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November 12

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I'm into vibrational healing, cymatics, psychoneuro immunology, herbology and meditation.

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  • Thanks Great VIDEO :) !!! I Love This ONE TOO ~ CommUnication IS Unification ~ YES!
    I LOVE UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS ~ as YOU might have Noticed :))) !!!Thanks for Sharing Your Great Video ~ Keep making them and Sharing them ~ En Lak'ech !
  • Thanks Mem Key :) ~ Nice Article ~ EnJoyed it!
    Unified IS the ONLY WAY....and If We MOVE to 5D...which I hope 2012 is about
    THEN that Seals UNITY ONSCIOUSNESS....as Duality no longer can eXist THERE :0) !

    All Is Well as It Should We are Going UP the Ladder of Ascension to A NEW EARTH
    As the Mayas show two snakes meeting Up and swallowing Each Other...I See it as the Male Female Aspect JOINED AS ONE! No More Duality Needed! That Is Just my prospective :) Namaste ~ En Lak'ech
    Thanks for your friendship! as ONE !

  • May Peace Love and Harmony Prevail :0) !!!

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Mem Key posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
Mem Key left a comment for marikaki
"Thank you for your friendship! Love and Light to you in all that you do! :)"
Jun 11, 2012
Mem Key replied to andraste's discussion Andromeda Speaks on the Hidden Ones, a.k.a the Illuminati, specifically channeled for Ashtar Command
"Absolutely Master. The most innocent of natural realizations here is that -- what your cup is filled with, was a Secret moments before. You see? Secrets are as natural as a passing breeze, or the beauty hidden beneath the waters of a lake or ocean.…"
Apr 28, 2012
Mem Key commented on Karma's Helper's blog post Archangel Michael ~ This My Dearest Friends, Is the Secret ~ Ron Head - April 24, 2012
"The movie 'The Secret' left out some crucial elements of the secret for reasons unknown. They gave away the beginning process, but not the totality of that kind of work. These are Natural Laws that make them work, so naturally some people will…"
Apr 26, 2012

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Beloved,.....These are troubled times. It is the boiling up of the broth that emits the steam, but also purifies it in the process. What is no longer required is alchemized into the ethers. Do what you can to stay grounded and centered in these…
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Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are pleasantly surprised by humanity all the time. We feel you energetically going in a particular direction, and then you will take a sharp left turn. And most…
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"I also bought one of these, but I haven’t used it so far.

42 minutes ago
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"I will stay with vegs, fruits, oils and nuts for now 🐿

When necessary I may add supplements like minerals.

I’m planning to order organic nuts online. Maybe 2 kg in total, that would make perfect snacks. The bags are sealed, so these nuts are…"
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""Clear. So we can expect more disinformation later today in flawless English 😇" Hehe...!! Actually, we saw the disinfo here yeasterday, about the pipeline, posted on this very wall....lol And yes, one post flawless, the next broken, the next, almost…"
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""Another WEF puppet is Ardern of New Zealand." True, I forget to mention her, she is definitely another of these WEF-trained globalist graduates....

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