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A spiritual being working for the new age of peace and love.

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Jesus, Kuan Yin, El Morya, St.Germain, Kuthumin, Alaje, Abraham, angels, Amma, Gandhi, spiritual friends and all fellow humans I happend to meet on this journey on planet Earth.

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  • Hej, var finns du i Sverige?

  • Hari Om! Glad to be your friend.

  • Welcome as my friend, fellow child of light :-)
  • Mia,
    I forgot to ask you where in Queensland you attended the Rainbow Gathering. Was it near Townsville? Just outside Townsville there was a Rainbow Gathering in July this year. Nearby there is a magical village named Paluma (permanent population: 26), more than 1,000 metres above sea level.
  • Namaste, Mia!
    I, too, love the ocean, and am blessed to live less than an hour's drive to the sea. In August this year, I had a very spiritual experience while watching humpback whales on the Coral Sea. One of them came up very close to the catamaran, splashed water all over me, and I felt like it looked straight at me for a few moments. The dozens of other people were looking at a couple of whales from the opposite side of the boat. I felt like there was an intimate communication between that whale and me.
    Love & Divine Light to you.
  • Namaste, Mia!
    Bodhisattva Quan Yin represents now, more than ever, the Divine Love and Compassion that we as citizens of the Universe have finally recognized as residing within us, ready to be expressed back to the Universe.
    I loved the little islands around Stockholm, with brightly-painted cottages and miniature forests...they're quite enchanting...
    May your life be filled with enchantment, Compassion, and Love.
  • Hej Mia
    These are the only words I know in Swedish: tack, fred & karlek. And so, tack for inviting me as a friend, and I wish you fred & lots of karlek.
  • Hi, all light and positive energy of Krsna to you ..
    I am adding you friend ..
  • HI??
  • much love&light
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Mia Lightpower left a comment for Jane in the forrest
"hej Jane, trevligt att höra av dig :)
jag bor ca 2 timmar från Stockholm, rakt västerut - rakt in i skogen :)"
May 4, 2014
Mia Lightpower left a comment for Jane in the forrest
läste på Skandinavien-sidan att du var nyfiken på fler som Ljus-mediterar varje dag? Ja här har du en.
Meditation är ett oerhört kraftfullt verktyg i Ljusets tjänst - och det blir bara starkare för var dag som går nu, har du märkt det?
Dec 30, 2010
Mia Lightpower left a comment for 1nygqp9q83ytx
"Hari OM!
may light and love be with you!"
Jun 4, 2009
Mia Lightpower replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Sweden
"Hej :)
spännande att läsa om er alla! :)
jag heter Mia och bor i en pytte-by "ute på landet" i Västmanlands län. För mig är meditation ett mycket starkt och viktigt redskap i den andliga utvecklingen. För ett par år sedan började jag dela med mig av…"
May 11, 2009

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"AE I'm sure you will enjoy watching this Oxford Uni Debate, in which visiting Nancy Pelosi's elitist credentials, were challenged.....Globalism vs National Populism...
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