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May 5



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My own reality seems like a big mystery at first. I wanted more and more of what many "assumed" they have. I was a "sheep" and I desired to be petted and loved. I needed everyone to around me and loving me and my light. In the end I was even more controlling to make sure that I was noticed and pleased. I wished and hoped others would love me as I am and keep me"safe" from the dangers of the huamn mind. I was a needy friend and they didnt know how much I was lost in the world. I wanted other to love me. This was the "curse" I put upon myself before I came here. I challeged my Self to discover my true TRUE power without others to carry me...even the angel I decline to be helped. I wished to be like the Others and I want to BE powerful. The problem was still that I followed and I hated my Self even more from doing it. My Self wanted me to follow MY SELF. I discovered my true Higher Self and Godself when i was at home in my room crying from this realization that I am GOD and I have the potentail to change my SELF. I discovered my truest self in that moment but it was only for a moment. I have to BRING this GOD part of me to this world...within my world I AM GOD. I wanted to change my LIFE and others to be inspired. In this world it cannot be enough but at least I AM doing my part. My soul gave the light to the world. Light is endless and that is my truth. My light is endless and I wanted to change the inner world. My life right now is empty and NOW i have a beautiful chance to create the best. The deal is that I follow my GODself and my Higherself. I desire to understand and love this part of me. I knew that in time I am going to understand that when my life DOES cnage it is because I want that to happen and I changed my Self I change my WORLD. I dont seek from new age books and meditations books. Though they are helpful and beautiful, I know that ALL the wonderful power of my Higerself is within me and I change the world. This world is my world too and I can be happy and joyful forever.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

AAMichael...AAChamuel...Saint Germain...Jesus...Guardian Angels...GodSelf...HigherSelf Earth is my Teacher...and you humans..

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"I have heard that extra vitamin D is now to be banned in processed products in the EU."
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"So how do you know that they are aliens? By seeing a UFO regularly in a region, how do you tell if it comes from stars, is a cabal secret base (perhaps military), or even demonic beings from the 'spirit' world?"
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Yes Sir we are not alone and never have been : The gigantic volcano is well-believed to be the home of at least one suspected secret alien base of operations thanks to the abundance of footage captured of crafts reportedly entering and exiting the…
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"Many of the commercials I see on YouTube are about the vegan diet, extra vitamin D and how to combat diabetes symptoms with BIG pharma.

And when I’m lucky they tell me buy Nutella cookies.

There’s an agenda, folks 😇

But of course, commercials are…"
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"et hugger-lets hope because 'they' are failing, losing the narrative so they are amping up the war against Russia"
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