Indore, MP.

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The disciple of the true Guru. Serving Guru & Devotional Poetry. By the Guru's grace I wrote the following books: 1. The Light Of Devotion Of Knowledge Of Brahma.* 2. The True Guru's Grace.* 3. Navatha Bhakti (The Nine Ways of Practical Devotion). Note: * Poetry Books.

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My Guru is Guru Siddha Nath. For details please visit www.nathyogi.com

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  • Thank you Nath

  • Thank you, Nath :) 

    Yes, all in Divine Timing. Namaste :)

  • Apologies, I only just saw your friend request.

    Thank you, love and blessings. :)

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    HERE IS A MESSAGE THAT NO you understood ...
    Dear Irm? The Stars, my fondness full of energy for your fluidic
    heart? ... the Our paths can be conducted the paths of purity c? Smica so that we have
    the opportunity to evolve some steps in the wisdom Ess? ncia ...

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    Querido Irmão das Estrelas, meu carinho especial repleto de energia fluidificada para seu coração... Que nossos caminhos possam ser conduzidos as sendas da pureza cósmica para que tenhamos a oportunidade de evoluir alguns degraus na sabedoria Essência...


  • The Interlaced Heart my friend is the merging of the Feminine with

     the Masculine and the Symbol of Regeneration is changed forever.

     It has a book I could write but you already know that. The simple story is the Red of the

    Passions are cooled with the Blue of Spirit and Logic merging to Violet. There are 4 hearts the red rising the blue descending with the two lovers in balance merging left

    and right all surrounded in Gold as is this page it now resides in.Drawn by my friend Peter Fich Christiansen of Denmark with my instructions. It is a Healing Mandala.

    Blessings once more namaste kingjeff

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  •  Thank you Nath Yogi for your offer of friendship

    I am honored by your request. Blessings Joy Love Balance Grace Harmony kingjeff8114684077?profile=original

  • Thank you, Nath...Namaste

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Nath Yogi posted an event

Jul 21, 2013 at 7:00pm to Jul 22, 2013 at 6:00pm

Heera ki Bageechi (Diamond Park)

Nov 2, 2020
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"Hari Om!
Glad to be your friend."
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"Hari Om!
You are welcome."
Dec 22, 2013
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"Hari Om!"
Oct 30, 2013

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