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My Beginnings~

Since my very first "paranormal" experience at age 15 when I gave my first psychic reading, I was so thrilled and delighted that there was more in life then what you can see or sense with our 5 senses. I remember how magical my life became when I discovered I could know things so easily without having to know someone. I was giving one reading after the other free both to test myself and help others at the same time. I was accurate and could not believe it that I had this "magic" ability to see things that were more often then not right. 

I contacted a Psychic by mail (back then there was no e-mail). I received an answer that I never forgot. She said that I was born to read people, heal and also teach them. I knew she was right. I was quickly developing my ESP and giving more readings. I discovered my hands could heal from a mysterious heat emanating from them. I removed many headaches not really knowing what I was doing or how it worked. I seemed to be innately wise without knowing how or where it was coming from. Life was magical.

I indeed taught then and i teach now but I research what I receive always for confirmation. I learned how to meditate at 18. I was in bliss 24/7. Many weeks all happened in a synchronistic way and I never felt so joyous but because I was unprepared for becoming interdimensional I got frightened and all seemed to collapse around me and I began perceiving very differently, feeling like perhaps I had died. I wish I knew than not to be frightened, it attracted paranormal activity and lower entities thriving on my fall and adrenaline. It took some healing but I did not meditate for a long time after that. 

I believe some individuals need to meditate at least part time in order to maintain the rightful things and/or attract them. Meditation takes you to where the angels are and a feeling that heaven can in fact be on earth. It is the key to ascension and living the rightful life that you are meant to have. Actually any desire is naturally granted because those desires were created before you realized that you had them and they have been waiting for you to claim them. I believe in reincarnation and karma but also grace which means that by the grace Source can give you or remove from you what you desire regardless of your karma. Meditation is the way. It is narrow as scripture says because meditation is not easy but with time it gets easier. Go into it with an open heart, do not get lost by your own bliss, transcend the ego (duality), again most importantly be fearless and enjoy the experience when your perception changes. You are entering in a higher dimension not losing your mind.

Meditation can be done anytime and even if your mind is silent you will be more awake and alive in the silence then when your mind was rasing with random thoughts (most are not really your own anyway because like an antenna we pick up on the collective thoughts). Just listen to every thought in the beginning because you become in touch with the listener which is the real you, your true essence. If you look for yourself anywhere in your body you wont find yourself. We are spiritual beings. Listening initially to our thoughts will slow them down. Also you can concentrate on breathing by being aware of each breath we take. 

I find if I don't try so hard that I surrender to a part of me that will help me work out my problems in my life. I recently was reminded of Source energy when I remotely healed someone from a headache at a distance. He was chatting with me and said he was not feeling well. After the healing was so effective, his joy was contagious plus it was a reminder to me that I need to remember always that God or whomever you want to call it is very real and all-powerful. Nothing is impossible if you believe. I learned to believe from my first reading that the woman on the other end of the phone was confirming I was gifted. Incidentally it was a "wrong" number that had me realizing that fateful day, I had a magical gift. She was calling the psychic that used to have that phone number. 

If you are into angels just believe and silence your mind and listen for the "still small voice" it just may be an angel, a guide or a dearly  departed speaking to you. I learned also from lucid dreaming where you are awake in your dream. It was magical to look around me being awake and knowing my body was sleeping in bed. In fact, I had many false feelings I woke up until finally I really did. I also remember in this lucid dream I would go into a meditative state before manifesting immediately anything I was thinking about. I think we do that in our waking life but its slower in manifesting. Get a clear idea what you want if you want something. We need to first Ask-Believe-Recieve. 

I hope this basic autobiography of part of my life was both interesting and informative. I welcome any questions and/or friend requests and I will continue blogging if people think I should. I was told I would write but I need the incentive and it's the people that help me realize what I am good at or not? Love & Light Tara_Star.


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