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A free webinar - open discussion

Join me for a free online webinar on Sat, 2 pm New York time (click for your time zone)

We will discuss the usual topics: extraterrestrials, channeled messages, ascension, 2012, Earth changes, hybrids, contacts and abductions.

To watch and listen via a computer, click here to join the webinar and to text (the web only option allows you to see and hear me, to text the questions but not to hear others and not to ask questions in voice).

To chat with all participants via a conference call – call +1 (218) 339-2409 ext. 1059865#

To chat with all by Skype, contact me via Skype in advance: my Skype ID is “maxsteinberg8″.

Best option is to join by web and phone or by web and Skype – you will be able to see, to speak and to hear everybody. If you do so, please make sure to turn off your computer speakers, to prevent echo.

Please pre-register for the webinar here. The pre-registration is not required to participate, but it will help me to plan better. You may use a fictional name if you like.  

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Investigating the rumor about 58 starships

I am trying to investigate the story about 58 motherships of the galactic federation, but so far with little luck. It all comes from one source and there is no independent confirmation from the astronomers.

Interestingly, I found at least two different channels of Galactic Federation that mentioned the 58 ships coming. So it is going to be a good test of these channels. But all started from the Youtube video. appeared Dec 4. There was nothing on the web before this point on "58 ships"

These videos followed.

These are 2 channelings that mentioned the 58 ships:

I checked Google Earth-Sky - the blue spots are still there, but again, this could be old news (google sky maps might be old) and these also could be artifacts of imaging. An independent photograph from an astronomer would help a lot. Especially since the coordinates are more or less known - the ships might still be where google maps captured them.

In summary: The story about 58 starships doesn’t make much sense! Why would starships travel in physical 3d? Why would they travel in straight line? All the news about these ships comes from Google Sky finding and is not confirmed by astronomers, it looks like either one ship was photographed 58 times or just a glitch – a reflection in Google sky images. Besides, how often does Google sky refresh their sky maps? It was likely was sitting there for a while. (Since the positions of planets and even stars change with time, it should be possible to verify at which time point the ships were photographed for the google sky assembly)

Very important is the notion (suggested in the comments on youtube) that the ships are clearly colored deep blue color on the photograph which indicates that they are moving *away* from earth (that is because of the Doppler effect).



P.S. Distantly related: Link

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