April 17

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Lightwork.. healing, alternative stuff, nature, forest, Animals, saving/helping animals and humans. And my two beautiful starchildren

Mayana commented on paradoxman316's video
"Amen to that! coulnt agree more:)))"
Feb 4, 2011
Mayana left a comment for Lightworker Healings
"Hello Star Sister :) i read your goals/ interests; bless you! Same here, same here ;P let us shine up Mother Earth, she and her innocent beings have been abused for too long!
Feb 3, 2011
Mayana left a comment for Soli Trinsia of Sirius
"thank u so much dear sister, i appriciate those kind words in this hard time...
love&light mayana"
Jan 25, 2011
Mayana commented on Ben-Arion's blog post The Awakening Movement - The Still Point of a Tornado, By BenArion
"I`m new here on Ashtar and nowadays it feels like i`m finally wakening up! i have such a good feeling inside- a genuin divine feeling in my hearth, i hope it doesn`t go away again!
Absolutely LOVE what u write Ben Arion- it totally correspond with…"
Jan 20, 2011

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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
Share this:Benjamin Fulford did a short video update today you will want to hear. Listen at the link below on Before It’s News. BTW, since anyone can publish material on BIN, don’t assume it’s all worthy of listening or reading. Be very…
7 minutes ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"movies belong to fools.😆"
17 minutes ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Anyone addicted to Hollywood films will need to get on YouTube and watch the old ones...LOL....
Frankly, the libtard "stars," so-called actors, are doing us all a favour by taking their bio-weapon nano-particle, gene manipulator comfort....

Be our…"
1 hour ago
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1 hour ago
AlternateEarth replied to AlternateEarth's discussion An online AI system CLONED my voice! (And can clone yours too...)
"I'd like to leave the 3rd and 4rth dimensions permanently"
1 hour ago
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"Eggs-Researchers are finding egg whites help battle the blood clotting spike proteins from the covid clot shots-
Eggs Yolk Antibodies Block Spike Proteins!
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Always remember that at the dark heart of all the globalist shenanigans, beats the Dark Cabal, itself...Which is an oligarchy of elite central banking families...They pull the strings behind the WEF....The WHO, UN, WEF, EU, CFR, Bilderberg, etc..…"
1 hour ago
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"Clearly as we assess options, and considering the size of the payload on this looking at the potential for debris and the impact on civilians on the ground or property damage
Dry run for an EMP…"
1 hour ago