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What is the nature of reality?

The candle light once asked the sun; what am I? And the sun replied; you are too close to me, in order to see what you are in all your splendour, we need to put you in the darkness. But what is darkness, said the candle light? Oh it is everything that you’re not, answered the sun. And according to some people, so is the individual soul that will leave God, in a sense, to enter the wheel of life, to learn to know his self.

This story brings interesting questions about the nature of what we call ‘’reality’’. How was this darkness created by God? Most people think we live in a solid universe, but more and more we discover that it may very well be thought bound, a sort of holographic dream that seems solid to us, but is no more real than the ones we have during the night. The recent movie Inception brings this topic of multi-level dreams. Quantum physic is leaning toward this, and we also find this idea within some oriental philosophies, the Rosicrucian and the course in miracles just to name a few.

It would make sense that God, instead of creating a real physical world with real human suffering, would have created this illusion instead. Wouldn’t you have done the same if you had the power? To someone born in a loving paradise, how could you explain most sorts of violence? You would have to create some kind of simulation, and the actors wouldn’t be real bad guys. You might dream in your mind that you burn your neighbour’s house, but you’ll be relieved when you wake up, and you will have done nothing wrong.

If it is the case, then everything dark in this world is God’s creation, and it may be as fake as a series of facades in a studio set. It is the darkness that makes it possible to admire the details of the candle light. The darkness in which every individual soul is learning to shed God’s light by way of Love. But how would that work in practical terms? I have a theory on the subject, which I am dying to prove wrong, and among all people from planet Earth, you might be able to help.

If we recognize that our reality is a simulation emanating from God’s mind, we would have to consider that he has perfect control over it. So the apparent chaos and insecurity we see is just that; apparent. For instance, what people call the devil couldn’t exist in Oneness, and then we’d have to consider that a higher enlightened being is playing that role for God, the grand architect and producer. Would a loving father tolerate a loose mad dog around the house? In God’s reality, madness doesn’t exist, it has to be simulated.

And like the darkness, our reality is mostly everything God is not, besides all those candles running around, trying to shine brighter and brighter. And if everything is in God’s control, we might assume that almost every key player in the history of our world has to be a spiritual higher being connected to the Plan. But what about Bush and Blair? Could they be angels playing roles of psychopaths? Why not? Let’s take the example of the Illuminati. To most people, the all Seeing Eye is the symbol of evil. But what if it is simply the eye of God, the observer in the third dimension? All those terrible things we hear about them may well be ‘’character building’’, painting them as the ultimate villains. Lucifer is the light bearer, and they are ‘’illuminated’’ beings. No wonder they are in control of so many things, including the entertainment industry, the economics and politics.

Think of it as a school in which learning processes like a game. Higher beings come here to play and they take different bodies and roles as actors, musicians, sports celebrities, politicians, financiers, and together they ensure the evolution of all souls. The DNA pattern is a good image for the wheel of life. It is an infinite spiral existing in the Now, and the two parallel stairways join in the middle. It is the relationship between beings that exist in different frequencies, one higher that the other. It is that brotherhood that drives up evolution. This could be the meaning behind the number 11. God is one, we are one, 11 is made of two ones, two brothers helping each other.11:11 is the brotherhood in duality. 33, the infamous Illuminati number could be the symbol of angelic brotherhood in 3D? Roger Waters of Pink Floyd’s fame wrote; God wants peace, God wants war, God wants famine, God wants chain stores. But he also said; God wants his secret never to be told. Some other musicians also alluded to that. Could that secret be that most villains we see in this illusionary world are angels in disguise?

In order to create all this evil, they have to become masters of deception, recreating everything God is not. In the movie Groundhog day, which is laced with spiritual symbolism, the main character is named Phil Connors and could very well represent Philadelphia meaning brotherly Love and Connors as con artists. He works for the channel 9, which is the last stage before returning to the One, and he moves out of his reincarnation wheel once he realise unconditional Love in the Now. So it is no surprises that everywhere we look for the truth, we only find thousands of people who are sincerely preaching different ones. Most of us can not imagine that loving human beings would lie to us on spiritual matters, so we fall prey to one or another theory. Take channelling for instance. The only thing I can say is that I never experienced it myself. So who are all those channelers we encounter? Is it possible that some angels are creating those characters and that some of us, for dubious reasons, are compelled to copy them? The names we see; SaLuSa, Sananda, Michael, Gabriel, are they real beings or simply characters created by angels?

I’d be glad to meet any one of them any time, it is an open invitation. Have anyone among you ever seen any of them? There is often a definite and obvious trace of obscurantism in their speeches, which I think is a trade of most Avatars. I find it odd that such an advanced civilisation has to use voice machines, pictures, drawings and channelers to communicate with us. I bet a short video of real aliens made in a real spaceship would do wonder on the Internet to put aside any possible doubt about their presence. It is hard to comprehend that they can’t technologically do it. On the other hand, if they want to keep the mystery floating around, they are doing a wonderful job.

It is no different than anything else; most people are drawn toward pleasure and entertainment, some by greed, some by Buddhism, some by aliens. These are all polls of attraction creating different experiences, bringing different opportunities to manifest Love and learn the art of critical thinking. This is not to say that aliens don’t exist, of course they do. By definition, every soul not born on earth is an extra-terrestrial. Heck, according to that definition, we all are because we were born from God before we incarnated 3D. But maybe, most of what has been written and said simply depict a distorted image of this reality, intended to fool us. Don’t you think it is odd that they often show them as small non aesthetic naked being? Would you beam down on a hostile planet naked? The logical thing would be to think that they would be beautiful beings, but then they wouldn’t have inspired fear like the Greys and the Reptilians, which I never met either. I don’t know if I want to extend an open invitation to those guys though.

I believe that some of the new age spirituality is there to prepare us to ascension, but it might not occur the way we imagine. We are learning thru the law of attraction and other manifestations, that we have powers that allow us to shape our reality, but this is just an introduction. Since it is thought born, it would make sense that we could some day, choose which reality we want to live in. 5D might in this case, look like the Nexus in the movie Star Trek Generations, a world made for you, created out of your best memories from past lives. From there, out of our desire to serve, we could re-enter 3D to play key roles in the evolution of other dualistic realities, and some higher beings to us will be our guides, and so will the spiral of life go on forever.

In conclusion, how would this vision of reality affect us? First we might realise that we are in fact in God’s mind and that nothing bad can happen to us, that death is a fiction. It would become irrelevant to know if there will be an evacuation of the planet or not. We are approaching the harvest of 5D souls, those who have chosen Love against all odds. Those that turned to their survival instincts will be recycled in another 3D reality. Other than that, we might realise that we live in a non-truth reality and that nobody can know for sure what is true and what is not. John Lennon wrote; Life is what is happening while you are busy making other plans. For all we know, even chemtrails might be angel’s dust designed for our ascension, sprayed by alien ships holographically disguised as planes. So instead of debating whether or not the reptilians or the Illuminati are so and so, the best thing is to wait for the end of that 3D dream with anticipation, practice Love as much as we can and connect to higher beings and God thru meditation, while recognise simply that…we don’t know.

Any thoughts on that?
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