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For a week now I have been full of wonderful energy.  It seems like the Universe was filling me with so much joy and information that I was literally bursting at the seems.  I was so happy like i have not felt in such a long time. Information came flowing through me in such clarity and sharing with my hun seemed effortless yet i could feel this energy and i could not talk fast enough. 


 I could not express it enough... it was over poweringly delicious. I danced around the house. Nothing bothered me, I kept going out and expressing love to my hun as well.


The night before we had a wonderful channeling session as well. The channeling session that came through me was the most clear I have done in a long time.  And the information new, at least to me and my hun.(will transcribe later to share) I am always amazed at how this energy comes through me and just now feeling secure enough to accept and share.

Then two days ago, all of a sudden my hun pushed my buttons, and voila energy changed. i made a conscious choice to close off to not share any  longer saw myself that I was too much and that i must not share. 


This was my story" no one understands me, i am too much so i must not share"  ect. in doing that, the energy got blocked up and i could literally feel it, my voice wanted to close, and did which made me spend  that day in anger started to repress my expression of love, i was holding on to anger and angry because i was angry. 

later that night my breathing became laborous, and finally yes the heart felt heavy. I in it, in fear of what i was feeling, I surrendered and called out to my angels for help for i was in fear for a moment, however I knew i must surrender this feeling. I felt the love started breathing in love, took responsibility for what i had done , hugged my pillow that I had filled with love/God, in deep breath and feeling I let go and trusted that whatever would happen was Divine ,after letting go. and slept like a baby, to wake up this morning GRATEFUL FOR BEING HERE, AND recognizing not to shut down the flow ever again... to be ... in the NOW MOMENT of LOVE now and always... I feel the LOVE in me and I breath love ... I am feeling the flow... I AM GRATEFUL

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A Place where we Grow Freely

How wonderful to have this site where like minds and hearts gather to share truth and connect. I have so much to say and will be connecting often.

I have been on the path (consciously channeling) since 86 when my world opened WIDE with my own channelings. Before that I was doing healings and numerology

I had never channeled before but was guided to Channel wherein I was blessed with experiencing Arc Angel Michael. There I was with my two dear friends / sisters, neither of us ever been to any New Age events, we were following our hearts and secretly connecting with Higher Light.


Soon after I started recieving, what really kept me from doubting what was happening, a magazine called Psychic Guide, which had an article on Channeling WOW I had never heard of it, nor experienced it and thanks to the interview with Dr. Peeples and Lazaris I was able to accept what I was doing.


Years of personal counsel and messages from AStar Command, Hiarchy of Love and Light and Arc Angel Michael

they walked with me through my growth with love mostly sharing only with family. 


So in short not wanting to give my whole story. We come to NOW in the NOW I am ready to share my information with all and am grateful that you are here.


Sending you LOVE


looking forward to connecting with you all <3




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First I want to thank you all for being part of this great community of Light.  And would like to ask any of you have you had any scoop marks and do you know anything about them.

I have for the past 3 years experienced many scoop and marks that look like burns.  Have had also marks and scoops that are in triangular shap. Bruses with geometric designes inside ...

I myself feel it is the Command getting me ready for something, sort of physical exam however wanted to know what you all thought.

I have an announcement to make I have started a website where we share our experiences and Celebrate them, the reason to share uplifting events and even challenges.  A place to share Love and Uplifting energy.  Please check it out

I will be blogging more on these subjects in the future

Much love to you all


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