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My friends, I need your help!

Hi Everyone,

I write this letter to you in the hope that you will read and it and let it\'s words sink deep into your heart:

We NEED to find SOMEONE out there who can help out a friend with $10 a month and some long-distance healing.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to to hear that Please Help Missing Children (PHMC, http://helpthesechildren.ning.com) is in danger of not being able to continue operations. Furthermore, the site creator, is suffering some severe health difficulties which I believe could be alleviated by those with abilities in long-distance healing.

This should be a testament to the spirit behind this site that its creator is going through such difficulties and struggles for no other reason than just to help others.

Is there ANYONE out there who can help in either or both of these areas ?

I know you might just think, *Well, if you care so much, why don\'t YOU just do it ?*

Well, all I can say is that I WOULD, if I COULD. Unfortunately, I have no more funds left to contribute - what I have been able to spare has already been committed to other sites.

I KNOW there must be SOMEONE out there, for whom $10 a month would be a \"fleabite\" and I am willing to do anything I can in return to help make this possible. There are a number of things I can offer to assist with - in the areas of ning programming, multiple blogging system etc, If there is ANYTHING I can do for you in return for helping Kathryn, please just ask and it will be done.

If anyone can assist Kathryn and PHMC, I would ask that you please contact Kathryn at PHMC or myself at mgoebel@tpg.com.au

With Infinite Love, Peace and Joy,


ps for other site creators who are struggling - please do not shut down your sites YET! - this news from Ning is not DEFINITE YET. Please hold onto your faith and perhaps, just PERHAPS, we may yet get through this.

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For the last three weeks or so I have been asking the universe for the answer to these questions:

What is it that we struggle with SO much ?

What is the exact nature of the greatest problem we face ?

Can it be reduced down to one, simple observation ?

Having spent my whole life busting my brains on the problems of our world, this was nothing really new, except for the fact that I had given up looking for actual *solutions* and turned, instead, to looking for *reasons*.

I sat down, got myself comfortable and watched Zeitgeist 2, hoping it would stimulate my thought processes to get a clearer understanding of just what on Earth is happening here, but it did not seem to help.

It did not help to know that the planet collectively owes itself something like 54 TRILLION dollars. I mean, how the hell does THAT work ??? If we owe *ourselves* that much, why don\'t we just call off the debt ? hahaha

It did not help me to know that we were fast running out of resources. We have been running out of resources ever since we started with this thing called *progress* and hardly anyone in any position to be able to do anything about it cares a hoot.

It did not help me to know that there seem to be just a handful of people who hold all the wealth and power in the world.

It was just more and more BAD NEWS. More problems... more disasters... and this is not what I was looking for.

What I was now looking for was THE REASON behind all these problems.

What IS IT that we battle with ?

What is that ONE big mistake we make ?

Surely, we cannot be doing EVERYTHING wrong!

The Zeitgeist movie illustrated an important point:

We now have automated systems that can produce cars, machinery, equipment and all sorts of goods and services without any need for humans to do actual *work*.

Now, under different circumstances, this would be WONDERFUL! If we were all living in that Utopian society we all dream of, this would be a great step forward, having machines to do all the work for us. It would theoretically leave us free to enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed, knowing that our intelligence and technology had relieved us from the need to do manual labour.

But somehow, at the moment, it is not benefitting us. At the moment, it is viewed as a major cause of unemployment and economic difficulty.


No matter where I looked, or how deeply, all I found were more problems, and, at their core, still MORE problems... everything seems to feed on itself and the harder we try, the worse it seems to get. Here we are, all working our guts out, paying through he nose and *progressing* more rapidly than we ever have done before and life is getting MORE DIFFICULT, rather than easier. We struggle to maintain *economic growth* whilst our standard of living continually falls...



Again, I had had enough for the day and decided to turn in and just get some sleep. I had really had enough (again...;-).

But then, this morning, it hit me.......

Look at all the SYSTEMS we have constructed using parts and machinery - that is, non-living, inorganic objects - the production lines, the computers, the technology...


NOW, look at all the SYSTEMS that we have constructed using PEOPLE or other living things:


The law system has become the major cause of injustice.

The medical system has become the major cause of sickness and ill health.

The military system has become the main reason behind the lack of peace.

The political system has become the major cause of lack of correct governance.

The financial system the main cause of poverty and

Religion has been the main cause of lack of Love in the world!

It seems that everytime we try to make a SYSTEM that is supposed to work properly for all people, it fails us. We can build a manufacturing plant filled with robots that churns out 1000 cars per day and is almost perfectly relaible, but we cannot create one system that works when it comes to PEOPLE.

The reason is that we are ALL UNIQUE. We CANNOT be regarded as just *parts* in a system. We all have different abilities, beliefs, thoughts, ideals, tendencies, likes, dislikes etc. A SYSTEM relies on components with KNOWN parameters all working together for a common cause. But humans do not have predictable PARAMETERS.

Imagine trying to build an automation plant using components that are completely unpredictable - ie motors that run at any speed they like or even not at all, or intermittently - basically when they feel like it. Other parts that just decide for themselves how and to what extent they will take part in that system or what function they would or would not perform on that day. It would be CHAOS and no such system could work like this.


Whether it be a miltary, financial, religious, political or any other other type of SYSTEM, it NEVER WORKS! ALL our problems are caused by the very SYSTEMS we have put in place to eradicate them in the first place.

Now, having recognized the enemy,

What can we DO about it ?

Comments welcome.

\"Humanity is far less brutalised by the occasional outbreak of violence than it is by the systems we have put in place to eradicate it\" - Oscar Wilde

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Love Is The Answer (to all questions)

If you have sought long and hard for that which is truly *worth* serving, then you will have likely come to the understanding that Love is the Supreme Being - the Creator of all things. The Mastery of Life requires a sincere, complete and total belief in LOVE as being the answer to all questions and the solution to all problems - the only "rational act".Our world appears different to each of us. A homeless man may view the world as unfair, ungrateful, hard and tough and the people in it as unloving, uncaring and cruel but a successful person may view the universe as a wonderful place full of luxury and pleasure and the people in it as loving, caring, thoughtful and kind.Both of them are viewing the same world, it is just different because of their perceptions of it and their life experiences. These are mutually dependent; one's experiences depend on their perceptions and beliefs and one's beliefs depend on their experiences.Experience cannot be changed, however one's beliefs about those experiences can. How you perceive the world is how the world IS to you.Belief is what brings things into creation. Look at anything that anyone has ever created and you will see that it was brought into reality by belief. Look at any aspect of anyone's life situation and it becomes apparent that they find themselves in that situation because of their beliefs.Take the simple and common experience of losing one's job. A person who has a negative belief structure or outlook (pessimist) will view it as a disaster and their future bleak and but a postive person (optimist) will see it as meaning that there is just something better awaiting them and look forward to the future. Both their futures depend on how they choose to view the events of the past and their attitude in the Now.Because the pessimist does not acknowledge the possibility of something better around the corner, he will assume that he must now settle for something less - perhaps ANY job - he will then go about bringing that into his life. An even more pessimist person may even start to believe that they are incapable of holding down a job, or perhaps that that there is no point in even looking for one.An optimist however, will see things very differently. He will look upon his situation as a chance to further improve his life. He will not be as easily discouraged and set about to seek another job - perhaps even a better one. Someone even more optimistic may realise that they have been wasting their time and talents in the old job and decide that they are actually capable of attaining a much better one. They will view the whole incident as the universe actually helping them to achieve it. The difference in these attitudes is brought about by the choice fear or Love.Believe in fear enough and that is what life will bring you. Conversely, believe in Love enough and life will bring you that. This is important to understand.It can be difficult, though, to change one's beliefs. If one has had a life full of misfortune and unhappiness, accustomed to fear and having little experience of the Power of Love, then it is difficult for him to believe that Love can change things.Many people have a distorted view of what Love really is - usually due to the loss of someone or something they loved dearly or the realisation that who or what they thought they loved turned out to be something different but it was not Love itself that was at fault - but a misunderstanding of that to which the love was directed.Love is the most powerful force in the universe - it is the force of attraction.But we often get burnt because we do not understand how this energy works. People often curse love because they think it brought them pain or suffering, but these people are like the small child who reaches into a fire because it is pretty. It takes some intelligence to understand. To those who say they do not believe in love, I would ask is there NOTHING in their lives that they love ? - ABSOLUTELY nothing ? I think not. (Besides, if anyone *was* this miserable, then I don't think I'd want anything to do with them - would you ?)Love is the reason behind all of Creation. It is the only thing what makes life worth living. It also what makes life worth dying for.Love does not reward the unbeliever because the unbeliever does not radiate the force of attraction that would bring to them what they desire. Doubt is the obstacle. Faith is the key. When you have faith enough to ask for EXACTLY what you want, give NO thought as to HOW it can possibly happen AND start living your life as though the wish has already been granted, then you are more likely to get EXACTLY what you ask for. But the moment you begin to doubt that it CAN, you sabotage yourself, because you rob Love of the very power it needs to do the job.Typical case; a person might wish for something and when it doesn't appear straight away, they will say "See, it's all rubbish! - it's not true" - but did they REALLY believe it was going to happen ?No.Now this does not mean that the trick to getting a million dollars is just to believe it is going to happen. Love is intelligent and will not give itself to someone who is hell-bent on self-gratification by material means. The money would much more likely appear if it was needed for a good reason, but people rarely wish such a thing for any other reason but their own greed.You will often find that the quickest way of getting something is to lose even the desire for it and replacing it with a Higher one.Ask anyone who believes and they will tell you that all this is absolutely true, but ask anyone else who doesn't believe and they will tell you it's not - if that isn't enough proof in itself, then I don't know *what* is ;-)Jesus said "Ask and ye shall receive" - and for a very good reason. That is the way the universe works. It has NOTHING to do with "religion", in fact religion just gets in the way. So does not realising that God IS Love.It is not commonly known, but it is only prayers preceded by the phrase "Not my will, but Thine be done", winged on an unselfish love, asking TO Love, as opposed to those asking FOR Love, that CAN be answered.Love begets Love - or to put it another way, Love is sufficient unto Love.A lot has happened since I discovered the Power of Love.But it took me nearly another 40 years to discover its extent - I cannot begin to imagine where I would be now if I would have seen the light earlier in my life - but like many, I didn't have that Perfect Faith and of course, I didn't get what I wanted. But after many years I started noticing a pattern; When I mentally wished for something and racked my brains about how it was going to be possible, it seldom came - unless I put every ounce of energy into MAKING it happen. That's the way people usually get things if they are determined enough. But when I asked for something and just sent that request out into "the ether" and completely put the matter of HOW it was going to happen aside and started ACTING as though I believed it was coming - IT DID.So I asked for "the answer" - one which would be relevant in any situation - and sure enough, it came - BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF LOVE. So I did. And it worked. And it continues to work. Every single day, I make a request for something special to happen the next day and every day, something special* does happen. Of couse, I don't get *everything* I ask for - but the mere fact that the universe responds* is enough. This encourages me to continue raising my vibration.For me, one of the most exciting things is talking to people who have always known it, but never actually put it into practice. It brings an enormous sense of satisfaction when I see them go out there and change their lives.This IS the Game of Life and LOVE is the rule. It's THAT simple.If you really want your life to change, then you just need to think of what it is that would make you REALLY happy - what would really EXCITE you.... image it in your mind - FEEL it as though it were already there. Then ask for it and KNOW in your heart that you will get it. Of course, you will have to make positive moves to make a place for it in your life.The next step is to put aside any notion of HOW it will happen and just start preparing for when it does.By doing this, you will move yourself closer to your goal and your goal closer to you.After that, it is just a matter of persistence, by remembering to choose Love in every moment, instead of fear..It is worthwhile noting that the time you most feel like giving up on something is usually just before it is about to happen.There are hundreds of articles about the subject of personal growth, achievement and success on the internet, in books and on video. But few of them will make it clear that LOVE is the source of all things.In the end, Love boils down to simple, unselfish service - to oneself and others. But it is a hopeless task to endeavour to prove to another who has never felt it, the existence and reality of Infinite Love, to say nothing of its power to fill and round out the life that has yielded to its power. It is all the more difficult because it is one of those strange, sweet secrets between God and man that can never be imparted to another by words, for no human language contains terms by which it may be expressed.Love is the only medium through which our eyes an see clearly. Hate distorts, magnifies or belittles. Passion blinds. True Love throws open the portals of the Soul and permits the lover to behold all that is unlovely as well as that which is pure and beautiful by means of the power to classify, to correctly distinguish between that which is transient and that which is eternal in the life of the beloved and to give to each its true value.But how little is this true love understood, disguised under the terms of so called attributes.You may catch a tithe of its splendour through the windows of a glorious sunset. You may catch the sound of a note of its depths of harmony in the roll of the great ocean, and a hint of its peace on the dead face of the friend you have laid away to await the resurrection; and when your inner senses have opened, and the wondrous reality bursts upon the vision of your soul, the last great analysis will prove there is nothing else left.So go out there and spread the message!THE MESSAGELove is the answer to all questions. Love is the solution to all problems. It is the Light that shines from Heaven and illuminates the path of the Holy. It is the only thing worth living for and the only thing worth dying for. It is the very substance of God and all creatures have their life within it. It is the attraction between the Sun and the Moon, the male and the female, the electron and the proton, matter and spirit, the Light and the Dark. Love is the most potent form of energy in the Universe. It is sufficient unto itself - it delights in its own Presence. Love is strong yet delicate. It can be broken. To truly Love is to understand this. To be in love is to respect this. Love is a decision, not an emotion - a decision to choose Love over fear in any given moment. It is more intelligent than Wisdom, it is more attractive than Beauty. It is warmer than Kindness and more powerful than death. Love is watchful and sleeping, slumbereth not, though weary, it is not tired, though pressed, it is not straitened ,though alarmed, it is not confounded. Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength and pleads no excuse of impossibility It is a strange, sweet secret between man and God that can never be spoken for no human language contains the words to describe it. Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. But it is much more than even that... It is all. It is all we need. It is all we need to remember. All the Universe has come from Love and unto Love shall it return. Work with all your Heart, all your Mind and all your Soul and all the gifts of Heaven shall be thine. For obedience in the Laws of Love fulfill all lesser laws. The first sign of the awakening of Love in one's heart is the most intense desire to give all of what one can for the benefit of others. We waste time looking for the perfect lover when we could be creating the Perfect Love. Let us not wait, hoping we will go to Heaven, but make it here on Earth, the way God intended.. Love cannot go where the Heart will not follow. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. They are our friends. Thank You for making our wish come true In Love, Peace and Joy and Gratitude,With Infinite Gratitude, All of Us
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Wish Upon a Star (Part 1)

PrologueI wrote this because I want everyone to know what can be achieved through focus of sheer desire.To me, it now appears that the dreams we hold in our hearts are REAL.They are of substance and therefore do not exist only in our heads.But because we only see them in our mind's eye - we think they are imaginary and therefore cannot or do not exist - Imaginary.But if you reach deep down FAR ENOUGH, you will find them and bring them INTO YOUR REALITY.This is the story of how I did just that.

When You Wish Upon A Star
(Ned Washington/Leigh Harline)When you wish upon a star, Makes no difference who you areAnything your heart desires Will come to youIf your heart is in your dream, No request is too extremeWhen you wish upon a star, As dreamers doFate is kind, She brings to those who loveThe sweet fulfillment of Their secret longingLike a bolt out of the blue, Fate steps in and sees you throughWhen you wish upon a star, Your dream comes trueNo request is too extreme, When you wishAs dreamers doWhen you wish upon a star, Makes no difference who you areWhen you wish upon a star,Your dream comes true

PrefaceMy name is Michael Goebel. Here begins the story of the (even) better part of my life :-)

me at sevenBeing of German descent, my parents brought me up to believe in the ancient Germanic doctrine (I don't like the word 'religion'...). A somewhat pantheistic belief and simplistic belief, granted, however it does agree with Quantum Mechanics...God within me, God withoutHow could I ever be in doubt ?There is no place where I may goAnd there not see God's face, not knowThat I am God's vision and God's earsSo through the passing of the yearsWe are the sowers and the sownGods Self unfolding and God's ownThis particular belief system has a very simple canon of laws:1. to Love God, for God IS Love.2. to Love not only one's 'neighbour', but all human beings3. to never inflict needless suffering on any living creature4. pray to God, not for oneself, but for othersIn this 'view', God is like this "ultimate parent" figure - all loving, all compassionate and all knowing. He IS one with his creation. He is ALL. You make life what it is, either a Heaven or a Hell, according to your actions. He does not punish or Bless - YOU do. Do the right thing and you "go to Heaven", so to speak... be bad and you make your life a "Hell".Simple. Easy to remember.I'd never actually *heard* of Jesus, although I did see pictures of him in people's houses, the old type with him holding his robe open, displaying a glowing heart - this type:

Until I started school, that is... (7 years old, Primary School Grade 1, Day One...)In my first scripture class, the teacher mentioned something about Jesus and that we needed to pray to him. Being the precocious brat that I was, I felt I needed to point out that I was in the habit of talking to God about these things... not praying to someone else.Apparently, this was 'not on', according to the teacher... it even states in the Bible that Jesus said no man may come to God but through me.Piffle, I thought. The book is obviously in error. I tried to point that out - that it was written by man and not God but she countered that it was "inspired by God and was therefore God's Word"... and furthermore that I was being blasphemous in my statementsWell, show me something that ISN'T inspired by God ?!?!?You can imagine where it went from there... standing in the corridor, then outside the principal's office, then inside the principals office... where I was told "not to disagree with the teacher" or "there would be trouble".Anyway, suffice it to say, I got to know Jesus and consider Him to be (in my opinion), amongst Mother Theresa, Mahatma Ghandi etc, one of the greatest teachers of God's Laws that has ever walked the Earth.Furthermore, what we (humans, his brothers and sisters) did to Jesus was inexcusable, unforgivable and the saddest thing I have ever had the misfortune of learning about. Words completely fail me - my Heart shall always be with Him and others that stand in the Light of God.Resonating with the Christian view of things wasn't that hard, really, and over the many years that passed, I studied many religions, ancient wisdom and the cultures of many countries, but I must admit, like many others disillusioned by many faiths, I was FAR more interested in God's Kingdom here on Earth than I was in "dying and going to Heaven"...I recall looking at a huge and very old Bible in my teenage years. It was the first time I had seen such a version. I opened this massive book and the first things I read were;“He that seeketh Me shall find Me”“He that believeth in Me shall have Everlasting Life”I spent the next few hours reading it with great interest and came to another message that literally jumped out of the page at me;“God is Love”. (Boy! - didn’t THAT make sense!!)From then on, I always made the mental substitution;“He that seeketh Love shall find Love”“He that believeth in Love shall have Everlasting Life”It just feels so RIGHT - What a much better way of seeing God as Love , rather than some old man sitting up there in the clouds casting down all sorts of punishment and suffering upon his children.

The following years were sheer heaven for me. The Christmas of 1968 was truly magical for me. Among the many wonderful presents my parents bought me was an LP of The Seekers. I would come home, sit in our lounge room and play it incessantly. These people were responsible for instilling in me a sense of magic that I will remember as long as I live.I though Judith Durham was a real honey back then and the thought of one day having a girlfriend like her would be tops.Over the next few years I had a lot of fun both in and out of school. Life was pretty much a dream back in those days for me. It was not often I would ever hear of "bad things" happening - only occasionally on the news and even then, never from our suburb.My hobby and main focus of interest - always science - started to become music and music reproduction, electronics and audio. I spent many, many hours in my little lab at home learning how to produce beautiful sound and it became a business for me even while I was still at high school.I built many sound systems and got quite a reputation in the guitar and hifi market. I had a whale of a time!

I discovered that profound changes in life occur every seven years and when I was 14, I met a man who completely altered and enhanced the way I looked at life... but that is another story....-------------------------------------------------------------------When I was about 15, still living at home with my parents, my father had succeeded in setting up his own auto-electrical business with his workshop on the same property as our house. This was great for me for a number of reasons;He was always home. I could always see him and talk to him. It was sensible in that he did not waste money traveling far to go to work. His customers were happy because they knew he would always be there. His prices were low because his overheads were less than others. Mum would make him breakfast, lunch and dinner and he would always have it WITH us, because he was always home.Many afternoons, I would come home from school and help him. I used to watch the customers that came in. Many times a car would pull up in the driveway with a family inside. The kids would be in the back, making a ruckus because they were bored and the woman in the passenger's seat was never happy either. Nearly always, the man would get out, lean back into the car and say something like "Just wait here, I won't be long..." and his wife would snap back something like "Well, don't take all day - I have washing to do!". It was readily apparent that none of them were happy. The mother would wait in the car, trying to keep the children calm and entertained while father would go and talk to Dad about his problems, often begging Dad to do the job cheaper as "money was tight".I used to sit and watch these families and wonder why people who obviously did not like each other very much got together and became married and, on top of that, had children - especially when it was obvious that they could hardly even afford to get their car fixed! It was a source of continuing amazement to me to see countless unhappy families, most of them poor and no member of those families ever having anything loving to say to each other.I decided then that marriage was something that was not to be raced into. I decided that, if I were to marry, I did not want to end up in such a situation and therefore I would need to spend probably many years getting to know my partner to make sure she was the right one.I also decided that having children was also not a matter to be taken lightly. After all, we are talking about bringing another human being into this world. Surely it would be TOTALLY irresponsible of me to have children if I was not financially secure and able to handle all the possible situations that I might encounter. I saw many examples of couples who had children for no other reason than "they wanted them", without giving a moment's thought to how they would afford to give the child even the most basic needs. One moment they would be 'over the moon' and a VERY short while later, they were complaining about how expensive it was and how much trouble it turned out to be. I have heard a number of them (mothers AND fathers) say "I wish I'd never had them" (!)From what I know now, I would say that if I were running this world, I would make it absolutely mandatory for some sort of license to be gained before it is allowed. Among the greatest of problems we face are the countless young people who now find things difficult because their parents had no idea what they were getting into.Of ALL things, surely the event of the birth of a child would have to be the most important and significant event there can be! - And yet, we, as a race, treat it with virtually no regard...As my teenage years rolled over into my twenties, and unencumbered with by thoughts of marriage and having a family, the world truly felt like it was "my oyster".

IntroductionOscar Wilde, the famous conversationalist, was no doubt very aware of this tendency for life to go not quite the way one would think, when he stated;“There are only two tragedies in life: One is not getting what you want. The other is getting it”A more well-known version says "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it"And the esoterically popular "God sometimes answers our prayers in order to punish us"I had wished for many things in my life and had many granted. I can concur with these proverbs.Often I found that when I actually got what I asked for, it wasn’t exactly like what I thought it would be and furthermore, on analysis, it was either becausea) I didn't really know what I was asking for orb) I was not specific enough in my request orc) I didn't have the faintest idea of what I was getting myself into.Thinking about a thing is NOT THE SAME as the thing itself, and is also NOT THE SAME as what one experiences about that thing's presence."derrrrr...."Looking back now, I can scarcely believe how remarkably naive I was in the very thing I was interested in the most - what was in the Mind of God or 'at' the Heart of God (Love).2012It was December 19, 2005 - exactly seven years and two days before that auspicious date - 21st December 2012 - variously called many names by many people, but most agreeing that this date somehow has significance.Now I feel I should make it clear that I have absolutely NO idea of what will happen on this date.What I do know is that it represents:1. A time of maximum solar activity2. The so-called "end of the Mayan calender"3. The end of a Brahmic cycleSome say it will be the end of the world (ie "Armageddon"), others that either Jesus or God himself will be returning to 'visit' us, others that it it will be a "shift in dimensions' for humanity and still others that there will be a shift in the Earth's poles.I prefer to view it as a kind of 'milestone' in human evolution, as the one thing that most people seem to agree upon is that this has, for whatever reasons, great significance.A period of seven years also has significance in the world of esoterics...I therefore set myself a goal and a dream:The Seven Year PlanFor the next seven years, I would use everything I had learned in the last 46 years to make a journey to discover this wondrous place that only existed in my mind, furthermore, to REALIZE it and make known its existence to humankind.For this, I decided that I needed a partner - someone who believed in Love as much as I did. Having had, as I said, many of my wishes granted in the past, I was most determined not to make a hasty wish again and thought about it very carefully.The first thing I decided was that if I could NOT have this 'perfect partner', I would rather 'go it alone', as I was not interested in wasting time and energy in another less-than-perfect relationship - there was no more time for that.Then I thought that I would make my wish for that partner SO specific and SO 'daring' that, if it were fulfilled, it would be the greatest gift that God had ever given me.What would She be like ? Where would She come from ? What would She look like ?I spent the next two days listing all the qualities She would possess. I was determined to be most specific;She is fun-loving, petite and small, cute and cuddly, naughty and cheeky, loving and affectionate, honest and strong in spirit. She has a warm heart and a wicked sense of humor. She likes to read and thinks deeply about life, she loves animals, music and nature and cares about the elderly, appreciates warm affection and is not scared to experience all that life has to offer. She is the most beautiful girl in the world to me. She is highly educated, both in matters esoteric and in human nature and knows how to reach into people's hearts. She is very 'spiritual' and is well versed in matters of Love. She understands MirrorLogic, the Law of Action and Reaction and the power of words. She is versatile and a talented musician, singer and dancer. When she smiles, she lights up the room and makes all those around her feel better. She does not believe in religion, but considers Love to be the most important thing in her life, as do I. She knows her power as a woman and knows how to motivate me. She does not want to have children. We never disagree, but instead combine our viewpoints to our own benefit and the benefit of others. All our energies are devoted to helping each other realize our dreams and desires.She IS me and I AM her and together, we are ONE.And She shares the same dream."Well, that should do it", I thought. I think everything is covered (dangerous statement....)I was asking the Universe for the woman I would be spending the rest of my life with - not just one I thought I would be spending it with.It was no longer acceptable to me to find just anyone with 'similar interests' - this time it had to be Her (with a capital “H”), the One.I was later to learn that what I was doing was effectively “setting the bar” so high that only She could fulfill my request.The Wish Upon a StarAnd so it was, On the 21st December, 2005, I decided to do what I had never done before:I walked outside onto my large back verandah and stared up at the Milky Way. I chose the brightest star and made my wish for the next seven years to be the time in which I would come to know the True Power of Love - to seek out and find the very Heart of Love itself - to bring this message to humanity and, if it was God's Will, to share this great dream with my perfect partner, my Soulmate, my Love Goddess.I should add that this was not the type of fanciful half-baked wish one makes at an outdoor party swaying in the breeze with a beer in one hand, having seen a shooting star...This was a **SERIOUS** prayer. The most heartfelt and directed prayer I had ever made. I was told once that when doing this, it was necessary to keep one's eyes focused on the star and not let them wander for the entire duration of the prayer.Even the act of making the Wish was a sublime experience. As I kept my eyes focused on the star, it grew in size and in brightness and after a while, I began to see patterns emanating from it but I could only see them while my eyes were completely stationary - as soon as my eyes twitched even the slightest, the pattern would dissolve and I had to start again. But as I continued, the pattern got brighter and brighter - it sort of looked like this:

I repeated my wish to the Light and, for a while, just stood there, marvelling at what I was seeing.I went back inside, feeling very elated, sat on my lounge and imagined what it would be like to have Her with me;"We are both curled up on the lounge, cosy and warm, the full wall size movie playing but muted - the air filled with the ambient sound of Lucinda Drayton's Bliss.. and the gentle sound of rain and wailing wind outside, her legs and feet on my lap. She stretches and smiles, then begins to fall asleep and sighs deeply and contentedly while I massage her feet. I run my fingers over her warm skin moving up her legs, then her back, up her spine. I stroke her head and neck, occasionally tracing little patterns with my tongue around her ears and blow hot, then cool air on them, squeezing her hand as she she curls her toes and moans in anticipation... It is like having the greatest Christmas present lying there in front of me - and I am overtaken with that feeling that only comes when being in true Union with Her becomes my only true desire"Sorry - I am just an old romantic...One of the things I had learned about making requests from the universe is not to dwell on the matter after having made the request - and especially not to try and imagine how it would come - in fact, to put it out of my mind completely and proceed as though the wish had already been granted.That night, I had the most Lucid Dream of my life (more later).The next day was my birthday and so I started writing a book - one I had been wanting to write for a long time:

Needless to say, I felt *WELL* qualified to write it :-)It was great fun! - as I was gathering content, I was being reminded constantly of what I refer to as "The Laws of Love" ('God's Laws) or, if you prefer, The Rules of Life.Almost before I knew it, several months had passed and lots of things had happened - so many, in fact, that I need to write another story just about that (!) but I will not digress here.Suffice it to say, it was a time of miracles for me, both in my personal life and in business...First Contact4th June, 2006On that day I received an email from a lady called Hitomi containing her profile and a picture.

When I first saw Hitomi's picture, I thought she was the most attractive, beautiful and desirable girl I had ever seen. Her picture exuded power, intelligence and an intense warmth of soul.Her email indicated that she was 48, single, about 5’ 3” tall, weighed 52kg, her profession was teacher of a number of subjects, that she held a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and spoke Japanese, Korean and English, that she was a Sensei of traditional Sado & Kado — the Japanese “Art of Silence”, was licensed in Hoi (the Japanese Art of Fortune-Telling), had two pets - a dog and a cat, that she did not want children, her interests were Love, esoterics, poetry, cooking, dancing, reading, music, fashion, BBQ, parties, travel, outdoor activities, antique arts, movies and TV. She lived in Japan.SHE LIVED IN JAPAN ????Oh NO! - the ONE thing I didn't specify!! - WHERE she lived!!"Think we've covered everything, huh ?" - *M O R O N*She asked if I had ever been to Japan and would I like to visit.

I have always loved Japan - especially their culture and Eastern views on Love and God.Suddenly, for the first time in my life, I felt I wanted to travel. ;-)We started emailing each other regularly and within a week or so, we were averaging over 25 per day each, pouring out our hearts and sharing our stories, sending each other pictures and generally discovering, not only that we were 'peas in a pod' in our respective beliefs, but that we had made similar wishes - both made Upon a Star.We discussed EVERYTHING - our lives, experiences, our hopes, dreams, interests, likes and dislikes, our philosophies, skills, talents, failings and shortcomings. Scarcely one hour would go by without there being another email or phone call.Having always had a love of beauty and graphic arts, it was my pleasure to try to make pictures for her...

It didn't dawn on me at the time, but I was experiencing what it was like to meet 'the partner of your dreams'- my SoulMate - my Twin Soul. I was only to learn much later, just HOW perfectly my Wish upon a star had been granted.It is impossible to convey the deepness and profoundness of what we felt (and still feel) for each other... we talked on the phone every day, both feeling utter joy at the receipt of every email and every communication.My whole life was changing so fast around me I couldn't believe it. My friends all noticed the difference - it was like I was suddenly on a continuous 'adrenalin-high'. All I had on my mind (and still do ;-) is Hitomi. All I could talk about was Hitomi and everything I did was for Hitomi.I had been saving money to visit her and was just about to finish getting the business sorted out so it would run on "automatic', as it were, and decided that soon, I would tell her I was going to visit.But before I could tell Hitomi the great news, she sent an email saying"I come to Australia 10th July \(^-^)/.....,stay ten days"Needless to say, I was "over the moon"I spent the next few weeks making the house look really pretty (totally out of character for me as this was something I *never* worried about...)Never having done anything like this before, I was quite proud of my efforts at making up our 'nest':

It was, again, a time of absolute Joy, wonder and fun and the anticipation of meeting each other was like no energy I had ever felt before.First EncounterToday was the day I would meet her!I was excited.Very excited.Maybe excited isn’t the right word.Exhilarated. Yes. “Tickled to bits”, as it were.All I could think about on the drive down to the airport was that first moment of encounter.That first look into each other’s eyes.The first embrace.The first kiss.Naturally, I arrived at the airport about two hours early. Then I discovered that her plane was to be an hour late. Those three hours felt like three days....But eventually, the plane landed and I knew She was here.I stood at arrivals and scanned each passenger as they came into view.No, no, no, no, no……100-odd passengers laterno, no, noooo……..no….SuddenlyThere She was!ohmyGodFrom that moment on, everything went into slow motion.Her smile was so radiant, it felt like a ray of the sun’s warmth went through me. She was absolutely gorgeous and I stood there like a stunned mullet

I took a very long, deep breath as our eyes locked in on each others.She almost looked like she just floated the ramp, crossed the barrier and fell straight into my outstretched arms, wrapping hers around me oh, so tightly and cuddling me like there was no tomorrow.Needless to say, I reciprocated.We swayed backwards and forwards, eyes closed, both crooning and moaning in the sweetness of our embrace and then with lightest noserub, she leaned her head and kissed me.The Kiss

In that kiss came a thousand memories starting with my early childhood and the first thing I can remember her saying "You be good and you go to Heaven". It was as if my whole life was flashing before my eyes...I was not "high" on drugs or in any kind of state of induced altered awareness but suddenly, my whole awareness changed. I was no longer aware of our bodies or surroundings - just a radiant glow emanating from the point where our lips were touching that was gradually expanding to envelop us. I was awash in a sizzling cosmic energy that was radiating, it seemed, from within us.We exchanged this pristine, life-giving prahna between us and each time we inhaled each others breath, it’s exquisiteness and potency was enhanced.Time was dissolving into a star-spangled mash of crimsons and violets, with strands of yellow and lime, lemon and orange, laced with cherry, chocolate and caramel, colour, smell, taste, feeling, sound and sight all colliding and melding with each into one “SuperSense”.We saw at once the vast cobwebbing of the universe and our places in it, as axiomatic expressions of Love meeting Itself through the coalescence of spirit and matter, reflected onto the physical as Male and Female - images of each other in Love's Divine Mirror.

It seemed to last a very, very long time and I remember feeling like some Heavenly intelligence was at work on both of us - stirring our passion into a frenzy.When our lips finally parted, it took me a few moments to regain my composure..ok…..O.....K……………………….As we slowly released our embrace and my vision started returning, it was all I could do to just stand there there like a stammering idiot with everybody around us at the arrivals gate motionless, looking at us and smiling, the only sound that of an old man clapping and then mumbling "oh get a room, for Christ's sake...."Before I could even manage to mouth the words“Let me take you Home”Hitomi said“Take me Home”wOw!We took each other’s hands and made our way to the car, one arm each around the other and one arm each for the baggage trolley. I had the distinct impression that we both had the same thing on our minds.For the next two hours, we drove back to my house , Hitomi beside me, cuddled into my side like there was no tomorrow. It was as though we were both being "spirited away" on a magical journey. It began to rain just as we entering the central coast and this made it all the more pleasurable as we both love the rain.We arrived home in the late afternoon and, rather joyfully, unpacked and got changed. I religiously booted the computer and organised drinks and munchies and settled down on the lounge.Hitomi emerged from the bedroom, all nice and cuddly now in a terry-toweling tracky suit.She plopped her slippers off, sat next to me on the lounge and laid back, her legs and feet on my lap and with the most deliciously cheeky smile said in her musical Japanese accent chirped“I’m home now!”I sat there dumbfounded at the the vision that now lay before me.Here She was - Hitomi - AS IF MATERIALIZED FROM THE VERY AETHER, now REAL, laying there on my lounge, with her feet on my lap - EXACTLY HOW I IMAGINED HER TO BE, some six months prior.I cannot describe what it is like to have something like this happen.For all the world, it seemed like one moment, I was imagining it (some 6 months before) and now, as if in an instant, that thought was materialised into reality...Hitomi must have been having a similar experience because we could only just sit there, staring into each others eyes - a million words passing between us with not one spoken.I started feeling tingly. Goosebumps came up all over me and I felt that wonderful glowing, buzzing sensation rising up from the small of my back, rising up my spine, spreading its tentacles throughout my entire body and culminating in a full "kundalini awakening". It felt like every cell in my body had become "super-conscious". Hitomi just smiled and rolled up he sleeve, showing me her goosebumps and then cuddling me even tighter as we reveled in the sensations.We both just lay there speechless as the first track of Lucinda Drayton’s Bliss began playing....Do you hear me calling you ? The voice of a Mother and a Father and a ChildWould you recognise the Truth ? Do you feel the Love that’s falling from my eyes ?Take just a minute, Come and rest it here by my side. Let me tell you your own story,Let me walk you through your lives, only a second - it’s all it takes to realiseThere’s a hundred thousand Angels by your side, there’s a hundred thousand AngelsBy your sideDo you hear me talk to you ? I whisper through doorways and pathways of your mindClear, like the morning dew and fresh from my journey cross an ocean of blueTake just a minute, come and rest here by my side, let me tell you your own storyLet me walk you through your lives - only a second - it’s all it takes to realiseThere’s a hundred thousand Angels by your side, there’s a hundred thousand AngelsHere tonight.Then, it was as if we were both transported back to that moment just after I made my wish and I *Realized*:"We are both curled up on the lounge, cosy and warm, the full wall size movie playing but muted - the air filled with the ambient sound of Lucinda Drayton's Bliss.. and the gentle sound of rain and wailing wind outside, her legs and feet on my lap. She stretches and smiles, then begins to fall asleep and sighs deeply and contentedly while I massage her feet. I run my fingers over her warm skin moving up her legs, then her back, up her spine. I stroke her head and neck, occasionally tracing little patterns with my tongue around her ears and blow hot, then cool air on them, squeezing her hand as she she curls her toes and moans in anticipation... It is like having the greatest Christmas present lying there in front of me - and I am overtaken with that feeling that only comes when being in true Union with Her becomes my only true desire"Little did I realize things were going to get a lot steamier yet...________________________________________I believe this is what was meant by the statement "Ask and ye shall receive". In order to "knock at the door", that it may be "opened unto you", one must actually find the house, go to it, walk up to the front door and announce one's presence. Futhermore, one must remain there [at those lofty heights] long enough for it to be answered. Yelling at it from 200 yards away or thinking, however intently, about knocking at the door simply 'doesn't cut it'.We are told to do everything with ALL our Heart, ALL our mind and ALL our Soul.Most people who pray for things simply ask for it in their minds. On some occasions, they may even sit down and make a more formal attempt by kneeling at the bedside with both hands together. Then, usually, the prayer will be for* Love - it might be success in business, a partner, a lover, a million dollars, a new car etc.Now - if YOU were God, would YOU answer their prayers ?Or would you, instead, answer the prayers of one of your children who simply asks *TO* Love ?Whether you are praying, attempting to use the Law of Attraction or making a 'wish upon a star', there is something important you should know;It is only prayers that ask *to* Love (as opposed to those that ask *for* Love) and followed by "Not my will, but Thine be done" that can be answered.(That last bit shows that you have respect for your Creator's far greater wisdom in knowing what is good for you and what is not)This is not some esoteric mumbo-jumbo but plain common sense and logical scientific fact.Let's say for example, you are wishing for a new partner, but you are doing this because you are frustrated, have just been through a bad relationship or are in financial straits and are hoping to attract someone to look after you - ie. are trying to *escape* your present circumstances.This amounts to asking *for* Love. You are asking the Universe to send you some Love. You are requesting that the universe does something (eg send you a rich partner) to help bail you out of your situation, relieve your misery, make your life happier, whatever.You really want the 'ideal' partner, but your thoughts have been self-centered. You are in a hole and expect someone to be attracted to you ? - Why should they be ? Why would anyone want to link up with someone who is potentially going to be a drain and probably not return anything ?You might have in your mind some image of how you would like things to be, but if you examine it carefully, how much of it is about what YOU can offer this "ideal" partner ? Are your thoughts about all the things you want to do for THEM or all the things you want THEM to do for YOU ?The plain fact is that the relationship you seek cannot possibly work this way. Relationships only work when both parties *enhance* each others lives by being there. When a partner starts to become a pain in the ass, the relationship breaks down, sooner or later. Both partners cannot remain happy if the relationship is one-sided and remains that way.So even if a potential partner DID come along, you would succeed in driving them away and then blame the Universe for not granting your wish. You EFFECTIVELY make it IMPOSSIBLE for your wish to be fulfilled.Let's now contrast this with making the same wish, but from a totally different "mind-space".You have no financial problems. Everything in your life is going great and there is nothing you really need anyone to help you with. All you want is to find someone to love. You are naturally generous, friendly, have lots of time for people and are great to be around because of your positive outlook on life and you have a LOT to offer a mate.It now becomes a WHOLE lot more likely that your wish comes true. NATURALLY! You are not coming from a place of neediness but from one of givingness. That "ideal partner" you seek is much more likely now to show up as you are radiating the REALITY that getting together with you will be a good thing - for BOTH of you.It is much easier for the universe (or world around you) to supply the answer to your prayers when you are coming from a positive space than a negative one.If you are loving mother, then chances are you have seen how quickly and easily "the universe" responds when you made your wish for a child TO love.If you are a successful businessman, then you will have probably seen how easy it is to find a wife TO Love.Being the "Supreme Being", as it were, God (Love, the Universe etc) is aware of everything all of us are aware of. In that sense, God can be seen to be like the "ultimate" parent.For those who argue that there is no proof that God exists, I have no words... Love exists everywhere and anyone who does not believe or has experienced Love is in a very sorry state...If you are a parent and had two children - one, a brat, who never listens to you and demands "Gimme a million dollars NOW!". The other one is totally opposite and loves you and their sibling dearly and just prays for ways to love you both more. Which one would YOU help ?The same thing applies if you are wishing for a job or anything else. The act of "wishing" or making a request is simply the act of making the world around you aware of your desire. The response you get back is totally dependent on the nature of the desire and the motives behind it, which are, generally, obvious to all. If you are a nigerian scammer, for instance, sending out scam emails to suck someone in to send you money, that is a request put out to the universe and, when people see it, they will usually see it for what it is and you will get nothing. You are not coming from a place of Love.It really is SO simple and OBVIOUS that the law of attraction won't work if you make yourself unattractive to that which you are trying to attract :-)----------------------------------------------------------------The motive for writing this blog was simply so that its words may help someone or someones, somewhere. It comes from a place of givingness. Thus, the request, by the writer, for God to assist in creating it, is instantly granted and thus, the blog is created.My wish was to be able to do something to help as many as possible of the people I see out there making wishes for things that will, in all likelihood, never eventuate. ALL my wishes and prayers that ask *to* love are always granted - quickly and easily.And so can yours be.End of Part One - Click HERE to read Part 2 - "Love Is The Answer"
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