may be more ready to move to a higher level of being.

It is our hope that as you pause for a moment in your aggression and counter-aggression, when your ears are no longer filled with the din of war and your senses not fully preoccupied with getting the better of others before they get the better of you, in that stillness and space of neutrality you may be persuaded to begin afresh, and to build for yourselves a society where relationships are based on mutual respect, non-aggression and cooperation, on construction rather than destruction.

A daunting, perhaps even impossible task? No. Indeed it is much easier done than imagined.

In other societies more developed than your own, there is one guiding principle of conduct between people. It is a simple rule: first, do no harm.

You must start early with your very youngest children, as we also do, teaching them what is to us the most important rule of life: respect others as you would have them respect you. Think no unkind thoughts; say no unkind words, for one only puts others down in order to make oneself feel greater. Learn to value yourself for what you are; build upon your incarnated foundation, develop yourself and your natural gifts, remembering only that you should enrich your own life without impoverishing that of others, emotionally, spiritually or physically.

Your governments too must reform themselves rapidly, for despite the belief which many hold that they live in a democracy, in truth few people trust their governments to act competently, honestly and efficiently. The purpose of government, in the words of your Thomas Jefferson, is to prevent men from injuring one another. If only you had but one government which did just that, which ensured peace and true social justice among its people, acting productively without undue waste, with honesty and transparency, with the interests of the people – its customers – at heart, you would never believe the beneficial, almost magical effect it would have. With that one principle, there would be physical plenty for all to live challenging and rewarding lives in a pleasant environment on a respected planet.

As you shed your aggressive competitiveness, competing only with ignorance to create knowledge, competing only with poverty to create wealth which all may share, conducting your collective lives according to the principle of mutual respect and cooperation, so all the dark, dank places you have created for yourselves will be changed and brightened, those who have been put down will find new freedom to make their own contribution, and the harm done to your host planet can slowly be undone.

There will be little enough time for this new spirit to take root. But if you can only pause from your aggression long enough to enjoy the stillness of peace, if you can order your collective affairs according to Universal Laws long enough to glimpse the rewards of peace, justice and cooperation, and if experiencing these things each of you can profit from your new environment in order to review your personal attitudes, your approach to yourself and to others, you will then be in a position to embrace a brighter future.

It is our wish to remain with you, and to communicate with you constantly in order to give you a wider view of that which you cannot see, of developments around you and how they will affect you. And in our behaviour towards you, we will show you the creative, nurturing power of love, of mutual caring and assistance which we hope that you too will embrace among yourselves.

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EMMANUEL ~ Preparations



September, 2011 
Hi my beautiful friend, 

The month of August has forever changed the landscape of everything we once knew to be our reality. Absolutely nothing looks or feels the same anymore especially to those highly sensitive to energy. For many, the energies of August literally felt like a major a** kicking. Every last remnant of density we may have still been carrying has surfaced from the depths of our being, and has come up to be released once and for all. For those who may still not be prone to quickly adapting to change, these past few weeks may have felt especially taxing. We're now in a space that no longer offers us the luxury of dilly dallying when it comes to anything keeping us from operating from our heart center, and from being our most authentic selves. Many of us may have noticed it's pretty much next to impossible to be anything less than who we really know ourselves to be at our core. Dimming our light for any reason just can't happen anymore. 

Right now the lessons, teachings, and gifts we were meant to learn from this lifetime and all other lifetimes, languages, levels, dimensions from our first point of conception are being learned at a highly accelerated rate. Remember the days when we were given the opportunity to learn our lessons over long drawn out periods of time? Thank goodness we are now able to process through our remaining lessons quickly. The sooner we learn the lessons we were meant to learn, the sooner we can shift out of the patterns keeping us from anchoring a higher state of consciousness. Even though at times we may feel the current changes are a little too much for us to handle, it's important to understand that our Spirit knew prior to coming into this physical existence that we would do everything in our power to re-member the Divine Magnificence within ourselves and others. And through this remembrance, we would usher in a highly evolved Universal society founded on love, kindness, and respect for all life. 

Tying Up All Loose Ends 

So, where are we energetically right now? Having just experienced a major releasing period on our journey, we now have the opportunity to tie up all the loose ends in our lives. We may notice people and circumstances from our past come back into our lives (if even for a brief moment) giving us the opportunity to fully resolve all discord, debts, vows, obligations, oaths, contracts, resentments, regrets, and any other imbalances that still needed tending keeping us from moving forward. 

As we tie up all the loose ends in our lives, it's natural that we go through a re-evaluation of sorts to see what is really important to us going forward. Some ways this might manifest for many is through the realization that we are no longer in the environment, location, partnership, career, and situation best suited for us. 

An awakening of deeply buried desires that where once very important for us to fulfill are coming back to the surface for us to connect with and bring into fruition. For many years, many of us ended up settling for relationships (with family, friends, partners), careers, and situations that required us to dim our light and sweep our own desires under the rug as if they did not exist. As we realize more and more that it's important to honor our truest desires, (which are also the desires of the Universe wanting to express more of itself through us) we will begin to see ourselves parting ways from the old reality we had settled for. 


Contrary to what many of us may have read about 2012 being the time when the 'Great Shift' will occur, the SHIFT has and is actually happening right now. Everyone is feeling the change whether they are consciously aware of it or not. Similar to how a child waits with excitement for Christmas morning to arrive, those who have walked a conscious path for a long time are now feeling the same way about the new reality emerging. 

With the anticipation of starting a brand new adventure comes a time of preparation. There are many ways we are being asked to prepare ourselves for our new adventures. Some of us may be feeling called to clean out and simplify our home and living environment. By clearing out and donating the things we no longer use, we create more room for new energies more in alignment with where we are at on our journey to enter our lives. Some of us may be re-committing ourselves to the spiritual practices such as meditation, physical activity, running energy, yoga, healing, music, and being in a community that we know grounds us in love. This will absolutely come in handy, because there's a great amount of fear being projected in all communities, even those of a spiritual nature. We may even notice that those who have served as strong anchors of love and truth in the past are finding themselves caught up in the fear due to 'scientific' & astrological findings that may be moving them out of their power. 

It's important to remember that 'WE' are powerful beings and 'WE' together have the power to shift out of all fear-based timelines in an instant! There are millions of dedicated people right now who are holding the space for a graceful mass transition to occur into a higher collective state of consciousness. This absolutely counts for a significant amount of the current rapid physical and emotion shifts happening. Remember that all meteors, comets, planets, stars, oceans, Earths, etc... are reflections of Us. Just like any great fiction book, we know that sometimes drama is added as a form of excitement to keep us entertained. However, it doesn't have to be that way in our reality. We can have excitement in our lives without needing to create drama. Drama only prolongs us from being in a higher state of consciousness as a collective. There is a way to promote important information without provoking fear in others. It's all in the delivery and it can either promote or hinder us from moving forward. So, one of the greatest way to prepare ourselves for our new adventure is to keep anchoring ourselves in love. 

Another way to prepare at this time is by making sure we are giving our bodies the proper nutrition it needs. Many of us are finding that boxed, canned, and processed foods no longer agree with us. A lot of these foods have been the culprits for constant headaches, stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and back, digestive issues, allergies, anxiety, chronic fatigue, etc... to occur for many. We can no longer put our bodies through the ringer and expect it to show up the way it always had prior. We are energetic beings, and our bodies are a reflection of where we are at energetically. When we feed our body with the nutrients that it needs in addition to the personal inner development we have committed ourselves to, we become fully prepared to ease into our very new adventures. 


As we move through the months of September and October, solutions to many of our personal and global concerns will begin to make themselves present. The only requirement asked of us is to remain aware, open, and willing to work with ideas and concepts that up till now may have seemed out of reach or beyond the realm of human capability. I wanted to briefly touch on this in this forecast, and will be sharing more information on the specifics in the coming months. 

In closing, no matter how noisy or unstable the world may seem at times, we can find comfort in knowing that we are never alone. We're all on this journey together fully supported by the Universe, and I'm honored to be sharing it with each of you. 

With heartfelt gratitude, 

Miraculously Yours, 


©2009-2011 Emmanuel Dagher, Magnified Manifesting All Rights Reserved 


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What you are experiencing now is a prelude to limitless joy 
08/31/2011 by John Smallman 

All over the world major changes are occurring which are leading up to your grand awakening. As you know, it is a done deal that cannot be prevented, and when it happens joyous amazement will delight you all as your faith in God’s promise to you is completely vindicated. To be finally without doubts and anxieties will be a permanent and most uplifting experience. You have carried the Light of God within you through times of great suffering and stress, and it is about to burst forth in exhilarating brilliance to welcome you Home at the end of your long journey. 

Presently, during these last moments in the dense fog of the illusion, many of you are feeling very tired and stressed out as your anxieties seem to be intensifying. This has to do with the raising of the frequency of your energy fields as you release the remainder of the unloving attitudes which you had kept deeply buried below your level of conscious awareness, because they were extremely disturbing and unacceptable to you. They have been part of you for so long that letting them go seems almost like a betrayal, similar in a way to changing loyalties by moving from one political, cultural, or religious persuasion to another. You change because it is a matter of personal honesty and integrity. It is a change you know you have to make, and yet you will be leaving a group that you had strongly supported and which had supported you, and to which you still feel a sense of allegiance. 

Making major changes like this is stressful. Within yourselves a growing awareness brought to your attention the need to make these changes, but the thought of doing so was frequently very uncomfortable and led you to doubt the desirability of carrying them out. It seems to be a jump into the unknown that could have dire consequences, and yet you know that you must do it. When you make the move the benefits for which you hoped may not be readily apparent, and you may perhaps wonder whether you have made an enormous mistake. 

In the illusion it is akin to moving, changing your employment, or terminating a relationship; and frequently it is only after a considerable time has passed that you can see whether or not it was a good move to have made. This is what is driving your anxieties now as you adjust your attitudes and behaviors to be only loving. It makes you feel vulnerable, unsafe, and insecure as the familiar falls away, your frequency rises, and you discover unpleasant aspects of yourselves that had long been hidden from you in denial or repression. 

However, what you are experiencing now is a prelude to limitless joy. You are releasing all the damaging aspects of yourselves that hold you firmly in the illusion so that you can float free and unencumbered into the divine energy fields with which you truly resonate, and where you belong. So, release, release, and release, all enmities, judgments, resentments, and grudges. Forgive yourselves and all others, indiscriminately, without retaining any charge on the issues, circumstances, or people you are forgiving. Forgiving totally in this way frees you totally to be in joy at all times. It allows your frequencies to rise so that you can float easily and comfortably into the awakened state, because you will then be able to feel the divine energy field that surrounds you and know that you have every right to be there because you are essential, eternal, and priceless parts of it. 

With so very much love, Saul.
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Crystalai @2011 cosmicdolphinmagic.com
The days are soon approaching (September - November) when a magnetic field caused by a Comet passing into the Earth's atmosphere will cause Mother Earth to shift into Zero Point. What is Zero Point? It is the point in time when the Breath of Source ignites a new idea into Cosmic Consciousness. It is the time when the Primary Consciousness and Secondary Consciousness of each Individual Consciousness flashes a new idea onto its movie screen. It is a time when the brain has a new fractal awakened within it. It is a time when the Pituitary Gland blossoms and the Pineal Gland is ignited. It is a time when the magnetic field within Mother Earth goes to Zero and the Frequencies raise into a higher dimension. It is the time of the Evolution of a new Civilization on Earth. It is a time when the diamond door of the third eye becomes the movie projector through which Man can "MAKE GOD's MOVIE." It is the time when the brain of mortal man who has only used the visual light spectrum to view social consciousness shifts into the brain of immortal man who uses the entire light spectrum of infra red, invisible light, the frequency of light and sound to shift into any and all dimensions. It is the time of multdimensionality.
All creation is made of light bands. The light bands are frequency specific. Each band of light has a frequency or a pitch. That frequency or pitch can vibrate faster or slower, which creates a new frequency signature. The bands of light with a slower wave length can be changed by bringing into them the band of light with the highest frequency.
The highest frequency of zero point from  Source Consciousness is brought into the lower light bands through the breath of Consciousness. We have been trained how to connect our Consciousness into these higher and lower light bands and to shift their energy level by connecting our breath into the light band of Source Consciousness, where zero point energy is obtained.
We began creating a series of meditations that teach you how to use your merkaba to collect the frequencies from the light bands of universal, cosmic and source consciousness over five years ago. We created these meditations and formulas as a complete series of training to become prepared for this present time. It is the MP3 titled Steps to Ascension. This is a very shortened and condensed groups of formulas taken from the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse Courses.
There are formulas and directions within the meditations for collecting these frequencies. The 12th dimensional consciousness can be thought of as coming from the 2nd universal level or from 12 inches above the head. The 13th dimensional consciousness can be thought of as coming from the inner etheric core of Mother Earth. The 14th dimensional consciousness or band of light holds the heliotalic or helium element of light. The parallel 8th-or 16th holds the spiritual gamma ray. And the 15th holds the co-creative aspect of zero point light.These light bands can also be thought of in scientific terms. Those forumlas and meditations are in the Ascension Meditation Kit, Ascension Portal Kit, and Pure in Heart Kit which each contains several CD's  with several meditations, journies and formulas on each one.
The purpose of our music and our meditations has always been to help prepare the body and brain for the shift that is about to take place. We can tune in to the zero point frequency of multidimensionality easier when we can hear it and feel it and understand the process that we are about to go through. 
When we use the term crystal heart, we are talking about entering into the crystalline, etheric center of the heart of each cell in the body. In scientific language this would mean breathing the zero point frequencies of Source Consciousness into the microtubule of the cell, or the omni helic centrical tube. This microtubule is reaching the center of the neutral Source. In the meditations we talk about spinning our merkabas down into the core of Mother Earth to pick up the frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness and we ride up to the Fourteenth Dimension to pick up the heliotalic frequencies or ultra violet blue frequencies and then we arch over into the sixteenth dimension to pick up the parallel spiritual self gamma rays and spin these together into our merkaba crystal ship to create the zero point frequency which we pull into our brain and our soul and our heart to activate the evolutionary process that brings us to the place that we will soon be entering into.
The Stargate Meditation kit is even more in tune with the process that we are going through at this time. This meditation guides the listener into the journey our consciousness will take as it transforms through the waterfall of ultra violet blue liquid light energy that we will ride through in consciousness as we go through this zero point transformation.
The entire scientific reason why we can turn our bodies into a lighter frequency than the gravity field, or the dense matter of the physical body is because we can shift our consciousness into dimensional realities of much less dense particles. We can shift into particles that are so etheric they no longer need the negative charge to bond the positive charge. We shift into a realm where the outerbands of light energy, which is the Frequency of Source holds together all inner light bands, regardless of their density. We are held within this Consciousness of Source, which is the Mind of God, which is who we are. This is why we don't actually leave, or move. We just stay right where we are, but in a less dense form. However, we can choose to travel if we want to because once we have moved out of the energy levels of negative positive into neutral, we can travel beyond the speed of light.
We breathe the frequencies from the Source Consciousness into the omni particles (the smallest form of energy) that create atoms. We can even disolve the hold of the omni particles by over riding them with the higher frequency of zero point.  When we are rising into zero point, we are still wrapped inside of the outer band of light and sound of Source Consciousness. That outer band holds the music of the spheres together through the highest frequency at all times. When we wrap oursevles within the light bands of the universal, cosmic and source frequencies, we are riding within the Golden Sphere. This frequency that we now wrapping our selves in is the Frequency of zero point and Source Consciousness through the Frequency of Transmutation- which is the Ultra Violet Blue Frequency. I have just described how an Individual Immortality CD is created. The Individualized Immortality CD's are created for the purpose of preparing you for this Zero Point ride we will be taking in September and October.
Zero point energy places us in a field of energy where the fabric of space reaches beyond the negative and positive energy fields created by the electron and proton, and reaches into the reality of no time and no space of neutrality. Once the inertia that has been holding us into the speed of three dimensional time and space is broken by the electromagnetic fields that will be created when the Pole Shift occurs in Mother Earth, we neutralize that inertia or that field of reality. Once it is neutralized, we are FREE to CREATE as co-creators through the frequency specific Mind of God. The fabric of space becomes a canvas for our new creation to be painted on through the visionsary frequencies of our consciousness.
Making God's Movie doesn't mean continuing the movie of the old civilization. This is the time when a New Civilization of the Golden Age will appear. This new man will desire to create the new and the marvelous, the genius, the infinite, the marvelous freedom, the instant manifestation of the heart's desire. It is the time when man will know that the Lord God of his Being will manifest his desires even before he has asked. 
 The higher frequency light bands of gamma and ultra violet can disolve the hertzian light bands of gravity which would  allow the body to walk on the water or float in the air, or to orb in a lotus position to sit on top of a tree. This allows the body to rise out of the world of materiality. This is how we can Slide into other Dimensions at this time. As we shift dimensions we feel the shift in frequencies and radiation. We are preparing to slide into any dimension at will. We can be in several dimensions at the same time in our new state. We can remain with family and children while visiting Aquarius or Pleides. We can be in our seventh level tall colorful self and in our fifth dimensional blue crystal aquafarian reality at the same time.
 The breath is our connection to the frequencies of Source as we transmute all frequencies of hertzian, infra red, visible, ultra violet and gamma into oneness.
The lower cerebellum part of the brain is where the  Source Consciousness in placed into action. Consciousness and Energy produced by the energy one places into connecting their consciousness into the highest and strongest fields of consciousness reality such as Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Consciousness or Source Consciousness utilizes the primary consciousness and the mid brain. The breath connects to the Primary or Source Consciousness into the Mid Brain which is frequency specific.
The part of the brain containing the world belief system does not contain pathways into the frequency specific mid brain. Only the frequency specific aspect of the brain is able to shift into multidimensionality. When we get a feeling of being directed to do something, that is the visible light spectrum of the brain re-acting to the frequency specific aspect of the brain which provides pictures of the future. Whe we become so intune with the mid brain or frequency specific aspect of our brain, we become guided by Divine Mind rather than mortal mind. 
The upper cerebellum is only responsive to the visible three dimensional things that are painted in front of it. It is only chemically responsive. It is not frequency responsive. It works in agreement with the old movie reels that want it to remain with the familiar things that can be seen and felt. The lower cerebellum part of the brain is not chemically responsive- it is frequency responsive. The upper cerebellum part of the brain works from the negative-positive electron proton realm, while the lower cerebellum works from the positive- positive realm --which is the zero point realm where there is no electron.
 The Earth will enter this state where there is a moment when there is only positive-positive. This means there will be no electricity and no weather. There will be no motion. There will be stillness. There will be a point of turning, transmutting to a higher state of consciousness. The neutrality of zero point energy brings us beyond magnetism into infinite frequencies of freedom. It is the neutrality that frees us from the mortal mind and allows us to float in the plasma of the gamma frequencies and swim in the ultra violet blue rays of transmutation. It is the river into immortality where the Cosmic Consciousness re-unites with the Breath of Source Consciousness and we begin to create God's Movie through our individual consciousness.
This process of ascension was given to us in the Ascension Formula which is on the Ascension Portal Meditation Kit. In this state of consciousness the body rides in the merkaba vehicle down into the Zero Point where the spiritual and physical sides of Earth connect The body lies in this pond of light and sees the mirror image of the physical in the spiritual. The Spiritual Light Body soaks up the fields of Cosmic Light Energy of the Gamma Golden Light, the Ultra Violet Light of Rainbow and Silver Pastel and the White Light of the x-ray. The light energy is absorbed into the body which causes the body to shift and glow from the inside. This is what will be happening to the Earth's body and to our body at the time of Zero Point.
When we work enough with the breath connecting us into the frequency of Source Concsciousness and breathe that frequency into all of our cells, the higher our frequencies will have risen. 
When we see people as frequencies, we only see their light bands and we can feel their frequencies or frequency signatures. This is what all of our starry brothers see. This is who we really are. We can also be seen as our Orb bodies by our higher selves. We are always creating electromagnetic fields of new realities and broadening our spectrum to know and see more of who we really are.
We are made of bands of light. The outer band is the  point where Cosmic and Source unite into Zero point. It is the band that holds all of our light bands together. We always remain held together regardless of what band we choose to be in. Each band is a different dimension of reality, but all bands are held together by Source. So we are always held together by the Mind of God and we co-create reality with the Mind of God. This can only happen when we move out of the third light band and into the infinity of light bands.
When we breathe energy of consciousness into the light bands they spin faster and faster until the vibration is increased. Then trillions of  micro tubules start to form. The microtubules are the new 12-96 etheric strands of DNA connecting into Cosmic Consciousness. The spinning of the bands caused by the Consciousness connecting to Source through the breath causes this frequency spin into a higher dimension. The more the breathing and spinning is repeated, the higher the frequency is achieved until finally the DNA broadens and a new strand appears. This is how DNA is expanded. The Individual Immortality CD's are created to focus on this spinning of the most etheric God Omni particle from the most etheric center within each cell of the body to ignite the spark of Oneness that causes the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES to create this dynamic shift in the body.
This is the point of igniting the spark of Source within the crystal heart of every cell in the body. This causes the entire body to light up like a Christmas Tree. This allows the flow of energy to shift from the mortal mind into the immortal mind.
The transformation happens as a result of dissolving and transmuting the lower frequency bands into the Source field. We can raise consciousness through the spinning of the light bands. We do this by using the breath and connecting into the Consciousness of Source and breathing that frequency onto the light bands within every cell of our body. This breathing is like transmuting into the more etheric realm of reality. This breathing will create a portal out of the physical and into the etheric or spiritual.The breath causes the light bands to spin into oneness and create a shimmering light sound that creates a color never seen before and we are then transformed  into the symphony of Love. The frequencies become finer and finer until a new harmonic is created and new creation appears that is based on light and sound where the entity creates a rainbow of his own and flashes into a new dimensional reality.
 This state of becoming a mirror of zero point where the breath of God is in the creation state with ultra violet blue reminds me of the phrase "Man was made in the image and likeness of God." The original IDEA of man was first Cosmic, then a combination of the gamma wave, ultra violet wave in original form, but then able to maintain the same template of the idea at all densities of visible light, infra red and hertzian frequencies. The real man however, is the full spectrum of light of all of these densities which allows man to be multidimensional.
Remember that the omnipotent God is omnipotent because He is the omni particles and omni ons that are the etheric or spiritual essence of what we are made of. Omni particles are only invisible to us at this time because we are living in a much denser dimensional reality. The deeper we look within our cells into the crystal heart of our cells and our neurons, the closer we get to the Omnipotent God--the very essence of our being.
Crystalai@2011 cosmicdolphinmagic.com


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Benefit from Living Right Now

Benefit from Living Right Now 
a message from The Council of 12 

channeled by Selacia 

Friday, 26 August, 2011 (posted 30 August, 2011) 

Living right now has unique benefits. You are more likely to receive the gifts of this life when you understand what the gifts are and how they can change your evolutionary path in a radical way. 
Here is some background on a few of the opportunities you have because of being alive now. In this past year alone, you have had an unprecedented exposure to new ideas and approaches. No other lifetime offered you the vast array of learning and spiritual development available today. 

You have access to more wisdom teachers and spiritual leaders than at any other time in history. You benefit from the presence of these beings on the planet regardless of whether you personally meet them. When you study with even one of these teachers and apply what you learn, you open yourself to a great acceleration of awakening. 

Actual Changes in DNA 
New healing modalities abound - providing fresh approaches to wellness, actual changes in DNA, and deep spiritual transformation that can catapult you into a higher vibration. The process of healing is quickened too. The amount of personal transformation you are able to achieve this lifetime is unlike anything possible before. In a typical earlier historical period, a person might have focused on healing elements of one or perhaps two issues. To completely resolve an issue in one lifetime was rare. 

This lifetime, in your divine changemaker role, you are multitasking! Most likely, you are addressing several thorny issues, perhaps sequentially or even in tandem. The key difference is in the sheer volume of concerns you are dealing with - plus your ability with today's healing methods to have a final completion of problems you may have faced for lifetimes. That means moving forward knowing that you won't need to confront those issues again. 

Heart Decodes Intuitive Information 
Here's another benefit of living now. Science and spirit are collaborating more and more, with some of the latest research validating what you have long believed to be true about humanity's spiritual nature. 

For example, for decades there has been a general understanding that the heart is vital to human evolution. The heart is an instrumental organ, of course, yet it is much more. Some studies show a surprising relationship between the heart and intuitive processes. One such study from the Institute of HeartMath, suggests that the heart participates in receiving, processing, and decoding intuitive information. Compelling evidence indicates the heart can receive intuitive information before the brain. 

Resolving Centuries of Conflict 
Another bonus from living now may be less obvious. This is the acceleration in the playing out of opposites, showing up in the world's diverse religions and giving you a front-row seat to view centuries-old religious debates. You may see yourself as spiritual and not belonging to a religion - perhaps viewing religious conflicts as a distant matter. These things do matter, however, for most of today's wars are waged over ideas rather than turf. 

Today's ideological battles over religion impact you and everyone you love. As a divine changemaker who cares about the future of the Earth, you naturally want to become aware of the big picture involving these religious conflicts. What's needed is conscious awareness rooted in love and understanding. When you develop that perspective, you can be one who grasps the bigger meaning of these conflicts, adding your light to help resolution. Do not underestimate your own power to facilitate needed change. 

Miracle of Connection 
When people look back on these unique moments of humanity's history, the power of connectedness will be cited as a major force in revolutionizing society. The role of media will be understood in perspective - with historians noting great benefits of social media and the availability of global news. An uninformed society remains in the dark and a disconnected populace is more easily fooled and manipulated. 

Social sharing in its current forms is really in an infancy stage. Much more connecting between people will be made possible over the coming years, helping you to express your light in diverse ways and to grow spiritually. 

During 2011 alone, the number of people in your sphere of sharing has multiplied through countless forums. Your own circle of friends may be constant, but you now connect with others globally at an astounding rate. Some you know by first name; others you know from news accounts, from global classes, from social media, and from business dealings. 

These developments are happening beneath the surface as you live your life and take part in the great reconfiguration of human society. 

See the Good 
To be sure, there is plenty to be concerned about these days. You don't need to be on a spiritual path to know that something major is going on and that the planet is in crisis. 

To be concerned is one thing; to complain is another thing. Complaining is ordinary and gets ordinary results. You are not ordinary. You are a divine changemaker, alive now to be at the forefront of positive changes on Earth. Use your light-filled energy for constructive purposes by focusing on the good and how you can create more goodness. 

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12. 

Copyright 2011 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12 * All Rights Reserved * 

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Precious Hearts, this article is a bit long but it contains profound information that will help you understand the magnitude of what is happening on Earth at this moment. This is something for which you have been preparing for a very long time. Please open your heart and mind and read this complete article through the Divine Intelligence pulsating in your heart. Through miraculous shifts that have taken place, know that you are now able to “see with new eyes and hear with new ears.” 
As I centered myself in preparation for writing this important sharing, the Angel Cards I drew were New Beginnings, Emerging, Miracles, and Manifestation. How perfect! 
In previous newsletters I shared with you the myriad events that brought us to this Cosmic Moment. Those newsletters are available on our websitewww.eraofpeace.org. Now I will share with you the wonders that occurred during the 25th Annual World Congress on Illumination. This was a global event through which Humanity’s NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love was secured on Earth through every person’s newly expanded Heart Flame.
On August 13, 2011, during the Opening Ceremonies, 700 people were physically gathered in Tucson, Arizona at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort to form the mighty transformer through which the Light of God would flow throughout the week to God Victoriously accomplish this vital facet of Earth’s unfolding Divine Plan. These selfless people, who volunteered to serve as Instruments of God on behalf of ALL Humanity, came from Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Honduras, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, New Caledonia, the Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Nigeria, Peru, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and throughout the United States of America. In addition, tens of thousands of people around the world joined with us through a Live Stream over the Internet, and hundreds of thousands of people joined with us in consciousness from various locations around the world.
The Company of Heaven revealed that the first Activity of Light needed to be a powerful cleansing by Violet Fire. This was necessary in order to clear the way for the unprecedented influx of Divine Love that would occur later in the week. Throughout the summer there were incredibly powerful alignments involving Lunar and Solar Eclipses, the June Solstice, Solar Flares, activities involving Celestial Music, and global meditations. These events assisted in pushing everything that conflicts with our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love to the surface to be healed and transmuted into Light. The Violet Fire activity that took place during the Opening Ceremonies on August 13th cleared the energy, vibration, and consciousness of the surfacing negativity the maximum that Cosmic Law would allow.
On August 14, 2011, the Company of Heaven revealed that the next step of preparation would involve healing the adverse affects of Humanity’s fall from Grace, which involved the abuse of our Father God’s Divine Power by our fragmented, fear-based human egos. After the fall, whenever we were in male bodies we abused our power by being aggressive and domineering. When we were in female bodies we abused our power by suppressing it and allowing ourselves to be oppressed and dominated. The result of this deplorable imbalance can be easily seen in the maladies existing all over the world.
On that powerful day, our Father God and the Masculine Aspects of Deity throughout Infinity, who represent our Father God’s Divine Will and Power, worked with every person’s I AM Presence. Together they cleared the obsolete patterns of our human ego’s abuse of power, and reestablished the patterns of perfection for Humanity’s accurate expression of our Father God’s Will and Divine Power, in other words, the Divine Masculine within each of us.

On August 15, 2011, the day celebrated in the outer-world as Mother Mary’s Ascension Day, a multifaceted Activity of Light took place. Mother Mary was joined by our Mother God and all of the Feminine Aspects of Deity throughout Infinity. The first facet of this wondrous day involved raising the frequency of Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies into the embrace of our I AM Presence and our Solar Light Bodies. The Divine Intent of this Activity of Light was to prepare every person on Earth at a cellular level to be able to withstand the highest possible frequencies of the influx of our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love.
The second facet of this sacred and Holy Day involved unprecedented Divine Intervention for the Elemental Kingdom. There are three Lifewaves evolving on this planet, the Human Kingdom, the Angelic Kingdom, and the Elemental Kingdom. When we fell into such dense frequencies that we lost awareness of our I AM Presence, which is the Divinity within each of us, we also lost awareness of the Divine Intelligence within the Elemental Kingdom. Through our fragmented human egos we came to the very destructive and erroneous belief that the Earth is an inanimate object for us to use and abuse at will. Actually, nothing could be further from the Truth. In fact, every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of energy in the whole of Creation is intelligent life. 
The Elemental Kingdom is the Lifewave that is responsible for manifesting the elemental substance that comprises the physical plane of Earth and Humanity’s Earthly Bodies. This Lifewave is over-Lighted by the Mighty Elohim, who are the Builders of Form, and the Directors of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether Elements. The Divine Intelligence associated with the various elements consist of the Gnomes and Nature Spirits of the Earth Element, the Salamanders of the Fire Element, the Sylphs of the Air Element, the Undines of the Water Element, and the Devas and Deva Rajas of the Ether Element.
Since our fall from Grace, the indigenous peoples of the world have accepted the responsibility of communing with the Elemental Kingdom through sacred ceremonies that reflect a reverence for all elemental life. Their hope was that Humanity would eventually remember the Divine Intelligence within the Elemental Kingdom, and heal the schism we had created by abusing the Earth and the Nature Kingdom. The Company of Heaven said there were many times when the Love and Reverence for Life expressed to the Elemental Kingdom by the various indigenous peoples of the world prevented the Elemental Kingdom from abandoning Humanity and leaving us to perish on this planet. They said that we owe a debt of gratitude to the indigenous peoples of the world that is beyond our current comprehension.
On August 15th, after our Mother God, Mother Mary, and the Feminine Aspects of Deity throughout Infinity completed the Activity of Light in which they assisted the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth to raise the frequency of their physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies into alignment with their Solar Light Bodies, we were ready for the second facet of the Divine Plan. 
Our Mother God is the exponent of the Elemental Kingdom. Through the Holy Breath of the Holy Spirit she sustains this intelligent Lifewave. This is why we refer to Mother Nature and Mother Earth. When all was in readiness, our Mother God sent forth a Clarion Call invoking the indigenous peoples who, through all time frames and dimensions, had held the sacred space for the eventual healing between Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom. She gave permission for these Beings of Light to return to Earth and to reap the rewards of their selfless labors. 
In a glorious procession of Light, the ancestral Grandmothers and Grandfathers of indigenous peoples who have served with the Elemental Kingdom since our fall from Grace, descended from the Realms of Light into the atmosphere of Earth. These Beings traversed the Earth north, south, east, and west and took their strategic positions above the continents of their Homelands. 
In response to our Mother God’s Clarion Call, these indigenous ancestors have volunteered to remain within the atmosphere of Earth to assist awakening Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom with cocreating the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. These precious Beings will remain until we tangibly cocreate the patterns of perfection for our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love in the physical world of form.
Following this wondrous Activity of Light, we experienced the third facet of the Divine Plan for this Holy Day. The Mighty Elohim invoked powerful 5th-Dimensional Beings associated with the Elemental Kingdom to come as reinforcements to assist the Elemental Kingdom on Earth in their endeavors to quickly purge the Earth of the atrocities Humanity has inflicted upon her. These 5th-Dimensional Beings associated with the Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether Elements will reinforce the battered and abused Elementals who have so selflessly sustained Humanity. They will assist with the necessary cleansing and purging of the negative thoughtforms, words, feelings, and actions Humanity has projected onto the elements of Earth. These human miscreations are now surfacing as the difficult situations people are experiencing in their personal and collective lives. Every human miscreation that reflects a lack of Love or Reverence for Life is now being pushed to the surface at an accelerated pace to be transmuted into Light. These distorted life situations, which result in the incredible pain and suffering people all over the world are experiencing, were created by ALL of us through our lack of awareness and the misuse of our free will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling. 
Prior to taking their strategic positions around the Earth, the 5th-Dimensional Elemental Beings made a Divine Covenant with our Mother God on behalf of Humanity. They promised that this cleansing process will take place with the least possible loss of human life. In return, you and I and every other person on Earth can further ease this process by invoking the Violet Flame, and by persistently expressing our Love and Gratitude to the Elemental Kingdom. Through our unified efforts, this imperative cleansing will be much easier than any of the prophecies predicted.
To insure that profound Truth, a fourth facet of the Divine Plan took place on the sacred day celebrating Mother Mary’s Ascension. The Company of Heaven stated that many sincere people on this planet are tapping into obsolete prophecies from Ages past that foretell of potential cataclysmic earth changes and massive loss of human life as the Shift of the Ages is brought to fruition and Cosmic Cycles end. The Beings of Light want us to remember that the only reason a Divinely Inspired prophecy is given that foretells a possible negative outcome, is so that Humanity will see what might occur if we continue our present course of direction. The Divine Intent of such a prophecy is to motivate Humanity to change the direction we are heading in, so that we will AVERT the potential negative outcome. In other words, if the prophecy is fulfilled it has failed to accomplish its intended goal. 
Through myriad Activities of Light orchestrated through the unified efforts of Humanity and the Company of Heaven over the past several decades, we have reached a critical mass that has indeed AVERTED the prophecies of old. This Earth and ALL of the Children of God abiding on this planet have made the choice, through our I AM Presence, to do what is necessary to atone for our Karmic liabilities so that we can move up the Spiral of Evolution with the rest of our Solar System. Our I AM Presence is now pushing our Karmic liabilities to the surface in each of our lives. This is why things have gotten so intense over the past few years, but the end result is going to be glorious and well worth the effort we have had to expend to clean up the mess we have created. As we learn our lessons and clear our miscreations from all time frames and dimensions, we will clear the way for our Ascension into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of God’s Infinite Perfection. NO ONE is going to be left behind.
The concern is that there are many powerful people still focusing on obsolete prophecies and expressing those fear-based beliefs to people all over the world. Remember, our thoughts and feelings are creative. If enough people are holding the expectation of cataclysmic earth changes, massive loss of human life, possible collisions with other celestial bodies, or the end of the world, we can create those scenarios. 
During the fourth facet of this unfolding Divine Plan, Archangel Michael invoked his mighty Lords of Power and Protection to come forth from the Great, Great Silence. These massive Galactic Beings of Light descended into the atmosphere of Earth and projected their luminous Presence into all of the vulnerable places in the body of Mother Earth. The Divine Intent of this intervention is to reinforce the body of Mother Earth to guard against not only Humanity’s destructive thoughtforms, but also the stress on these vulnerable areas that might be caused by the gravitational pull of celestial bodies passing by the Earth. These magnificent Beings of Light will remain with us until our Ascension into the 5th Dimension is God Victoriously accomplished.
On August 16th, our Mother God and all of the Feminine Aspects of Deity throughout Infinity bathed every recalcitrant soul, who was resisting the reality of our Mother God and Her Divine Love, in the healing unguent of Her amazing Grace. This Activity of Light activated within every Heart Flame and the DNA genetic codings within every man, woman, and child on Earth the remembrance of our Mother God’s Divine Presence.
On August 17th, powerful Angels associated with the Divine Qualities of Healing, Restoration, Transformation, and Transfiguration entered the aura of every person on Earth. With permission from each person’s I AM Presence, these selfless Messengers of God volunteered to remain with us and to bathe us with their Gifts of Sacred Fire until we are wholly Ascended and FREE.
On this Holy Day we were also blessed with an Angel of Resurrection and an Angel of Ascension. These precious Beings of Light will also remain with us until our Ascension in the Light is complete. They will assist each one of us through the process of transforming the carbon-based planetary cells of our Earthly Bodies into the crystalline-based solar cells of our Solar Light Bodies. 
On August 18th, the Cosmic Moment had arrived for the anchoring of our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love into the Heart Flame of every Son and Daughter of God evolving on Earth. The I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child belonging to or serving the Earth at this time stood in readiness. The entire Company of Heaven from Suns beyond Suns and Galaxies beyond Galaxies held the sacred space for the miracle that our Father-Mother God had been waiting for Humanity to accomplish since our initial fall from Grace aeons ago. 
Our Father God strengthened every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of precious Life energy on Earth with His Divine Will and Power. The Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms stood in wonder and awe as our Mother God expanded the radiant Sun of Her Presence to envelope the entire Planet Earth. For a Divine Moment, our Mother God held the Earth in Her Heart Flame. After a breathless pause, She breathed the Sacred Fire Breath of the Holy Spirit into the Crown Chakra of every Child of God evolving on Earth, and Baptized each One in the full power and might of Her Divine Love. This Baptism by Sacred Fire paved the way for Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness. 
After this facet of the Divine Plan was fulfilled, our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love was anchored in every person’s Heart Flame. These patterns of perfection will now filter into the conscious mind and heart of every person on Earth, revealing the Oneness of Life and our purpose and reason for being as Beloved Sons and Daughters of our Father-Mother God. Now through the patterns of Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life pulsating within our Mother God’s Love, we will discover the viable solutions for all of the maladies existing on Earth. Together we will cocreate the New Earth in all of her splendor and Light.   
And so it is.
The Center of My Universe
The center of my universe is the sacred Threefold Flame of my I AM Presence in my heart. My universe is every person, place, condition, and thing in my life and in the world, whether conscious or unconscious, past or present, through obvious choice, or through Karmic liability. Within my Heart Flame I can Love my universe free of all lower energies and thus set myself free, as well as assisting the forward progress of every other point in my universe. This affirmation is designed to open the flow for the Cosmic Force of our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love to pour through the Threefold Flame in my heart. Then, instead of being a victim to the circumstances in my world, through my I AM Presence I AM the master and cocreator of my life. 
I now visualize myself in the center of my universe with every person, place, condition, and thing in orbit around my Heart Flame, some close, some at a great distance. I visualize each one receiving Divine Love from the flame in my heart. In every case, this Divine Love is a greater force than the energy of that person, place, condition, or thing. I AM loving free every point in my universe, from its center, which is my Heart Flame. I remain in this state of consciousness, as I affirm slowly and with deep feeling:
I AM the center of my universe. (3X)
I AM a force of Divine Love to all of its points. (3X)
I AM a master over every vibration less than Divine Love. (3X)
I AM Free. . . I AM Free. . . I AM Eternally Free. 
And so it is!  Beloved “I AM”

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2012 Explained (Channeling)

2012 Explained (Channeling)

Greetings! We speak to you today as the combined energies of Sananda, Mahavtar Babaji, Archangel Lord Metatron, Plaeidians and the Sirians. Greetings!

You may wonder why the energies of Mahavtar Babaji join us today on a channelling of this nature. The reason: in 2012 the Earth is turned over unto the Lordship of Mahavtar Babaji. He takes over as the Lord of the Earth, and the physical changes and structural shifts of the Earth will now, if not solely, predominantly be guided by him and his energies. St. Germain remains the Earth Teacher but the Overlordship of the Earth now moves into the hands of the Mahavtar, and thus the Mahavtar energies preside over this meeting as well.

2012: a lot has been spoken of it; a lot of it true, some of it partially true, and a little bit of it complete hocus-pocus. And that little bit that is hocus-pocus relates to the destruction of the Earth. We have reiterated before, and we state clearly again; the Earth is not to be destroyed. She will go through cataclysmic shifts, certainly, but she will not be destroyed. Some parts of her will change very radically, some parts of her, as you know it today, you may not be able to recognize, but the Earth will not be destroyed.

Each time you speak of 2012, you instantly also think of the Mayan calendar and the ending of the Mayan calendar. But, beloveds, you have not questioned even once, what this Mayan calendar is. It never was a calendar of dates, events and schedules, as you know your calendar. The Mayan prophesies, though they roughly stated linear time, were never essentially about time-based events. The calendar is an energy and it brings forth to you energy-based events that have a potential to be or not to be. Thus lay your mind at rest that the Mayan calendar has come to an end.

The Mayans had, at that time, what was considered and still is considered, reached the highest levels of Consciousness. There are over 14 levels of Consciousness that a human, embodied spirit can reach. The Mayans had reached the 9th level of Consciousness. Rarely has this been reached and never has it gone beyond. If you look at their sacred structures, you might see 9 distinct layers of construction. These 9 were their awareness of their 9 levels of Consciousness. And each layer of construction was constructed in a manner to reveal the denseness or refinement of that layer of Consciousness.

But that is besides the point. We introduced the Mayans to you only so that you would now stop speaking of the Mayan calendar as though it were a tangible object. It is an energy that they were able to reach into, access and interpret. And though they were aware that they, too, lived in linear time, their so-called predictions were no predictions, at all, but just interpretations of potentials that could come to light, given a certain set of circumstances. Given a certain set of circumstances. And that is why of these so-called predictions, some have been experienced and others not.

Every energy-based event can only be, if you should want to use this word, ‘predicted’ as a probability that exists in the non-energy zone of potential. And that energy-based event can come true, can come into the critical mass of existential reality, only if other energies on which it is based, come together in a certain manner, if you wish to call it, in a certain formula or equation. In fact, beloveds, the blueprints that you have drawn up, so many of you, (which you are now aware of, through that which you have called ‘soul charts’) are, in a small way, what you could call an energy-based calendar. It gives you the potentials, the possibilities and probabilities that you have placed within your blueprint plan, and if such and such energy should mix with such and such energy, only then will this energy-based event come into reality, or else it will remain potential, and you will wonder why it did not fructify into reality.

So even your very blueprints are no pre-destined paths that you must and will follow. Every blueprint places into it several, several, several possibilities, and you experience only about 1/5th, and that 1/5th that you do experience, you believe is pre-destined. But there is no pre-destined blueprint, for by your free will choice of energy emission, and by your free will choice of energy focus, if you choose to emit and focus upon A strand of energy rather than B strand of energy, then that possibility that requires the B strand of energy in order to become real, will remain only as potential. It is vital for you to understand this so that you do not give up your power to those who claim to make predictions. What one can see as a prediction is only what the current energy will lead the predictor to see; what the current energy will lead you to see. And if that current energy should change, it will naturally not reach that so-called predicted event but another event entirely, which was also a possibility, probability, and potential in your blueprint plan.

And this brings us to the vital change that will take place in 2012: the change in time, for all energy-based events in your universe take place in time. But the concept of time will go through a radical shift post December 2012. We take your minds back to an earlier discourse in which we had discussed the hologram, the holographic grid in which each strand crosses the other at right angles, creating an orb of time. Do you recall?

Group Members: Yes!

Each orb of time holds within it, a certain era, a certain eon, a certain age, a certain civilization. Do you recall that? Which means, as the Oversoul, as the Monadic Soul, would you not, therefore, be aware of all the orbs simultaneously? As the Oversoul, as the Monad soul, which has not yet separated so stridently, would you not, at that level, therefore be aware of all the orbs in the grid? Would you then not be aware of all the eons, eras, civilizations, existences simultaneously?

The shift in time is this: all orbs must now come to a close. They have all run their cycle. All orbs will now come to a close. Will it happen overnight? Of course not! But starting in December 2012, under the guidance and under the Overlordship of the Mahavtar, every orb will begin to round off its time cycle. And thus all eras, eons, civilizations will come to an end, now. The Ice Age still exists, as does the feudal age, as does the Renaissance period, but all orbs will start coming to a close.

We reiterate: this will happen extremely gradually. Extremely gradually! In fact, beloveds, if you are hoping that suddenly in 2012, and suddenly in 2013, you will see dramatic changes within you and all around you, you will be disappointed. The changes, initially, will be imperceptible.

Do you recall what we said to you just a few days ago? You are carrying, with you, the debris. Do you recall?


2012, and the years after that, will see all energies that you have carried across the Rainbow Bridge, accelerated, intensified. So if there is greed within you, all around you, you will perceive tremendous greed. If there is violence, within you, all around you, you will experience violence, which may be even in the form of violent deaths. But if there is wisdom, what you will experience around you will be enlightenment, open minds, spiritual awareness. If there is love, you will experience all who will embrace you, giving you the opportunity to embrace all. So, for some, 2012 will truly appear to be the beginning of the end of the world, and for some, it will appear to be the beginning of the world.

Each one will not carry with them the same energy across the Rainbow Bridge. Some will come light, and others will come burdened. But there is a critical level of burden beyond which you are not permitted. Like your airlines have a rule; you cannot carry extra baggage. But here you are not allowed to pay for the extra baggage; you just have to deplane. So some will deplane. And so be it! And so be it! Energy returns to energy. But some will go across with heavy bags, and others will come light as feathers. The lighter you travel across the Rainbow Bridge, the greater will be your experience of the joy and the love that you have desired to experience in 2012 and beyond.

2012 in the Mayan calendar energy came to an end because it was not seen as what could be created, as each one will create 2012 differently. And like-minded individuals will come together to create a like-minded 2012 and beyond, and your experience of that could be different from her experience of that.

And that is why the Mahavtar has chosen that from henceforth the new energies that spearhead the universe will be emanated into the Earth through small groups, much like this one. It has been found that where large groups congregate, each one comes for a different reason and certainly not all are interested in an ascension process. Some come merely to make a statement, some come to pass away time, and some come because they feel bad not to be part of a process that everyone says is sacred. These conflicting energies are not what we will now use. Those groups can continue their channelings and discourses and meetings and the energies that come through will come through meant only for that group.

We need to emit energy into the physical realm through physical structures, of which the human structure is one. But we have to use physical structures with care, and we have to choose them with care. And so it is not about how ‘many’ but how ‘like-minded’. Look around you at any of the groups you may regularly be a part of. Look around you, closely, to see the Higher Consciousness awareness of members of that group. Does it align with your own, for you have been gathered with care. You have reached a Higher Mind Consciousness awareness. So you, particularly, should choose with care.

Why waste your time now on events that will not take you into a like-minded process of ascension? Choose like-minded consciousness now. We do not state this only for the purpose of spiritual meetings. Even in social contact, choose like-minded consciousness. And like-minded consciousness can very easily be identified by thought, word, feeling and expression. Do not permit consciousness that is different from your own to pull you down. You have to make rapid strides upon the Rainbow Bridge, and thus it is vital that groups, like yours, now begin to become aware of the debris that they must leave behind.

Awareness, Consciousness: these are your 2 key words: awareness of yourself and Consciousness of the energy that surrounds you. Do not be in places where the energies of Consciousness are not your own. Become aware and break those habits, break those chains.

Group Member: If time-lines are coming to a close, what happens to the souls who pass on?

Energy merges with energy. Beloved, when you pass on, there is no physicality that passes on. You have never been ‘you’, you will never be ‘you’. Energy merges with energy. There are layers and layers and layers of energy of different denseness and different refinement, and energies will find their like-minded place. There is no punishment. There is no taking away the prize, for there is no prize. It is only shifting into another vibratory frequency, which brings us back to those orbs.
Every orb has a vibratory frequency, and that vibratory frequency, when translated into physical terms, is seen as Light. So you say, ‘speed of light’. Speed of light is nothing else except that, which you call in spiritual terms, vibratory frequency. Now the orbs are closing their time cycles. All! All holograms of time are winding down.

How will they wind down? By the orbs emitting even higher vibratory frequencies than they are emitting now. As the speed of light increases, beloveds, time comes to an end. As the speed of light increases, time accelerates, as well and continues to accelerate so fast that, at some point, all space, here and there, become simultaneous. No time! You are here, you are there! In the Now!

In this current speed of light, you are here and, and an hour later, you will be there. But when the speed of light, vibratory frequency, begin to accelerate, time accelerates and space begins to constrict, for space is what time makes it. Space is a creation of time, and that is why it is always off spoken together – time and space. Space is created by time – here and there. For to be here and then to be there, there has to be time. But when time goes so fast, space becomes narrower and narrower and narrower and then is ONE. Here, there, everywhere, nowhere; take your pick. There is no time.
But what will make this speed of light go fast? Nay! Wrong question, for the speed of light has already started going fast, but your scientists are unable to measure it yet. The vibratory frequencies that create the realities of speed of time, have to gather a critical mass of their own manifested energy before it can be calculated by human machines. At present, the vibratory frequencies have already accelerated but have not gathered the mass required by which the scientists can become aware of the physicality of the speed of light increasing. But, we tell you, the speed of light has already increased and will continue to increase, and, in fact, will increase at an even faster pace from December 2012. Why? We must explain to you how the holograms will close. There is a small aperture, an opening, that lies dormant in every hologram. Now this opening has been gently activated. Like you have dormant chakras that have been activated from time to time to let in higher energies, similarly the time holograms, the orbs, have apertures. This aperture is opening; is still in the process of opening. Through this aperture flows in the Consciousness of the Potential, which has manifested itself into energy that cannot be identified and recognized by you, for it is in such vibratory frequency. As this uniquely high vibratory frequency of energy enters the aperture, it begins to have a catalyst effect, and the catalyst effect is that the vibratory frequency of that hologram begins to accelerate to keep up with the pace of the entering energy. The vibratory frequency begins to match the speed of the higher vibratory frequency of energy that is pouring in through that aperture. And as the vibratory frequencies of these orbs increase, the aperture increases, and as the aperture increases, it takes in greater vibratory frequencies of energy, and so on, till the cycle continues, faster and faster and faster, till……NO TIME.
But that is a very distant reality. By then the Earth will have changed her physical structure completely. The Earth is a part of the hologram, and as the earth changes her physical structure completely, human structure will change completely. We are just telling you of the distant Now.

But we wish to come back to your ‘burden’, for that is of vital consequence just now. Those burdens that you are carrying will not be able to survive as the vibratory frequencies of your orb begin to get finer. As that gets finer, your orb will start combusting, burning up. Not the earth, but the energies that cannot survive. So greed and hate and prejudice will literally burn. An energy can burn only through a physical medium, so when you ask if there will be typhoons and volcanoes and hurricanes, we cannot state ‘no’, for each energy, for example, greed, might choose a certain event through which it can burn up. We tell you that greed will burn up by a complete collapse of the system which exists. And it will not only be the macro systems that exist, beloveds; micro systems will burn up as well.

Release the burden. But you will say, how? You are trying, and we give you full credit for that, beloveds. The only way ‘how’ is to begin to work on your light bodies. You have to move from one light body to another light body. What is a light body? It is a vehicle which can carry and transmit a certain range of frequencies. The more you work on higher light bodies, the greater is the frequency range you can occupy yourself into.

There are 2 ways to work on light bodies. Some of you have already been shown by this instrument a process of working on your light bodies. But that process will remain incomplete, unless and until there are 2 simultaneous inner processes. One, of course, is self-awareness, acute self-awareness, without judgment, and the other is an accelerated development of intuitive abilities. For what are your intuitive abilities if not your light senses? These are the 2 aspects that you must simultaneously work upon: one within and the other outside, in the energy matrix, which envelopes the light bodies. Working upon light bodies is not a process that takes 2 months, 6 months, 10 years. You have to work on and on and on and on.
How will you be able to identify that you are growing in your light body? The most obvious will be the lessening of judgment, opinion, the expansion of understanding, empathy, compassion, tolerance, the lessening of separation, and the growth of unity, the quickness to look beyond the illusion of an event. At present, you get caught in the event, you stay caught in the event, then from that place of pause, you try to understand the event, and then begin to take baby steps out of the event. An expansion of light bodies helps you to go through the event, without any pause.

2012 and beyond will not stop the ‘events’, the ‘drama of life’. You may wonder why. How can events stop when you are in constant contact with all kinds of differing energies? As soon as you are in contact with a differing energy, there will be an ‘event’. And therefore, once again, we state: choose people with care, choose your groups with care, both spiritual and social groups. If they are not like-minded in Consciousness, break the habit of the group. You have ears and you have eyes. Listen and look at the members of the group without judgment. But if that group is not at your like-minded Consciousness, gently walk away, in love, not in judgment. The more you are in contact with greatly differing energies of Consciousness, the more numerous will be the ‘events’ that you will face.

Group Member: How does one work on intuitive abilities?

There are so many different ways. It can be through meditation. It can be through conscious recognition of energy. There are ways upon ways, beloved. You find a way that will best suit you. Some may need guidance, and others may do it all on their own. There is no one fixed answer. But if that is what you wish to experience and if that is the intent, in the non-energy zone, it will BE. Most certainly. And then the person helping you, and the means used, will become only an outside tool, which you can leave whenever you desire.

How do you work with energy to expand our light bodies?

Beloved, that is an extremely intense process. That is a process that requires deep knowledge of the energy grid, deep knowledge of the crystalline grid of the Earth, for in order to develop the light bodies, your energy body must be in greater and greater alignment to the crystalline grid of the Earth.
We ask you, right now, do not venture on your own, in that process. But if you should desire to do this, seek the help of those, like this instrument, who will guide you. There are those, like her, who are proficient, who have been made proficient, in this endeavour.

You said ‘move away from those who are not like-minded’. What if they are members of your family?

That is the most difficult group to move away from. A social group can be moved away from, a spiritual group can be moved away from, but you cannot move away from your family. Beloved, all you can do is to consciously not internalize their energy, and after you have been in their energy space, clean your own.

How do we clean it?

Again, beloved, whatever method is appropriate for you, whatever method feels right to you. There are those who use incense, others essences, still others crystals, still others colour, others light, others chants. The tools are many. You choose.

How will we know if we have reduced our baggage?

There is no fixed way or one clue. The only way you will know is by your inner experience. There will be parts of the day when you will feel dense, and there will be parts of the day when you will feel refined. As you clear away greater and greater volumes of debris, the parts of the day, when you feel refined, will be predominant.

We have been told that we are going through certain processes. What exactly is happening to us at this time?

Every individual is going through a process. We ask you to remember the aperture opening in the orb. As an aperture opens in the orb, certain apertures, in your grids, also simultaneously open. You have all attended several such gatherings (held by this instrument) where, in fact, you have been aided, by Higher Consciousness, into opening certain apertures.
What will you draw through those apertures? That will be different for each one. The constant is that you will draw an energy higher than your own current vibration. But it will not be the same energy. For example, if you are at level 1, you will draw level 2, but the one who is at level 20 could draw level 25.

Depending upon the vibratory frequency that enters through your open apertures, that energy will then enter and be directed by your physical system. By your physical system. The higher vibratory frequencies will be directed, either to the physical body, emotional body, mental body or spiritual body. The same frequency of energy may enter in her physical body as directed by her physical structure, into her emotional body as directed by her physical structure, and into her spiritual body as directed by her physical structure. And thus, though the frequency that each has drawn remains constant, it will manifest in completely different ways.

When the energy enters the physical structure, the physical structure is being physically changed. But for it to be physically changed, it has to be, first, physically swept clean. The emotional body will be changed of its energy. But for it to be changed of its energy, the old energy holds must be released. And if it enters the spiritual body, you will experience greater expanse of intuition, telepathic abilities, channelling, healing, just becoming aware of energy as you are sitting in quietude.

Does the physical have to be readied in some way?

Absolutely! The physical has to be a strong vehicle, a very strong vehicle.

Could you suggest some ways of doing this?

Beloved, we are done with suggestions. For groups like you, the awareness of such basic truths should not be spoken of. How many of you are not aware of the harmful effects of alcohol, of nicotine, of tobacco, of sugar? How many times have we asked you not to have chocolate, not to fill your bodies with high amounts of spices, not to flood your energy system and drown it with milk? Do you listen? You are still ruled by taste. You are still ruled by emotional need. But we tell you here, and we tell you now, if you enter 2012, and beyond, with the burden of an addiction, the physical body will collapse under the very same addiction. It will completely collapse. We do not say this in order to make you fearful, for we do not wish you to have any fear, at all, of 2012. We say this in order to make you aware.

Could you suggest an approriate diet?

No diets will be suggested. Ask your body, listen to your body. The vibratory frequencies that you are at now, each one of you, helps easy and clear dialogue with your body. You do not even need to try. It is as easy as dialoguing with us. If you choose not to, then that is your burden to carry.

Refinement must be from the densest structure to the finest structure, for how can you have a highly refined spiritual body if your physical structure is constantly caught in the denseness of the food that you consume or what you put inside. We tell you here and we tell you now, and you may desire to reject this completely and find your own illusory truth in what we say, but if those foods are consumed, if nicotine, tobacco, alcohol, drugs are consumed, your spiritual body cannot be the vehicle of Higher Light Frequencies. That is FINAL!

What if its not an addiction? Just for pleasure?

Child, it may not be an addiction at all. But every glassful of alcohol, and every cigarette, and every excessive amount of white flour, sugar, milk, chocolate, gets your inner environment acidic. An acidic environment cannot hold higher vibratory frequencies. It can hold only that which is dense. You may accept this truth or continue to dwell in your illusions.


Fear is even more addictive than alcohol and drugs, and fear is an addiction that everyone suffers from. We use our words with care; we have said it is an addiction. Truly, ask yourselves. Sometimes you are in a state of fear only because you are addicted to fear, because the fear gives you a reaction, either from within or from outside, that you desire. E.g. if you should act fear-full, you will get care and protection. Ask yourself, in what is my fear based? If the fear did not give you a certain emotional payoff, you would let it go. So what is the emotional payoff that you receive through your fear? Once you have identified your payoff, ask yourself, are you willing to let go of the emotional payoff? Once you let that go, the fear will disappear.

The emotional payoff might be the attention and emotional nurturing that you get, which you seek, which you otherwise do not get. If it is emotional nurturing that you seek, is there a healthier way to receive that? Even if you cannot give it to yourself, is there another healthier way to receive emotional nurturing from the outside? Once you know that, you let go of the fear.

We state this only because of the group that is present. There are those in which fear is genuine. But, in you, fear has become a habit, an addiction. There is really no genuine fear left, in anyone seated in this group. But you will still talk of your fear because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have a topic of conversation.

Sometimes it may be insecurity?

Insecurity, beloved, is distinctly different from fear. Insecurity is a temporary emotional state. Fear is an energy that can close every aperture opened by Higher Consciousness, if it is a genuine fear. Most fears have a root in emotional payoff.

Where does psychological stress come from? How do you relieve it?

You relieve it in so many ways. Some use music, others exercise; some use yoga, some reading. Find your own distinct way. But the problem lies that though you know your own distinct way, you do not use that way every day. You use it only once the psychological stress has escalated. Do not allow it to escalate. Just relieve yourself every day. Do you not urinate every day? Do you understand how much stress the body could be in, if you held back the urination process? But because stress cannot be felt and seen, you assume you do not need to relieve yourself each day. So find your method, but use it consistently.

I’ve already found it in crossword puzzles.

Then use it consistently.

I can’t do puzzles 24 hours a day.

If you need to do it 24 hours, beloved, then that is not the right method for you, in the first place. The right method is one where you may sit for a maximum of an hour and the remaining 23 hours are relatively calm.

Greetings! Live in Light! Choose Light! Be Light!

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Excited anticipation is intensifying all over the world 
08/24/2011 by John Smallman 

Excited anticipation is intensifying all over the world as the moment for your awakening draws ever closer, and its arrival heralds the commencement of fantastic celebrations in honor of this most glorious event. And when it occurs, humanity will burst forth in what previously would have seemed an impossibly vast explosion of uninhibited enthusiasm for what has happened, and this will not be momentary, for you will be entering the divine state of everlasting joy. 

Your awakening from the dark mists of suffering, decay, and death into the brilliant radiance of the divine Presence will be an utterly exhilarating experience, and yet it will be but the beginning of your eternal ecstasy. So while you wait, focus your attention on the wonderful changes occurring planetwide in preparation for this amazing event. Focus on releasing all your negative attitudes by intending always to think, speak, and act from the very center of your being, where the Flame of divine Light, your unbreakable connection to your heavenly Father, burns constantly to remind you of who you truly are. You do not need to identify each unloving attitude in order to release it; just be loving at all times, and they will all fall away as you realize that they no longer have any appeal for you. 

When you gather together with others holding similar intentions, the loving energy that each of you shares and demonstrates will be quite palpable to you, and will also be felt by others in your vicinity or passing through it. And when you depart from your gathering- place, the sense of peace that you created will remain. To gather together regularly in small groups to share your love and remind one another of the underlying divinity of your true Selfhood adds enormous positive energy to the awakening process all across the planet. Encourage each other to make time available to meet in loving consciousness groups. This intensifies the energy that is driving the awakening process because it strengthens your intent to awaken and helps you to rise above the distraction that bad news of any kind causes. Rising above the bad news makes it easier for you to envelop it in the Love field of which each one of you are eternal shimmering facets. 

The need for all of you to be loving and compassionate at all times is intensifying as everyone is coming face to face with personal issues that they have denied, buried, or just forgotten. This is causing them considerable discomfort, confusion, and even alarm, especially those who thought that they had already dealt with and released all their outstanding issues. By being constantly loving and compassionate – which is nothing less than a demonstration of your true Self in action – you provide much needed local environments of peace and stability, which are very valuable zones of comfort in which others can obtain temporary respite from the storms of the personal issues that they are presently undergoing. These respites give strength to those with whom you meet and interact, enabling them to temper their inner turmoil so that they can deal with and release these issues that no longer serve them. 

Immense fields of Love are enveloping the world at this moment in your evolution, so open your hearts to allow them to connect and interact with you as you continue indefatigably along your path toward awakening. It has been long and hard but the end is nigh. 

With so very much love, Saul.
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KUAN YIN on Earth Changes...

A Kuan Yin on Earth Changes... 
25 August 2011 

Channeler: Míria Gonzalez 

Think on the reflection of the pond, and understand its waves, when life ripples, it is not the pond that moves, but the waters within its container, the container stays the same, but through the force of wind, the water moves, and flows. 
Think on the wind, and the way it moves the pond, and think on the wind within, and how the winds of change, also move the stillness within you. 
And think on this stillness, and reflect on its movement, does the pond within move, or has the winds of life simply moved and changed the current? 
And think on the container, and understand the container, and understand the body as the container, and if the body is filled, does it not move, and if it is empty, does it not remain silent? 
Yet there is stillness in movement, and movement in stillness, for one, always leads to the other, and the other always leads to the one. 

Think on these things, as you begin your greatest evolutionary leap, you have yet to have occur. 
The next full moon, it will change the current, not of the world, but of the water within your bodies, and as the water moves, so you will move, and as the wind blows, so shall you blow with it, but still, you are the same, yet, your container goes unchanged, and with perception changed, so does the change of that which is outside 
We, I and the other ascended masters, have given you this rest, to reflect, and to remember, and to embrace, but now is not the time for in-action, but action 
In the stillness you have found solace, in the emergence you will find joy.
This will not be just a spiritual change this time, this will be a worldly evolution, a physical change, a major event, not of a natural disaster, but of a natural emergence. 
And as you come, to September 11, 2011, and I give, my most humble, and sincere love to you, at this moment, and at this space in time, for all that you have lost, and kindness, and love, and healing, to all the families for what they have had to endure, and we fill you with peace, and we offer you the understanding, that your loved ones are safe, and they are home with us. Their deaths, were not in vain. 

And we know that there are those of you on this site, who were involved in this national, worldly, and historical tragedy, and we give you the utmost love, and the most enduring understanding, and we offer to you, that we accept and love you, through your pain, not in spite of it, and that you are never alone 
And as this time passes, and as the nations change, and as the earth changes, and as the new emerges, and as you are being called to fully embrace who you are, now that you know, who you are 
We the pleidians of light, we the ascended masters, we the children of the stars, invite you to also participate with us, and as we come in physical form, and as we emerge from vibration into state, and as we come forth to you in this incarnation, we call you to come and join with us, in an eternal requiem of love 
And I, a Kuan Yin, one of many Kuan Yins, who have held this title, and embraced this beingness, come to you now, and in all ways, and we bless you, with the most tender understanding and acknowledgement 
And we accept you just as you are, and embrace you just as you are, and guide you just as you are 
And your pain helps you, as releasing your pain shall also help you, and when you are in times of trouble, know that we are near, and we are here
Though we will walk the earth, and you will know us, and you will see us, only those who see shall see, and those who do not see, shall not see until that time when they are ready 
And we will visit you, and will will come to you, in whatever manner you so seek 
For Love is eternally about the other 

You owe no allegiance to anyone, not even yourself, and especially, not to any symbols or ideals, and you do not have to follow, if you are led by fear, for fear follows fear, and love follows love, and when you follow Love, your conscience shall not lead you to paths unclear 
And do not fear that you must embrace us, and do not fear that you are required to hear us, and do not fear that we have come to force change upon you, or to direct you to any intention other than your own 
Your will is clear to us, and your will is dear to us, and we will honor it, and treasure it, as if it was our own child, and as if it was our Will alone 

We love you eternally. We walk within your heart always, at all times, and we are here, and we are with you, do not be afraid 
When you are told the end is near, flee, do not run, for this is only illusion, and when you are told bombs will strike, flee, do not run, for this is fear, and if you are told, that comets shall crash the planet, and destroy the sun, flee, do not run, for this is fear, and if you are told that the poles shall shift, and all disaster will ensue, flee, do not run, for this is fear, 
For if we have lived throughout the ages, and if we have been through eternities upon eternities, and if we have built technology, and understandings, far beyond your current awareness, and if we are beyond your current awareness, and if you have true understanding and wisdom, do you not understand that there is nothing, my dearest beings of light, that will prevent you from achieving your dream: A world of Love. For our protection is infinite, and if but you understood, that you are not the only ones, but miriads of planets, amidst miriads of stars, and eternities of worlds upon worlds, some of great evolution, others of great defeat, and if we would protect all of this balance, what less would we do for you? For you are loved, and guided, and protected, always. 
And if we would protect you, and if we would protect your children, and if we would protect what is considered the least of these, down the the very molecule of the grain of sand, what less would we for the Universe, or the earth herself? 

I tell you: There is nothing to fear. I tell you: Anyone who speaks of fear, IS fear. I tell you: You created this, and only you can change this, for, this is but an illusion, and it is your illusion, and you will keep creating it, until, if, and when, you decide you have had enough. 
And when you have had enough of this illusion, and when you have set aside your own illusion, for a grander understanding, and a more powerful experience, you will see that a comet is nothing more than dust in the sands of time, and the time of sands has long passed. 
And forever shall you realize, and forever shall you see, that even the dead, shall be reborn, and even the living, shall be reborn, and even those of old and old before, shall be born, for you will see, that this body, is nothing more than a temporary state. 
Loss is only an illusion of doubt, doubt is only an illusion of pride, pride is only an illusion of envy, and envy is only an illusion of guilt, and all things, stem from their root in fear. 
Believe nothing I say, search with your hearts, for always it is to guide you back to yourself, and yourself, that self, which is the inner being of irridescent light that radiates out into the entire universe, contains all knowingness, and unlimited expression of beingness 
When the change comes, you have nothing to fear. I bring you good news, not the end of the world 
In namaste, in prefectora, in Truth, 

A Kuan Yin

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Message from El Morya and S.Germain

Message from El Morya and S.Germain 

By Suzanne Lie 
Aug 24, 2011 - 12:57:12 PM 

Greetings, I AM El Morya, 

I speak to you again of being an Ascended Master with a physical form. All of the Ascended Masters throughout the ages have had the ability to maintain an earth vessel for varying amounts of time. St. Germaine was known to have an earth vessel for centuries. He is an example of the power of transmutation because he serves on the Seventh Ray of Transmutation and Ascension. 

Transmutation and ascension are the same because the transmutation of the frequency of physical matter into the frequency of spiritual energy is the core of ascension. When you decided to incarnate on Earth, you inserted your multidimensional energy field into a physical encasement. Unfortunately, you usually forgot that YOU were the essence and NOT the encasement. Fortunately, many of you are now remembering that you are the essence, the spirit, and the energy of the ONE that enlivens your form. When you are done driving and you leave your car, the car does not disappear, nor do you. However, when you are in your car, you and the car appear to be ONE. 

During sleep and meditation, many of you step out of your vehicle. However, it is important that the vehicle is parked before you leave it. Would you leave your car while it was moving? In the same manner, you would not like to step out of your earth vessel while you are walking down the street. Just as a moving car could crash if you left it, your body would fall if you left it while you were moving. For this reason, Ascended Masters learn to be fully conscious of how much of their Essence is inside their physical form. As an Ascended Master you will learn that when you visit the higher worlds, you make sure you park your vehicle where it is safe. Then, you can return to it when you are needed in the third dimension. 

Fortunately, your inter-dimensional travels are out of time. Therefore, what appears to you to be a substantial journey, appears to others as only the blink of your eyes. However, this eye blink must occur only when the body is safe. The physical form is quite delicate and difficult to maintain at optimum health in the lower frequency of the third dimensional world. As you know, molecules of life decay over time in the physical world and are susceptible to injury and illness. This fact is especially true when your essence/spirit is visiting other realities. 

When you visit the higher frequency worlds, you can merge with one of your many higher dimensional expressions of your SELF, or you can choose to visit these worlds in a formless state of pure consciousness. On the other hand, you may want to create a higher dimensional form to represent your visiting consciousness. These forms are created with multidimensional light and unconditional love. Hence, they are infinite and indestructible, and they automatically disarticulate and return to the ONE when you are no longer using them. 

An advantage of being an Ascended Master is that your multidimensional consciousness has marvelous healing powers, which can be used on your physical vessels. However, the high frequency that heals your earth vessel also creates a sense of great exhaustion for beginners. To have a consciousness that is resonating to a much higher frequency than its container is very tiring for the container. Hence, frequent naps, meditation and excursions into Nature are important while residing within your earth vessel. Walking in Nature is important so that you can more fully ground yourself into the body of Mother Earth. 

Once grounded, it is easier for you to accept Gaia's assistance. The form for the Planetary Consciousness of Gaia, planet Earth, allows your body to have a break from the burden of holding a form of a much lower frequency than your consciousness. Eventually, as well as during Planetary Ascension, your higher consciousness within your carbon vessel will transmute (raise the frequency of) every cell and atom of that vessel into its fifth dimensional counterpart of Lightbody. In the meantime, your Ascended Master consciousness will remind you how to use your multidimensional healing powers to heal and maintain your third dimensional vessel. Then, you can more easily continue to use your clay vessel until your Personal and Planetary Ascension has been completed. 

In the meantime, your ascended consciousness will upgrade your vessel from the inside out by activating your "junk" DNA. This 97% of your DNA, which has been labeled as "junk DNA" by your scientists, is actually the hard drive for your transmutation into Lightbody. Therefore, it expedites your ability to experience the transmutation process into Lightbody, while your consciousness still inhabits your clay form. As this transmutation continues, your expanded perceptions will increasingly come online and your clairvoyance, clairaudience etc. will assist you to consciously perceive the multidimensional energies entering and integrating into your third dimensional world. 

These perceptions are the best antidote for the 3D fear virus, which can be very disruptive to your ever-changing physical vehicle. Once you can consciously perceive the higher dimensional energy fields as they flow into and merge with your personal vessel and your planetary vessel, you will KNOW beyond any doubt that you ARE ascending. When you first begin to perceive these molecules it is helpful to close your physical eyes and observe your reality with your opened Third Eye. Your third Eye allows you to perceive these energies, whereas your High Heart assists you to merge into, communicate with and understand the message of these energies. 

To try out these multidimensional perceptions: 
Take a moment to look around your present surroundings through your Third Eye. 
Release all thoughts. 
Center your emotions into a neutral place. 
Calm your body and sit with a straight spine to align and open your chakras. 
Expand your consciousness by modulating your breathing so that your exhale is twice as long as your inhale. 

Take a moment to process your experience with your expanded consciousness. 

Before you go about your day, make sure that your consciousness is fully integrated into your earth vessel before you move it. In other words, before you move your vehicle: 
Fasten the seat belt. 
Adjust the mirrors, especially the rearview mirror. 
Check the fuel level. 
Start the engine. 
Check out your surroundings. 
Then, move your vehicle. 

When you are done using your vehicle, park it in a safe place, lock it so that no one else can use it and surround it with light. Don't forget to clean your vehicle, check the oil and make sure it has enough fuel. Do NOT drive your vehicle unless your primary attention is in the third dimension. It took you a long "time" to awaken this vehicle to its true nature. It is much easier to maintain it than it would be to get a new one. You have waited, studied and incarnated in myriad timelines in preparation for this opportunity to hold a physical form during this time of Personal and Planetary Ascension. Therefore, YOU are the treasure of your Multidimensional SELF. 

Your Ascended Master SELF perceives the energy that embodies the third dimensional form. However, your human self sees the form without full realization of the energy that created it, fuels it and gives it life in the third dimensional world. Therefore, when your earth vessel is parked and safe, practice your Ascended Master perceptions by perceiving the energy that creates, enlivens, sustains and connects all life. 

At first, you may only be able to perceive the molecules of life while in a meditative state of higher consciousness, as the volume of that sensory data will overwhelm your mundane consciousness. However, as your multidimensional consciousness comes fully online, it will become increasingly natural to see energy and form simultaneously. In the meantime, I invite you to call upon me for assistance. I will be honored to answer your call. My Brother in the Light, St. Germain, will now address you. 


I AM El Morya 


St. Germain Speaks 

Awakening with Suzanne Lie 

August 5, 2011 

Beloved Grounded Ones, I AM St. Germain, 

I wish contribute to my dear friend El Morya's message about keeping a physical form while being an Ascended Master. I see that you, dear grounded masters, tire of the hardship of the third dimension and wish to expedite your return Home to your true vibration. Most of you have served the cause of ascension for myriad lifetimes, and wish only to bask in the glory of multidimensional light and unconditional love. I can joyfully tell you now that you are, indeed, coming to that moment. 

However, as you have learned in your many incarnations, the last 3/9ths of any project is the most difficult. First of all, you are exhausted with the process. And, second, everything that you put off until "later" because it was too difficult is now in front of you. Please know that you were correct in putting off certain tasks, as they required your Ascended Master consciousness to address and successfully complete them. Furthermore, the frequency of Earth was too low for many of your higher actions to be understood and appreciated by the collective consciousness of that era. Hence, many brave moments fell into the oblivion of the mass amnesia. 

Auspiciously, now that you are standing at the very threshold of Planetary Ascension, the frequency of Earth is higher than it has been since the fall of Atlantis. Therefore, be patient. Many of the problems of your darker times will be automatically released because the frequency of fear and duality can no longer tolerate the resonance of planet Earth. Hence, the transmutation of physical matter into spiritual energies will be greatly facilitated. 

As Ascended Masters holding a physical form, you have volunteered to participate in the final transmutation of darkness into light and duality into unity. Initially, you may experience this transmutation with sadness, for indeed, your old world is dying. It is appropriate to feel sorrow at the end of an era. Even though it was an era of great challenge, many of you who took forms found great love, victory and even enlightenment in the midst of the separation and limitation of the last 12,000 years. 

You have had some lives of great victory and others of horrible suffering. We also know that fear and anger were constant threats during your many physical incarnations. However, you were brave enough to return, again and again, to serve in trying to stem the ever-increasing energetic downfall of Gaia's body. We Ascended Masters know how difficult incarnations on Earth can be, but we also know the joys and victories that are possible. Hence, we understand that there is a reason to morn. We wish to tell you all that NOW you can allow yourselves to relax into the joy of your return Home to your true frequency of expression. 

Therefore, your final act before ascension is to clear your physical form, which is truly a component of Gaia's form, of the many fear-based emotions, thoughts and memories. You have been brave warriors far beyond your knowing. In fact, please take a moment to recognize how brave you have been to return again and again to a planet in which you had a greater possibility of feeling fear and sorrow than love and joy. But, return you did, lifetime-after-lifetime. 

At first, you could not remember your many incarnations and came into each incarnation as if it were your first. Worse yet, you could not remember the glorious returns Home into the higher worlds that you experienced after incarnations of spiritual expansion. On the other hand, in some incarnations you became so lost in the ever-present darkness that it took many lives and returns to the lower realms of the fourth dimension before you could remember your true SELF. 

Blessings, dear grounded ones, for in this incarnation you have remembered your true, Multidimensional SELF while still holding a physical form. In fact, you have remembered that you are NOW and have ALWAYS been an Ascended Master. Therefore, do not be fooled by the crumbling 3-D Game as it degrades around you. Release that which is leaving with unconditional love and joy of completion. At the same time, embrace whatever fills your being with the love and light of your true SELF. 

I remind you to fully acknowledge that YOU are an Ascended Master who is still logged into the third dimensional Matrix of Earth. With the detached compassion of an Ascended Master, calmly observe how the third dimensional structures of limitation and separation are degrading more and more each day. In response to this observation, first transmute your every fear-based thought or emotion into unconditional love. Then, project that unconditional love into each and every situation that comes into your awareness. 

Whenever a fear-based thought, emotion or situation enters your awareness you may call upon me for assistance by using my most powerful Mantra of: 

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze 

The Violet Fire 

Transmuting ALL Shadow Into 

Light, Light, Light 

Repeat this Mantra three times to transmute darkness/fear into light/love. 

Just as ultraviolet is the highest frequency of the third-dimensional light spectrum, a higher octave of Violet Light resonates as the highest frequency of every octave of light. In fact, there is a Violet Temple of Transmutation leading to the threshold of every dimension of reality to assist the cosmic traveler to adapt to that expression of reality. When you call upon the Violet Fire, you are pulling in the energy of these many Violet Temples, as well as the force of transmutation. 

The force of transmutation, which can change a lower frequency of form into its higher frequency counterpart, has been at the core of all creation since Gaia first took Her planetary form. Transmutation has the power to raise a person, place thing or even thoughts and emotions into a higher frequency of expression. As you now take your higher form of Lightbody, it is the Violet Light that will ease your transition from matter into spirit. 

Please call me and I will answer. It is my Mission and my privilege to assist you with your personal and planetary transmutation. 

St. Germain

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