February 3

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im a man who goal in life is to reach spirtaul englinghment i love animals nature fun and love being unqie i dont mix with anyone negative who drinks or smokes im trying to follow the light way from this controled evil world

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alaje ashtar alex colleir david icke

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  • How are you going? nice to see you here, regards Orion.
  • Namaste Nabil
    I am from Ruakaka nr Whangarei

    Love and blessings brother

  • I do not claim to know 100% all the truth of the answers you ask, but what I believe is my truth is that I have many lives on other dimensions - one is that I am from your future from a race of zeta entities who wish to understand emotions that humanity has, and I came to NZ as it was a good place to work on myself and clear/heal negativity. Peace to you.
  • I first 'remembered' Ashtar when I heard the Eric Klein channellings in the early 1990s :-)
  • Hello Nabil, I am Ishvar Sheran, currently I'm living near Christchurch but I will be moving in 2010. Bright Blessings to you.
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Nabil left a comment for Ishvar Alora Sheran
"awsome are you able to be conscious in those otheir life forms? do you have visions or dreams of the future ? eg 2012 im very interested thanks"
Jan 15, 2010
Nabil left a comment for Ishvar Alora Sheran
"thats interesting may i ask you sameting you say you are a walk in et what being are you and why are you in new zealand? thank you"
Jan 8, 2010
Nabil left a comment for Ishvar Alora Sheran
"thank you very much for your comment if i may ask how did you know about ashtar and ets etc?
take care"
Dec 30, 2009
Nabil left a comment on Mayan 2012 and Beyond
"will reptilans revel ther selfs in 2012?"
Dec 29, 2009

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