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I WISH I COULD FLY:I wish I could fly,high in the blue sky.Between the birds,where nothing hurts.So I can touch the stars at night,so I Cansit with the angels side by side.And bring peace in every hart that needsto learn,and let the bad things that everhappen burn.FAITH:All i believe in is faith.In this world of trouble,I"m not afraid.There are things you can neverknow,you are just like someone else,in this world below.War and outrages,that"swhat"s happen now.Is everybody happy now?With war and outrages you cannot solve something!But still i"m not afraid,in this world of trouble.All i believe in is FAITH!!ANGEL:"Think, in mounting higher,angels would press on us,andaspire to drop some goldenorb of perfect song into our deep,dear silence.
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