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July 1

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My name is Jessica, although I legally changed my name at the age of 23. My birth given name in Latin means "Of the Sea" but for purposes I use that as a middle name if I use it at all. I also go by Moonlight Lily. I have an intense love for the Moon, and I simply adore a beautiful Lily and somehow began using Moonlight Lily. I was born into this Earth and raised in New York, I have moved many places trying to find where I wanted to be. I settled right now in Florida, but really no place ever really feels like home...but if I am near the waters and able to see the beautiful is something..for the sky is beautiful while laying on the shores at night to gaze. I am a Mom..I have a love for anything science fiction especially if it is space related (go figure) I make it a mission to watch it all through Netflix! (My favs are Star Trek all of them and Babylon 5 and Dr Who!) My Movie favs.. are obviously Star Treks, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, and a few others. Honestly movie wise those 3 are fighting for which is my number 1 LOL! I love to read, I usually speed read. I write lance? It just comes out and I keep writing and then I read what I wrote..most of the time I have no idea what I am actually writing until I get it all down and look. I have one blog a bit more personal about me, mentioning my Dad and my block I had up. A bit of my childhood if you really want to know more, but that is nearly 30% of my history in this lifetime. I am a lot more then what I may seem, and know a lot more inside then some might think. The journey has been hard. I enjoy to dream and see of the future....... I enjoy nature. I can find peace sitting among my garden of flowers and writing a story or a poem. Sometimes just listen to some music, anywhere from some Three Days Grace, Lacuna Coil, to Loreena McKennitt. (Old rock, Alternative, Celtic Rock, Celtic Music, Broadway Musicals, Classical..etc) I am very interested in travel. I would love to travel the world and visit the castles in Scotland I love castles. I would love to visit where my biological ancestors are from, (Norway, Italy, Ireland) I am also a pinch of French, and maybe some other roots. Though I did visit Norway when I was very young. I have a love for historical places. I would love to see Stonehenge, Rome, Mayan ruins, Eygpt, dig sites, anything that has deep history to it I will love and enjoy it. I simply love artwork, especially Fantasy, Faeries, Dragons and Angels. I am very interested in culture and learning about other cultures and their religions. I find reading about different cultures and religions of the world intriguing. I am a Discovery Channel nut. I also love watching things on space theories, and the stars around us in general. If I could go to College I would study to get in Archaeology and Cultural Studies for a living. I also have an attraction for Native American history and spirituality, partly maybe because my adopted Mom is of American Indian origins :) and partly because ever since I was little I always felt a strong tie to them even before I met my adopted Mother. I also love gaming when time and money permits (World of Warcraft usually) I love playing the Irish Flute. I am a beginner but so in love! I love to sing and dance. I have also love the theater and spent many years participating in theater activities as a child preforming (acting). I have a love of collecting Crystals of all kinds. I think body art is beautiful and to each his own. I myself have a set of Scandinavian runes around my ankle, a beautiful Ankh (two snakes twirled together with a rose within) on my arm, as well as 3 others.

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"Beautiful picture and thank you everyone for your words, wisdoms, and thoughts on my message. Love and Light to all of you, always <3"
May 18, 2011
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Me ~ Smile :)
May 17, 2011
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At the Jax Zoo...May 2011
May 9, 2011
  • Moonlight Lily Yes but the pendant fell apart. I wear a peach moonstone and a flourite around my neck....I wont even go into all my
    Jun 2, 2011
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May 6, 2011

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