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December 19

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I AM a highly protected, more than I could have ever imagined in most of my living years this lifetime. I have never fit in anywhere or with any groups and often times hated for no given reason. I struggled with this until I became aware of many different aspects about me personally and by all means still learning. I AM now grateful to be who I AM. I AM a seeker of truth making pretty much a human lie detector. I know I have a soul contract that could possibly stem back since before the foundations of earth for a mission I believe is to be carried out this lifetime. I AM learning to go within which hasnt been easy for me, but I know its a must to fully fulfill what I eagerly agreed to do so long ago. I AM a single mother of two daughters and three grandchildren. I AM very proud of each one of them. Maybe one day I will come across a mentor of some sort who will give me the advice and confirmation of what I have worked on thus far and where I need improving and possibly what I might do next to help me shake things up in helping humanity make this marvelous change for the better.

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Throughout my life I have experienced a number of various christian churches yet not resonating with any of them. I have had gurus and wise elders come into my life and I learned a lot from them. I have allowed in home bible studies in my home til one day I decided I was done and cant explain why until I learned what my intuition seemed to have known and guided my decision. There has been many televised spiritually awakened individual who have certainly inspired me. But a lot of my spiritual knowledge has been from me personally seeking the truth and going by what I intuitively feel is right and on the path of unconditional love and divine light.

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  • Hello Miss Janai, I am Dave from the middle of Iowa. It is so nice to have you here. You are where you are supposed to be because the time is right for you and for all you are doing, not only here for your fellow humans, but also for far reaching results. You are a true beacon of energy.
  • I am delighted to welcome you to Ashtar Command. Infinite Blessings of The Creator's Love & Crystalline Rainbow Light with Ever-Unfolding & Expanding Enlightenment, Wisdom, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for You in Every Moment !
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When we say, “You must seek to express unconditional love to those around you,” we mean the highest frequencies of love attainable for that particular level of Self-expression. The frequencies of love will increase in power and perfection with each…
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Stay up to date with what the globalists are really doing in Ukraine and elsewhere-Azerbaijan and Armenia are next- https://leedawson.net/  
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"The WEF failed to control humanity with a bioengineered virus, failed to control humanity with the lie that the planet is dying, and is now targeting water as a means of imposing its world government agenda.…"
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GOD intervenes directly!
This time is a time of grace & so GOD intervenes directly n the processes on earth. Humanity is under HIS care.
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