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Why are we here?

s this a political site? There is so much fear mongering.

We are beings of Love and Light. The only way to raise the vibration of Earth is by not buying into the illusions and for everyone of us who are called to assist, to love ALL with the unconditional love that is the Divine Love and Light. Of course there are corruptions, hate, pain and the rest of the darkness. Why do you think we are here in human form? Why say that you are just pointing things out when you are actually emotionally vibrating and expanding the fear, anger, disgust, etc of this beautiful planet that has requested ourf help? This is why we are here.

We cannot help them when we buy into the judgements. When you have an emotional response. Step back and take a breath and recenter into your heartspace--into the Love that we really are. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Remember that this is an emotional planet. Feel the love. Be and vibrate out the Love and Light that we really are.

Remember that all the darkness is, is merely the absence of Light. If it is not Love and Light then it is the illusion. Don't fall asleep in the fear. Be the Love that you really are. Shine your Loving Self brightly unto them all. Be the Light. Remember who we all really are. There is no energy greater than Love and Light. You are that Love and Light. 



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