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June 7

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Since an early age I felt like I was much older than I am this is partly due to my many incarnations on earth. This has made it rather difficult to make friends. I am a strong believer in the now and all moments are now, both past and present for time is a mere point of reference. With that being said I have not been but therefore I am. I feel that I am mostly here to balance the polarities of humanity, not to destroy nor neglect rather restore and accept the creator aspects of dark and light. I have had many incarnations as a male for it has been that aspect of humanity which has needed the most help for it has been distorted since the rise of masculine rule. I have been blessed to have amazing guides that bring out the divine feminine in me and have bettered me in countless ways. Some personal things about me are... I'm an aspiring Yogi although I was born with a lot of health problems and chakral misalignments this obstacle inspires me to restore harmony within through this practice. I'm a natural healer and empath. I can slightly read auras although it requires a great deal of effort as a youthful of junk food is hard to remove. I'm mostly vegetarian in diet and love animals especially dogs cats and horses. I'm a classically trained singer but I actually mostly sing rock and pop music. I dabble with keyboards and I play an excellent lead guitar. I work with several crystals and I am currently learning about metals and their healing and protective properties. I love physical exercise as it cleans my entire being and think it's the best kind of medicine.

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self taught I teach others

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  • It's an honor to be your freind Mister!(smile)
  • Hey Dude, Bienvenido al spaceship. ;p
  • ~;0)~

    ~& how are you? where are you? why are you? why aren't you!? ~many loves brother!~
  • ~hi JM!~ you saw a picture of me & some crafts?.. lol.. well, i am not as blessed as many in he artistic realm of things, but i do try to keep my heart & fingers busy.. as for whether or not it's real; i've never been a good judge of reality. xo whaddy'a think? what's really real anyhow? ;0)

  • ~well hullo my new friend! i am honored to be invited into your family of friendship! thank you! :0) what brings you here? what takes you there? i hope you are having a lovely day, & many warm hugs to you! ~namaste~ :0)
  • wow.. It feels like I know you from somewhere.. hmm... I just saw your face and "ohh! I know him!".

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Mister JJ left a comment for Amina
"Hehe that's probably why I added you. I've got connections with some of your lineages."
Jun 2, 2010

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I have this quote for you :)
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"Don’t believe the hype. It’s not all love and ligth 😇

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"Several European governments consist of globalist extremists (Trudeau style). It seems to be the worst in the western EU. Like they repeat the Nazi occupation of WWII. It currently feels like the governments are at war with us. On the positive side:…"
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