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December 19

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I AM a highly protected, more than I could have ever imagined in most of my living years this lifetime. I have never fit in anywhere or with any groups and often times hated for no given reason. I struggled with this until I became aware of many different aspects about me personally and by all means still learning. I AM now grateful to be who I AM. I AM a seeker of truth making pretty much a human lie detector. I know I have a soul contract that could possibly stem back since before the foundations of earth for a mission I believe is to be carried out this lifetime. I AM learning to go within which hasnt been easy for me, but I know its a must to fully fulfill what I eagerly agreed to do so long ago. I AM a single mother of two daughters and three grandchildren. I AM very proud of each one of them. Maybe one day I will come across a mentor of some sort who will give me the advice and confirmation of what I have worked on thus far and where I need improving and possibly what I might do next to help me shake things up in helping humanity make this marvelous change for the better.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Throughout my life I have experienced a number of various christian churches yet not resonating with any of them. I have had gurus and wise elders come into my life and I learned a lot from them. I have allowed in home bible studies in my home til one day I decided I was done and cant explain why until I learned what my intuition seemed to have known and guided my decision. There has been many televised spiritually awakened individual who have certainly inspired me. But a lot of my spiritual knowledge has been from me personally seeking the truth and going by what I intuitively feel is right and on the path of unconditional love and divine light.

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  • I am delighted to welcome you to Ashtar Command. Infinite Blessings of The Creator's Love & Crystalline Rainbow Light with Ever-Unfolding & Expanding Enlightenment, Wisdom, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for You in Every Moment !
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This is a guided meditation and energy channeling where we tap into the unique frequency of the rainbow. You will receive a healing and activation of each color, aligning your chakras, and gifting you the exact vibration of all you need right now.…
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"So in other words make the most of everyday an enjoyable one"
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Yesterday is a history Tomorrow is a mystery But today is a gift that is why it’s called the present
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