Los Teques, Miranda


May 17

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I am a person seeking for connection with the Universe. I have always been wishing to be able to help others in a significant way. I love Languages, Literature(I write Poetry, prose and stories)Dragons, Life in other planets and the spiritual evolution of all of us as One.... I LOVE YOU ALL

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  • Thank You Alberto:  

    Funny how we never met on here, originally and had to wait for our divine timing to kick in.

    Glad you are here now, and how throughout one glance, a deep first google video call, a facebook video message date, and some amazing dreamtime meditations and recognitions, we've swiftly discovered ourselves as each one's Soul Match, Soul Team Beloved!  How beautiful, such sparkling synchronicity.  How familiar to our heart's infinity.  How the fellow starseed can now giggle and cheer, feeling our Love Ripple blazing through... bringing their Soul Mates to them, as easily as me to you!

    How blessed We are.  Thank you Unseen Helpers!  We will dance with you and celebrate.  I found my life partner, My Soul's Mate!  Our Soul Gifts are super charged to unfold and compliment, take wings and soar.  This is the sexiest part of All.  

    Like many of us, we are ripe, fluffed and ready... and when we were least pushing or needy, resting in our very whole sense of Divinity... we peeked a little further, and found our True Familiar.

    Who wants to know our secret?  At least the outward part.  We visited and made profiles on www.in5d.com Connections, where potential conscious partners, await, all lined up.  We followed our senses, our hearts, and our guidance, and I offered up friendship.  My heart was recognized in an instant.  And here we are two Dreamers, on two continents, blazing the love light trail.  Eagerly making it real.  Grateful to channel our divinity into our humanity, for all of creation to relish and see as we take to lead on the front lines of love!

    Yes to every blessing you share and say.  I love you all the way!

    Tender Kisses from your Feathered Serpent of Love!8115014489?profile=original


  • Hi Honey I'm Home!  Funny we did not meet here, until I found you on in5d!

    I see you.  Enjoyed weaving you into our sacred Lemurian Circle of Love tonight on Imbolc, and Chinese New Year, Feathered Serpent.  It was so sacred.  We all brought in new intentions.  You will be on board with mine!  They are to be realized over these two weeks. We both know how much can unfold in 2 short weeks, Beloved ONE!

    Grateful we found each other... Love Ripple Friend!

    I love you dearly!


  • 8114979676?profile=original




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MystiqueWizzard left a comment for jenuineindigo1
"All righty, love of my soul..Here I am blazing the trail with you, deeper than deep, sweeter than sweet and One with All That Is...Love you so very much, baby
Me ^_^"
Feb 1, 2014
MystiqueWizzard commented on Marco Ragusa's blog post Ascended Master Saint Germain: Anger in Lightworkers
"Well, Shelley, for me the eyes not only moved, they twinkled as if they were alive...And It spooked me for a minute..."
Sep 20, 2011
MystiqueWizzard commented on Marco Ragusa's blog post Ascended Master Saint Germain: Anger in Lightworkers
"Let me be an example and free me from ego-centered thoughts and opinions.
It´s my heartfelt request to you, beloved Master..."
Sep 20, 2011

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"Seriously Siriusesque cosmosis incoming....🪐🌟🌟🌟😎🌟🌟🌟🪐

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 Greetings, dear ones, I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This will be a different kind of channelling. It is not a standard message, but instead it is the presentations of three future potentials that you may indeed see. This meeting is being put on…
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 Everything we thought we knew is now revealed to be untrue.It has all been revealed for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. We have built our world on a foundation of lies so bold that few dared question them.If the resistance to change and…
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"🧘🏻‍♀️ Yes, finding a calm and balanced way to navigate through the inner realms, to observe what happens there without getting sucked into it…🏄🏻‍♀️"
3 hours ago
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"Nice brain tinglezzZzz 😊🤫😴"
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"Now that's good advice, dear heart...Especially the snoozing bit....😁But, seriously, yes, one must practice this type of technique and learn not to react emotionally, or overthink the trauma...It just is and RELEASE IT...

Now I've started on…"
3 hours ago