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  • Sending blessings your way ~ Namaste
  • The joy of friendship is unlimited. Thank you for all you have given in truth and all you create in joyful peace.

  • You're very much welcome, Martin.
    YOU ARE ABUNDANTLY BLESSED.... and more blessings are coming your way. :o)
  • Have a wonderful day ship matey x

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  • Martin,


    May you find serenity and
    tranquility in a world
    you may not always understand.

    May the pain you have known
    and conflict you have experienced
    give you the strength to walk through life
    facing each new situation
    with courage and optimism.

    Always know that there are
    those whose love and understanding
    will always be there,
    even when you feel most alone.

    May you discover enough goodness in others
    to believe in a world of peace.

    May a kind word,
    a reassuring touch, a warm smile be yours
    every day of your life,
    And may you give these gifts
    as well as receive them.

    Remember the sunshine
    when the storm seems unending.

    Teach love to those who know hate,
    and let that love embrace you
    as you go into the world.

    May the teaching of those
    you admire become part of you,
    so that you may call upon them.

    Remember, those whose lives
    you have touched
    and who have touched yours
    are always a part of you,
    even if the encounters were less
    than you would have wished.
    It is the content of the encounter
    that is more important than it's form.

    May you not become too concerned
    with material matters,
    but instead place immeasurable value
    on the goodness in your heart.

    Find time in each day to see the beauty
    and love in the world around you.

    Realize that each person has limitless abilities,
    but each of us is different in our own way.
    What you may feel you lack in one regard
    may be more than compensated for in another.
    What you feel you lack in the present
    may become one of your strengths in the future.

    May you see your future as
    one filled with promise and possibility.

    Learn to view everything
    as a worthwhile experience.

    May you find enough inner strength
    to determine your own worth by yourself,
    and not be dependent on another’s judgment
    of your accomplishments.

    May you always feel loved.

    (c)1987 Sandra Sturtz Hauss
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Dec 3, 2010
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"Chronic pain since 1997 resulting a bicycle accident.
Any suggestions plese?"
Nov 23, 2010
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On behalf of commander Murphy I wish to relay an important message."I have been on this planet for just 12 years and in that time have met many wonderful people who all love me very much. My reward is their smiling faces and maybe a little token…
Jul 20, 2010

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