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I am awake and aware what is going on on this planet in this special time. I feel special connection with Earth spirit. I often send her love and I take care of her. I love her so much and I appreciate what she is doing for us. I am the Earth keeper.

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Alaje and Spiritscience channel on youtube.com

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  • Hi Michal ;)

    May the air of Christmas lift your spirit; the sun brighten your destiny and may moon of the season glow with God’s favor in everything you lay your hands. Marry Christmas to You!


  • 8114753501?profile=original~much inner silence and lots of energy ~

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kSEoJfVmow

    This might help..I feel your Earth keeper energy field and feel you are correct in your awakening,you are most likely of Pleaidian seed if that is what resonates in your intuition then it is correct by theory of Quantum Mechanics, in that if it is what you believe and thoughts create manifested energy then yes it becomes as real as it can be for US , in that case welcome back My Brother it is so nice to find My family I have lived such a secluded life here this time on Earth and have felt very alone ,just got on this site 2 days ago people seem to get it here and this is a nice change lol

  • Thank you Michal for the friendship!!! With much gratitude.

    8114535287?profile=original~much peace and energy~


  • 8114139871?profile=original8114408659?profile=original8114168488?profile=originalStay blessed Michal!

  • Welcome Michael....I LOVE YOU...I LOVE YOU....I LOVE YOU8113999270?profile=original

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There is only one problem with getting rid of the mosters-there are millions of pedophile monsters and many of them in every aspect of western society-raised under satanic ritual abuse to help create the nwo
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"Randy-I've never heard of lower 5th D-"
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"Interesting comment AE. The Atlantean men purportedly observed in the jungles of Brazil had beards. So I am guessing they could be in the lower fifth. As we are already supposed to be in the lower fourth dimension.

Sheldan Nidle has talked about…"
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